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metaphysical courses

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metaphysical courses

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Course Descriptions
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If CDs are included with the course, it is noted in course descriptions. If there is no mention of audio meditations, the course contains only written material.

Click on the section of our curriculum below that you would like to view.

The University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit distance learning facility, offering downloadable courses from the internet or delivered via postal mail. Study at your own pace while you work, stay at home, or travel.

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Bachelor's Degree Course Descriptions
at metaphysicsuniversity.com

Consciousness I: 25 credits
Meditation Skills: 15 credits

CS101 Archetypes

MS101 Meditation Skills
CS102 Enneagram MS102 Hypnosis and Beyond
CS103 Communication Skills MS103 Colors & Symbols
CS104 Affirmations & Reprogramming MS104 Unlocking Creativity
CS105 Shadow Work MS105 Mantras & Mudras
CS106 Transforming Personality Intuitive Skills I: 25 credits
CS107 Emotional Well-Being
CS108 First Causes-Core Issues IT102 Psychic Skills & ESP
CS109 Inner Child Work for Adults IT103 Divination Systems
CS110 Anger Management IT104 Channeling Skills I
IT105 Crystals/Gemstones
HS101 Juicing, Fasting & Cleansing IT106 Astrology Basics
HS102 Pranayama & the Art of Breathing
IT107 Phenomena
HS103 Herbs & Natural Medicines IT108 Connecting With Angels
World Religions: 25 credits Miscellaneous I: 25 credits
WR101 Overview of World Religions DR100 Dreams & Dreaming
WR102 Great Spiritual Teachers, Gurus & Yogis CM100 A Course In Miracles
RC100 Reincarnation
WR104 Native American Traditions MF100 Manifesting Skills
WR105 Gods, Goddesses & Mythology EM100 Energy of Money
WR106 Wizards, Magical Creatures & Adepts CP100 Creative Project
WR107 Witchcraft  
WR108 Shamanism: Indigenous Worldviews 10 Electives: 10 credits

Click Here for Full List of
Master's Degree Course Descriptions at metaphysicsuniversity.com

Consciousness II: 20 credits IS204 Unconditional Love
CS201 Children and Metaphysics IS205 Astral Projection
CS202 Relationships IS206 Lucid Dreaming
CS203 Trauma & Recovery IS207 Aura Viewing
CS204 Death & Dying IS208 Vibrational Healing
CS205 Metaphysical Technologies Career Skills: 15 credits
Metaphysical Health Studies II: 25 credits CA201 Finding Life Purpose/Life Work/Soul Agenda
HS201 Spiritual Nutrition, Cooking, & Eating CA202 Awakening to True Self
HS202 Reiki CA203 Leading a Meditation
HS203 Physical Exercise for Spiritual Well-Being CA204 Attracting Clients
HS204 Hatha Yoga CA205 Practitioner Ethics
Intuitive Skills II: 25 credits CA206 Promoting Your Spiritual Business
IS201 Hypnosis II CA207 Unified Field Theory
IS202 Channeling Skills II 5 Electives: 5 credits
IS203 Predictions Master's Culminating Project
  Ordination/Practitioner's Certificate

Click Here for Full List of
Electives Course Descriptions at metaphysicsuniversity.com

CW301 Creative Writing: Metaphysical Genre TA315 Tantra
EA302 Emotional Art PT316 Polarity Therapy
FS303 Feng Shui LB317 Sacred Labyrinths
GA304 Gaia, Mother Earth BR318 Breatharianism
AM305 Attracting Your Mate UR319 Urantia Book
QB306 Qabalah/Qaballah/Kabala HP320 Hope
UF307 UFOs & Extraterrestrials CS321 Coping w/Stress Through Mindfulness
EC308 Ear Candling FG322 Forgiveness
DO309 Dolphin Healing MM323 Mary Magdalene
CE310 Moon Ceremonies, Equinoxes, Solstices MC324 Mayan Calendar
TO311 Taoist Healing Arts RB326 Rebirthing
AR312 Altars & Rituals HH328 House Healing for Ghost Hunters
SS313 Sexual Identity and Spirituality  
AY314 Ayurveda More Electives always being added...

University of Metaphysical Sciences offers: Spiritual course, Meditation course, Metaphysical course, Courses.

See our course descriptions of the courses UMS offers for each degree level. Spiritual Course, Meditation Course, Metaphysical Course, UMS Meditation Courses, Class, Classes, Spiritual, Meditation
Wisdom of the Heart Church also sponsors Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.

metaphysical courses

metaphysical courses

metaphysical courses

Metaphysical courses

"I am so thoroughly enjoying the coursework at UMS, and I must compliment you on your fine curriculum! I have been a student of metaphysics for many years, and your curriculum is providing me a well-rounded yet quite in depth review of the entire field of metaphysical work. Again and again, I am surprised and pleased to discover new depth and nuance in subjects that I thought I had exhausted!" — H.F., UMS Student

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