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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Crystal Healing
by Charles Lightwalker

Since the dawn of mankind, people have used crystals in both functional and ornamental ways. The Atlanteans used crystals for healing, communication, weather control and record keeping. Tibetans used them to produce light. Today, crystals are used worldwide in vibrational healing.

Quartz crystals can come in a stunning variety of shapes and color. Some forms of quartz have different numbers of edges surrounding the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. A Quartz crystal with six edges on the largest face is the most usual type. It acts as a comprehensive amplifier of energy in that it strengthens all of a person's energies or human qualities. Crystals with odd-number facets aid in healing, while even number facets create the best energizers. Red, yellow and orange stones produce energy; clear and aquamarine stones are healers; and lavender and blue-violet stones create tranquil, relaxing effects.

What Can Crystal Healing Do?

Essentially, crystal healing helps you heal yourself. Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive, and can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger. They can strengthen your ability to become more loving and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish your dreams. They can amplify intention, reduce stress, help with centering (balancing or calming), strengthen the healing response of the body, and surround you with protective energies by amplifying higher frequencies. Crystals also support personal growth by amplifying the subtle energies that flow inside you.

The high frequencies of energy that are transmitted this way help to restore balance at all levels of our being by amplifying and balancing the subtle energies that flow inside us. They can amplify intention, reduce stress, help with centering by balancing or calming our energy fields, strengthen healing abilitiy, and provide protection at subtle levels by amplifying white light.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Clear quartz crystal is used worldwide to power many things in the material world: the use of crystals for computers and wrist watches are a few examples. Crystal healing uses the energy of crystals at metaphysical levels to restore balance and well-being at all levels.

Crystals and gemstones are potent conductors of energy that can be used to support healing and growth. All matter consists of molecules that spin at various vibrational frequencies. The higher the vibration, the less dense the matter. Our physical, emotional and subtle bodies also have vibrational frequencies.

In a crystal therapy session, crystals are used to interact with energy vortices known as chakras and the energy field that surround your being, known as the aura. The client usually experiences some gentle physical sensation as energy blockages are removed. Sensations can vary from heat, cold, tingling, etc, as discordant frequencies are neutralized.

Each crystal has unique properties that deal with specific issues. The crystals used in each therapy session are selected by the client’s higher self, not the healer. This is done by the practitioner making a metaphysical connection with the client, and then dowsing to identify the crystals with the appropriate vibrational frequency needed for each purpose.

Is Crystal Healing Safe?

Crystal healing offers a complimentary solution to conventional medicine and is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. Quartz crystals can be powerful tools to assist with clearing out the discordant energy patterns of limiting beliefs or fears to restore balance. After a crystal treatment, clients typically report a sense of peace and well-being.

Crystal healing does not interfere with a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs. The use of crystals in healing is based on sound scientific principles to facilitate a gentle, effective shift toward homeostasis at all levels. All that is required is the willingness to change and the intention to heal.

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and healer. For more information visit the web site: www.thefamilyoflight.com


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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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