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World Peace Meditation

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

My Visit
by Dionysos Maskaleris

If there is reincarnation, or better yet,
if I could visit briefly…

I would become a rock
so I could rest and just observe everything
and perceive myself

Then I would become fire
so I could burn fully with all my feelings

Then I would become clouds
so I could travel crying,
bringing joy over the Earth

Then I would become wind and leaves
in love, each moving in the other
as a man and a woman

Then I would become light and shadows
playing under swaying trees
always looking, never finding, forever touching

Then I would become the ocean
thrusting myself upon the arms
and the bosom of the world

Then I would become a hummingbird
tasting ambrosia

Then I would become an eagle
soaring forever with hardly a movement of wing

Then as a child
dying of starvation in Calcutta

Then as a business man
feasting in Rio

Then as a priest gunned down
by uniformed men

Then as a television set,
to me everyone addicted

Then as a mother on my own
trying to sustain my baby

Then as a father thousands of miles parted
from his son and his father

Then I would become a computer looking for my humanity
not knowing I already have it

Then as my parents to truly know them
Then as my son to truly be his friend
Then as a sailor to travel the sea of existence
Then as an actor to be adored
Then I would become Hitler to know we are all a little like him

Then as Jesus to feel the thorns
and the caressing light

Then as collective unconscious thoughts
touching minds

Then as planets and stars living and dying,
making love and giving birth

Then I would become me
exactly me
as I am now with all my pain and joy
back to the moment of now that is eternity

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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