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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Spring Horoscope 2005
By Kendra Anderson

Aries: Resources and what you attract to your life are March's themes. 3/27 thru 3/31 are days to achieve your desires. Recreate your dynamic self in April. 4/8, the new moon, expands your mutual agreements with a significant other. Opportunities to accomplish an important goal in your community are afoot; unselfish motives will accomplish results. Set your intentions well. Restructuring challenges occur. Independence brings you personal success. Grace transforms your understanding on contracts of all types. In May, your time of service, 5/13 guides you to where you accomplish this best.

Taurus: Communication and learning are your focus in March. 3/14 challenges you to surrender to the unknown. Opportunities to make a selfless impact in your everyday world exist. Creative structures will support your new found sense of service. April brings comforts and resources to the fore. On 4/10 a new insight from the other worlds enlightens your self-care program. Don't let bossy group interactions interfere with your liberation. This is an ego test. In May your identity blooms. 5/8, the new moon and Mother's Day, asks you to let go of a difficult situation at work. Resources are there to set a new intention and create a more disciplined form of communication.

Gemini: Home reality is on your mind in March. 3/17, first quarter moon, challenges you to bring beautiful compassionate service into your inner domain. You impact people in a powerful way in your career now. Push forward in manifesting your personal goals. You shine with natural communication abilities in April. 4/13 opens with opportunities to further your group connections. Spirituality and service are the keys to success. Later in the afternoon: transformation through education or the law help you renegotiate your understandings. May brings rest and relaxation. 5/11 is a good day to be dreamy and receptive.

Cancer: March and April brings creativity into your home. 3/20 opens with career decisions that requires disciplined effort. Don't make any decisions until late in the afternoon. 4/16, the first quarter moon, challenges you to present your innermost needs in your personal life. May is a time of communication. 5/13 opens with strong feelings for structure in your everyday environment. There are opportunities to shine your light and create grounded changes.

Leo: In March you work on health and your inner psyche. In April your creative self shines. 4/18 opens with spiritual guidance coming from within your community. Early afternoon brings support to help put this guidance into action. You will be gifted with a deeper understanding into your personal joy and happiness. May's concern is your home. 5/16, the first quarter moon, is a day to work with the desires manifesting on your home front.

Virgo: March and April bring honest review of relationship process. 3/23 opens with unexpected encounters which throw the theme of how well you are doing with your self into the open. Trust yourself. This is a sensitive time, but you excel at turning inward. May opens you to romance. 5/18 challenges you to transform a deep interpersonal connection with another.

Libra: March's focus is relationship. 3/25, the full moon, opens with harmonious action in your larger community connections. Today you are playing out the drama of who takes which role; the masculine or the feminine. Early afternoon peaks these integrating drives. April and May are about work and self reflection. 4/22, Earth Day, opens with expansive understandings on how to go about your business. Serving well is your gift to your career world. 5/13 brings abilities from the past to aid you in your work as well.

Scorpio: In March legal, higher institution matters and your interpersonal resources are your concerns. 3/28 opens with a positive gift in a situation out of your control. Be as selfless as possible in group interactions to avoid difficulties. In the evening you receive blessings and restructuring in your home life. Relationships are your focus in April. 4/24, the full moon, brings fruition and an exciting connection with a member from your community. Bask in the glow of attraction. Work is your concern in May. 5/21 brings breakthroughs in your career.

Sagittarius: March opens with a career focus. 3/3, the last quarter moon, challenges you to finish projects. In the afternoon you have the opportunity to open to intuitive feelings; be selfless in your choices and expansive resources can be your reward. April brings education, legal matters, and your interpersonal resources with others to the fore. 4/14 gifts you with power and transformation in your understanding of these issues. May's focus is relationship. 5/23, the full moon, brings extravagant romance and creativity in the evening.

Capricorn: Community affiliations and career motivations join in March. 3/16 through 3/20 is a powerful time of accomplishing your goals in both sectors. Career themes continue in April. 4/1, April Fool's Day and the last quarter moon, has personal communication cause problems at work. Unexpected opportunities to clarify service present themselves. Let go is your theme; relationships then open expansively. May asks you to share with others. 5/26 desires romance to bloom. Take the unexpected opportunities to play and refresh your career zest.

Aquarius: March and April bring mystical insights into group reality. 3/21 and 3/22 put your understanding into action. Personal desires for beauty lead the way on 4/04. Take the opportunity to bring Shangrilah to group endeavors. Profound learning is the opportunity. May's focus is your career and expansion of learning. 5/1, May Day, opens with active communication from your dream world. Embody your visions of service at work. Flirtation spices up your self image in the afternoon. Allow profound sharing to deepen your evening.

Pisces: Your identity wants your attention in March. 4/10, the new moon, opens with creatively structuring your time. Group opportunities support you in this. Powerful challenges from your career require intentional self care. April brings inclusive feelings of the whole into your community. 4/29 is a good time to facilitate new understandings in your larger connections with others. May connects your group activities and your career. 5/30, the last quarter moon, opens with you being radically honest at work for the greater good.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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