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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Native American Studies Introduction
Excerpt from University of Metaphysical Sciences 50 page Course on Native American Studies

What do we know when we are born? How do we learn to be people? The way to learn about indigenous people, Earth people, is to be one. We are all Earth people. Think about that and feel it for a moment. Think of a vast and beautiful landscape. See the blue sky, what does this color evoke? See the clouds. Look to the horizon. Feel the warm, grainy earth under your feet. Become very, very quiet, and still. Now, listen. What do you hear?

Think of rushing waters and clear golden sunlight shining, becoming dancing crystal light reflections. Feel how the blood rushes through your veins, as the water rushes through the rivers of the Earth. Hear the music of the rushing water, and see the light dance upon it. How do you dance? Feel your feet upon the Earth. Now listen, and you will know.

Is the world magic? Who teaches us?

Think of the sun rising, every single morning, warming us. Think how, outside, plants and animals and people turn to face the sun. And when it descends—the arrival of the stars, the blackness lit by diamonds, the full moon a crowning jewel. What do we do with the darkness?

Listen, what do you hear? And then the sun melts the night away, slowly and sensuously. Is the world magic? Who teaches us?

Not so long-ago the humans here, on this part of the Earth, put few barriers between themselves and their Mother and Father. They were listening, individually and collectively. Their lives were informed by the earth and the sky, the water and the wind. Many stories are alive of these people and this way. The people's descendents remember, some of them. Some of them have never stopped listening, and still dream within this dream, keeping it alive. The spirits of these people live here too, because they love this Earth. They made it with their dreams, as it made them, and so they continue to love the Earth and be part of the Earth dream. They are here helping the Earth, and the humans. If you listen you can hear them. They tell us: You are Earth people. Go out and take your shoes off and walk on the Earth. Climb a mountain and listen to it speak—It WILL talk to you! You must be very quiet—quiet inside your head.

Pray under a tree. Offer it love and water and a little tree gift. It will tell you secrets. It will tell you everything it has seen. You have to be very quiet to hear it though. Can you be that quiet? Can you be still and learn the tree language? What is magic? Who teaches you?

Many books were read in preparation for writing these words. Yet in the end, the spirits wanted to speak for themselves. So I am listening.

So many stories are woven into my thoughts, stories of simple, brilliant people, living with feet firmly on the Earth, and with eyes on the stars. Stories of people's hands, hands working always—basketweaving, carving, digging, collecting, beading, skinning, fishing, sewing, cooking, hard-working hands. Giving hands, hands of Earth people.

Devon Love is a writer and admissions advisor for University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is also a massage therapist practicing in Arcata, CA. She can be reached at 707-822-2111.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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