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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

June, July August Horoscope
Summer 2004

Kendra Anderson

June’s time is extended field of friends. 6/12 emphasizes transformation in an important relationship. Positive feelings ignite creative possibilities in your personal expression. Be sensitive to your need to take good care of yourself. July’s focus is career. 7/09 brings a difficult situation in work to some type of closure with deep gifts to reap. August sees you travelling broad highways of mind or land. 8/ 05 opens as a free-spirited day for romance and artistic ventures. The flow brings opportunities of enchanted connection. Profound pleasure is part of the plan. Fears challenge limitations in your belief system later.

June brings inner reflection. 6/14 brings romantic delusions into focus. Early evening gives an opportunity to make a constructive move in an important relationship. July brings opportunities to guide your way in the realm of group connections on 7/01; challenges that push growth in a new manner in your career world on 7/29. Both days are practical times to set changes in motion. August is a career month. 8/07 opens with positive assets communication. Overwhelming issues surface with an important other. Your challenge, stay focused on own dynamic expression. Abundance and comfort is restored by evening.

June asks you to pay attention to yourself. On 6/17, the new moon, transformations are pushing changes in a significant relationship. Today is a good time to communicate your individuality, clearing a new tone for the next cycle. July moves into your interior life. You have much to gain on 6/30 and 7/1 as your spiritual mystical leanings attract the beauty you’ve desired; the key is accepting the task of refinement. August is a time of group activity. 8/10 opens with promising opportunities with others. Creative tension is afoot in relationship dynamics. Extravagence is your personal challenge now.

In June your focus is on resources and nurturing yourself. 6/15 and 6/16 are good days to take sensitive, restorative action in these areas. July brings you back to your own identity. 7/17, the new moon, is a good time to set intentions to honor the new you. August floods you with emotional insights. 8/13 opens with creative abundance in the pampering arena. Positive structure is available to you now. Reach out with both hands, you deserve it.

June has you involved with your immediate community. As July comes closer comfort, security, and money become your focus. 7/19 brings transformation in your personal connection to work and health. A necessary change is gifted to you and will help you articulate something personal you have needed to communicate. Your relationship with your identity is primary in August. 8/15, the new moon, is a good time to set intentions for how you want the world to see you and what strengthens your own relationship to your evolving self. You have the ability to make a lot of creative revisioning in a graceful manner.

June and July sees you focused on home and community. 6/23 opens with unexpected travel. There is a way for you to accomplish this movement if you reach for it. Pleasant diversion challenges you to stay on course. Evening brings magnified understanding in close community connections. You are potentially a responsible shoulder to lean on. 7/06 is a good day to use expanded community connections for your greater good. In August finances is the theme. The evening of 8/17 challenges you to transform your attitudes towards having fun, courting, and enjoying your life.

The aesthetic arts and your home environment are June’s call. 6/25 starts with creative desire to make everything more beautiful. Time to make your mark. The evening ends with beauty desired achieved. In July and
August everyday community is highlighted. 7/23’s gift; heights of rapport in an important relationship. Evening challenge; fears and responsibilities. You’ve attracted sweetness in your group connections. Make the first move, transformations in romance are possible. 8/20 beckons risk in romance also. Fears challenges you to find your feet in a shifting world. Take heart in your desire for creative union.

June focuses on work and play. 6/01’s challenge; create your ideal in work place. The rewards raise the notch of ease and flow in your work environment. Also, others take note of your weeding ability. Home is July’s field of activity. 7/25 opens with surprise gifts from deep relations. The challenge; tell the truth with your important partner. Abundant possibilities exist for taking care of yourself. August focuses on neighborhood connections. 8/27 is time to arise an old gift and use it in daily interactions.

June and July’s light is on your important other and work environment. 6/02, the full moon, brings radical changes in your career world. Abundance is available in your home life; choose between excess or feeding your needs in a grounded way. In the evening share with your important other to round off the changes. 7/12 highlights transformation in work environment; the key, sensitivity to both professional and personal masks in your dealings with others. Home is August’s focus. 8/23 accomplishes home needs. The challenge; communication. Upheavels with significant others is solved thru asserting your own will to accomplish tasks.

Intimacy is your hearth in June. 6/05 highlights a need to detach from others actions. July’s focus is your significant other. 7/02, the full moon, opens with a peak understanding of your partner, or the partner process that you are in. Gifts of growth and harmony come to you from your community interactions. You are undergoing a maturing manifestation of your relationship needs at this time. August is about fun, romance, and letting your kid out to play. On 8/23, the morning opens with stable pleasures. Unexpected offers from an important other should be taken. Enjoy the gifts of acting on your desires today.

June opens with the broad vistas of learning on your mind. 6/05 is a good day to be involved with spiritual learning; you personally integrate these truths at this time. July’s needs; your intimate sexual relations and your ability to move deeper with another. 7/31, the full moon, brings global humanity reciprocity into your shared heart with another. The evening is a time of mystical oneness with the Beloved. August’s time is work. 8/28 opens with a need to integrate a spiritual practice into the mental activities of your craft. The afternoon has opportunites to change your home life in a powerful positive manner.

Your career calls your attention in June. 6/09 opens with hard work paying off; a raise, an important goal attained. Enjoy your success wisely. Power struggles later in the afternoon. Take heart, masculine sweetness and nurturing gift you at this time. July opens you to the broader picture and brings another level of sharing with others. 7/28 is a good time to practice this process with another; oneness with all and respect for the personal self are some rewards. Sharing from the sweet place of lovers is August’s theme. 8/30 opens with personal desires taking preference over union. Root issues are bringing up new changes. The evening brings balms from beautiful friends and a trusted new security.

Kendra Anderson, writer of the Starlight Journal Horoscope, does private and group Astrology Readings. She can be reached at 707-839-5818.


2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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