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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

The Physics of Energy Medicine
Marguerite Schenken

The energy in our bodies connects us to all of existence through the unified field. At the subatomic level we are exchanging electrons with the universe constantly. At this level of existence we have no distinguishing characteristics from anything. Eastern philosophies describe this vital energy, called chi, as similar to, but more subtle than, electro-magnetivity. This is the meeting point of Eastern philosophy and Quantum Mechanics.


Energy is present before manifestation. Energy precedes matter just as thought or feeling precedes action. The relativity theory created by Albert Einstein tells us that mass is nothing but a form of energy. Atomic physics reveals that subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections. Quantum theory reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot atomize the world into independently existing smaller units. For all of the distinctions we make between ourselves, the piece of paper on which this is printed, and the cup of coffee we drink as we read this, they are not distinct. They are all one and that one is energy.

Eastern Philosophy

Approaching energy from another perspective, we turn to Eastern philosophy. The Veda, an ancient Indian text, has an abundance of knowledge pertaining to the constructs of life. The Veda labels this energetic vibration vrittis. Inaudible to the human ear, vrittis is experienced through the nervous system energetically and then the mind interprets it and may translate it into action. When living beings channel this universal energy, chi, or vrittis it circulates throughout the meridians, nourishing our tissues.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine replenishes and harmonizes the vital energy of the body by re-circulating energy in our meridians. In the Jin Shin Tara Approach, we do this by placing our fingertips on two energy centers, places where the meridians flow to the body’s surface in greater abundance. When we feel the pulsation of the energy harmonize on these two centers, we continue to progress to a different energy center. A series of points are called a flow and each flow has a specific intended function.

For example, when we do a liver flow we are affecting the chi (universal energy) of the liver. It enhances the energy on the periphery of the body, travels through the body via the meridians, and nourishes the liver with life force. This process becomes a meditation, where the spirit is directed through the body and the communion of our spirit and soul heals our psyche. When we begin healing ourselves, we want to start at the energetic level.

When we attempt to heal our bodies without recognizing the spirit, we hide our real dis-ease or dis-comfort in our lives. We become trapped in our present beliefs. When we treat ourselves with energy medicine, our bodies become a conduit for chi and our spirit becomes aligned with our actions.

The Soul/Spirit Connection

When we receive insight from our spirit we are open to life. It supports us in our actions and comforts our souls. The spirit is an airy component and the soul is watery. When the spirit rests with the soul, they harmonize each other. We discover the outward search for spirit is truly an inward quest for our soul. When our spirit’s energy disconnects from our soul, we have few possibilities besides our previous habits, choosing to live in ignorance because our spirit searches for wisdom outside of ourselves. When the connection is blocked, it creates fear in the soul. When we act in union with the unified field, called yoga in Sanskrit, we obtain a self-referral feedback loop. Through the loop, our actions are reflected upon by our spirit and we evolve from our previous behavior into a lively creative being. This effortless embodiment of our spirit allows us to accomplish our heart’s desires.

Stabilizing our awareness in the unchanging unbounded level of our existence, which is where our spirit resides, allows for all possibilities to be available to us. The greatest level of influence is available at this subtle level of creation. Quantum Mechanics calls the subtle level of creation the unified field, Taoists call it the Tao, Christians and Jews call it God, Muslims call it Allah, Rastafarians call it Jah, It is called Brahma by the Veda; but it is recognized as the essence of life by many.

Yoga Verse: She no longer bound to her body, her soul freed from the mind, was like a bird freed from it¹s cage.

Marguerite Schenken is a Jin Shin Tara Approach practitioner in the Humboldt area.

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2012 predictions

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