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World Peace Meditation

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Important Celestial Event!
Vikee Vaughn

As some of you might know there will be a highly unusual alignment of the Sun/Venus/Earth on June 8th (There are in fact two inter-linked alignments of Venus to the Sun/Earth, the second being in 2012). The significance that the Tibetan Lama attached to the influence of Tara and the fact that Venus will be making this alignment in June 2004 is worth noting. It is also worthwhile noting that Venus/Tara is ‘exalted’ (gains its greatest and most direct influence) in Pisces.

The last time the Sun/Venus/Earth alignment occurred was in December 6, 1882. It has only occurred five times in known human history. The exact time of the Venus transit is 6:19am on June 8. It will appear as a tiny speck at one side of the Sun and will slowly transverse the fiery ball for the next six hours (It will be clearly seen from Europe, Africa and Asia).This type of transit occurs when Venus and Earth, whose paths around the Sun tilt at slightly different angles, line up exactly where their orbits cross. As a result there is a conjunction alignment between the Sun, Venus and Earth. In esoteric astrology and psychology the Sun represents the Monad or Spirit of our solar Logos and System, Venus represents the Soul, and the Earth the personality.

As such, at the inner levels, there is an alignment between Spirit/Soul/Personality and an inflow of these triune energies into the planet and its kingdoms, including the 4th ‘mediating’ kingdom, humanity, and this will bring all manner of as yet unknown revelation, illumination, discovery (spiritual and scientific) and creative manifestation into and through the human kingdom. Individuals, couples, groups and networks who align consciously with this cosmic-solar-planetary alignment will obviously receive the benefits. People should organize special meditations on the morning of June 8 (or at the appropriate time in terms of ‘local ‘time’ in each country). Try and include the symbols of the Sun, Venus and Earth in meditation circles. Use the Great Invocation for extra potency and effect.

You’ll be able to watch the final part of the Venus passage on Tuesday morning, June 8, if you’re an early bird in the eastern United States. Special protective eyewear will be needed to view Venus as a black dot crossing the lower face of the Sun. Venus will move from left to right between sunrise and 7:25 a.m. EST, when the crossing ends. A number of Internet sites will be providing live video of next Tuesday’s event. San Francisco’s Exploratorium (www.exploratorium.edu/webcasts/index.html) will be broadcasting from Greece.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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