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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

The Real McCoy
Susan Vaughn

In February, I attended a two day workshop at the Arcata Hotel with psychic healer, Harold McCoy. Seventy-two year old Harold is an every day, “down home” type guy who just happens to have healed hundreds of people psychically. He has had a hand in healing just about everything from cancerous tumors (his specialty), to cleft palate (his first full fledged psychic healing), to back injuries. In fact, there’s nothing that Harold won’t try, because he believes everyone can be healed this way. What was most inspiring to me about Harold was his ordinariness.

After retiring from the military at the age of 55, he bought a few acres of land in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. Needing to drill a well for water, he hired a water witch. When a guy showed up with a forked peach tree stick and pointed out exactly where the water was, Harold became fascinated with dowsing. Eventually he moved from sticks to pendulum and began to ponder why each responded to his mental requests. As one thing led to another, Harold finally got it that the stick and the pendulum had nothing to do with finding water or healing anything. Rather, what he realized is that the mind has the ability to move energy, and upon the power of thought, energy as force flows.

On to something, Harold threw away the props and began to use the power of his own thoughts to heal everyone spirit brought him. With love overflowing, he was grateful for each new opportunity to give, and though his healings don’t always work, for that is dependent on each person’s ability to receive, they’ve worked enough for Harold to know that psychic healing is always worth a try.

Don’t get me wrong, Harold is a spiritual guy. Like many of us in the New Age Spiritual/metaphysical movement, he talks constantly of his angels and guides. Harold has three whom he works with: Chief, who appears in his mind’s eye in full Indian regalia, George, who is of average height and build, and a big burly fellow he calls Genie (like the guy in the bottle). He also says he has a set of wise advisors that give him advice now and then, as well.

Harold’s technique is simple. First, he asks for permission from the higher self of the person he wants to work on. Since he’s worked on many people in comas, as well as babies, young children who’ve been abused by their parents, and animals, he says it’s not necessary to ask the individual if they’d like to be healed. If Harold gets a “yes” from the person’s higher self, he figures psychic healing is worth a try, no matter what. He also says that he gets a yes from their higher self about 95% of the time. If you are not sure of being able to receive the correct answer, you can always dowse for it.

He then asks for divine protection, both for himself and the person he is working on, asking that no negative energies be allowed to pass between them. Of course, his angels and guides are present. He asks them for their assistance and then he thanks them in advance for the wonderful miracles that are about to occur. Then he goes to work.

Moving into a trance state, he visualizes the essence of the person he is healing coming into the room and sitting in front of him between his knees with the back toward him. Placing his psychic hands over the ears, he begins the session by flowing energy into the brain, from the right hand to the left. Harold says that no matter what is wrong with the person, he always starts with the brain. This makes total sense to me. As many of you know from past articles, I have a fascination with the brain and its role in sickness. Like many new age people, I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked and that one’s biography eventually becomes their biology. This first reflects in the brain where neural pathways are laid down, eventually determining, not only our emotional response to life, but out outlook, as well. Also, when I took workshops from my teacher Lazaris, he always did at least one meditation every workshop in which the entire meditation was devoted to healing the chemistry of our brains. So working on the brain first made total sense to me.

After Harold meditatively charges the brain with healing energy, he then goes to work examining and healing the structures of the brain. He visualizes a zipper that runs from ear to ear. He unzips it, folds back the skin and removes the top of the skull. Looking in, he is sometimes amazed at what he finds. Images and pictures swirl in his imagination. Sometimes he sees specific childhood traumas, and sometimes past life influences that he may clean out with a little “brush” or pull out with “tweezers”. This is imaginative, creative work, he says, and you can’t do it wrong. Just go with whatever comes. You don’t need to know if its accurate or not.
He then looks at the master glands: the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the pineal. He says the pituitary has 18 channels that extend from it to every organ of the body and that the pineal has nine. Sometimes the channels are clogged or twisted. After checking out the condition of these glands, he might use a “vacuum cleaner” to suck up dark energies. He will untwist what needs to be untwisted and unblock what needs to be unblocked. He applies “brain cleansing fluid” and “healing balms” to sooth and stimulate the parts of the brain that are damaged.

Having been an engineer and being mechanical by nature, his guides often provide him with simple mechanical devices, such as splints for the healing of bones. He fixes electrical systems by wrapping frayed “wires” with electrical tape, and places vibrating balls of energy into eye sockets to heal poor vision. Standing beside him is a “magic table.” It’s got all kinds of goodies on it, like “tumor softening cream” and a needle nosed hose that he uses to pierce flesh and puncture organs so that he can flow health giving light into them. He always punctures the master glands and plumps them up to a healthy, pink color, with his magic hose of light, making sure all the channels are clear and free flowing.

He never knows what will appear on his magic table. He says his guides supply him with his tools. He doesn’t have to figure anything out in advance. After he works on the brain, he may then work on specific organs or areas of the body. He often finds solid blocks or balls of pure light that he places in the body in areas in need of healing. Being pure energy, they become whatever is needed: flesh, bone, blood, vessels, ligaments, etc. Harold doesn’t have to figure out what’s needed. All he has to do is lend his imagination, focus his energy, and give of his unconditional love.

With the exception of the energy that Harold flows through his mental hands into the brain, (or with his physical hands if the person he is working on is actually present) everything else that Harold does is visual, creative and imaginative. “It’s child’s play”, he says. Anyone can do this. All it takes is love and the willingness to give. And once you give, detach yourself from the results. Since the receiver doesn’t even need to know that you are gifting them in this way, they won’t even know who to thank if they are healed. When you give for the pure joy of giving, and when your ego is detached from results or a need for gratitude, you get yourself out of the way so that your angels and guides can work unhindered. Harold has spent hundreds of hours during the last twenty years, freely giving of his love without need of reward, to hundreds of people whom he’s never even met.

Being uncertain of his skill in the beginning, he kept all of his healing work secret. In time, he heard of miracles that had unfolded because of his work. This gave him the courage to step out and be seen so that he could give his message to the world. Now when he works on people, he knows that healing is entirely possible and he expects change to occur. Through the power of his belief and his expectation of success, Harold does what he does best. He gives of himself by flowing his psychic love to any and everyone who is willing to receive it.

For budding psychic healers, Harold advises that at first you work quietly and in secret. It will take a few successes before you will activate your faith. He also says to work daily for at least ninety days before you expect any results, sending healing to all your friends and family who are in need of a little extra assistance. And be sure and thank your guides for bringing them to your attention so that you might have the opportunity to give, because learning to be a giver is what it’s really all about.

Everyone is deserving of healing, even the most terrible person you can think of. After all the studying I’ve done on the brain, and all the work I’ve done on myself, I know that everyone has pre-determined patterns that reflect in their biology. Alcoholics and drug addicts who want to quit but can’t, rage-aholics who can’t stop raging, a judgmental nature that just won’t quit, shyness, inhibition, a need to control. You name it. These are more than just mental attitudes. They are deeply ingrained patterns that are woven into the very fabric of our cells. Patterns we are born with. Patterns we may be ashamed of. Patterns that become our karma.

Anyone who has ever tried to change a bad habit, emotional or mental pattern knows just how hard it is. It takes constant concerted effort, lots of inner work, and conscious decision making. Though psychic healing will never replace that, who knows what that little nudge of light might mean to the future of someone who is locked in a prison of pain and sees no way out. As I write these words I see my angels and guides in my inner eye nodding their heads in agreement, rubbing their hands together and rolling up their sleeves as if they are ready to get to work. They have so much love to give and they know, even if you don’t, that everyone is deserving! All they need is an active imagination and someone who is willing to focus their energy before they can do their work.

For all you readers who have been visualizing for years, and who already know the power such meditations have, here’s just one more technique you can use to manifest your desires. And don’t forget, if a seventy-two year old retired military man can do it, so can you. So, with an open heart and an inspired mind, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try?

Susan Vaughn is a local teacher and lecturer. She regularly holds classes in The Art Of Conscious Evolution. Conscious Evolution II is available to those who complete Conscious Evolution I.



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