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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

March, April May
by Kendra Anderson

Kendra is available for private and group consultations
in tarot and astrology
in person, by phone or by mail.


March through April helps you connect to your body and shine your natural assertive nature. Between 3/20 and 4/19 is a powerful time that helps you become more of your dynamic brave self. 3/20, the new moon behind the Vernal Equinox, will reveal where the changes in the new you are calling you into action. The cycle brings results and sets you on a new course on 4/19 that wouldn’t have been possible without spring’s fresh wind blowing regenerating changes into your life. May is more introspective. 5/16 brings graceful integration through your creative dance with love.

Communication and getting things done is the theme for you in March. A good time to accomplish your goals is 3/16 thru 3/18. Whatever deal you are trying to close will manifest on the 18th. April has you living in the world of your senses and beaming your natural sensual self (a good time to be in the garden). May brings a peak awareness of your fertile nature. 5/1, May day, aligns your cycle of opportunity and moves you deeper into your earthly needs.

March renews your powers of communication. 3/26 opens opportunities for change around work and personal needs for spring cleaning and integration. The afternoon brings spiritual replenishment through enchanting friends. April has you focused on your material desires. 4/22, Earth Day, brings some disrupting news from your group relations. Do not fret. A larger consciousness is creatively helping you to drop what is outmoded in your life. May continues the theme of comfort and lovingly taking care of yourself. 5/17 culminates with you attracting an important desire from within your daily community.

March opens with romance, creativity and children. 3/2 begins with assertive possibilities to create in these areas. How you respond to opportunities will determine what you attract later in the evening. April connects you to home and communication with important others in daily life. 4/28 brings foundational opportunities to create what you need in your community. May’s focus is your body and material comforts. 5/22 opens with dramatic changes in your career. You receive insights for betterment in your dream world; take advantage and make them real. Bountiful opportunities for change in your home situation exist as well. A new structure is being birthed, so move ahead with actions supporting your well being.

Freshening is Spring’s theme in March. Mystical urges call you on 3/04 to serve something higher. The afternoon’s challenge is action in a necessary communication. Trust the renewal happening in your vocational world. April is an intense month around home concerns. 4/28 brings a slippery person into your work world. Regardless of confusion in your interaction, trust that there are opportunities to make money. You will receive guidance if you still yourself. Transformation around sharing resources are the gifts afoot for you. Evening ends with benefits if creative action is taken around personal resources and your home base. May is about your personal community interactions with 5/24 being a particular good day to shine.

March opens with your love relations. 3/07 requires patience focus as a challenge from you or your partner’s career world send transformation your way. Trust the renewal. April is about work and how you integrate fun and romance. 4/28 brings expansive enjoyments. Relax, you’ve earned them and particularly need them now. In May your home is priority. 5/27 shows how dramatic changes in your career are affecting home stability. Trust the positive big force. There are opportunities to ground your affairs in a practical manner thru effort. Early evening brings peace from the internal planes.

Intimacy and shared resources open March for you. 3/09 brings transformation in your career. Take the opportunities, change your relationship to prosperity in your life. Your significant other’s April’s focus. 4/05, the full moon, brings a spiritual gift from within your larger circle of friends. Trust the light that is shining on you and your relationship at this moment. There are opportunities to deepen your understanding of love. May, work and health are your concerns. 5/2 opens with a communication that challenges your boundaries. Gifts from within your career world dissolve any tensions of the day. It is important for your integration to communicate your process with someone later in the evening.

March’s concerns are education, religion, and legal matters. 3/11 is a good time to move on them. Someone w/in your immediate community helps you take necessary actions. Evening informs rewards around your personal expression. April’s focus is intimacy and sharing. 4/07 challenges you to transcend attachment w/in group connections interfering with your needs for mutuality. In May your significant other is on your mind and heart. 5/04, the full moon, shines extravagant possibilities in romance realms. Make a move and bring them into reality. A nurturing container gifts you; love will be happy to play in our garden. The peak comes in the early afternoon. Don’t let confusing challenges from work get in the way.

March is a career month for you. 3/13 manifests a powerful change in your work, becoming real in the afternoon. April, higher learning and travel; 4/09 someone w/in community motivates you to action in these areas. Opportunities exist to transcend shortcomings in group consciousness arena. You receive the benefits of harmony and integration at this time. The afternoon ends with powerful emotional changes thru learning gained. May’s concern is your intimate sexual connections. On 5/07 powerful transformation dawns. Inner realms communicate necessary information you need to facilitate these changes. Your needs around love, romance, and attraction are embodied by another person now.

Group relations focus you in March. On 3/15 fertile transactions w/in community of friends. April’s sites; your career world. 4/11, Easter Sunday, manifests an important goal in your vocation. You are gifted behind far reaching changes you’ve made in your life. May brings travel thru long distance journeys (both internal and external). 5/08 opens with creative innovations presented from group connections. Take it and receive a romantic/creative romp. Responsible communications with another are required of you, all works out to your benefit and grace today.

March tunes you into group consciousness. 3/03 and 3/04 bring transpersonal energies closer so pay attention to dreams and reveries. April’s energy; humanitarian commitments and vision for their unfoldment. On 4/14 a transformative event occurs w/in legal or higher education arenas potentially changing the way you interact with others. The opportunity unfolds throughout the morning. Mature decisive communication may bring a new you and a fresh start. May is a career time. 5/11 manifests something you need to release in your work. Interpersonal transformations ask you to trust their call. Move ahead with these to experience money and gain in the late morning. Later, opportunities for enlightened conversation.

March’s walk is your relationship to unconscious motivations and your identity. 3/24 brings transformative understandings of gifts from your inner world. April sees you still in the dark womb of your inner self. 4/16 challenges you to find higher transformation and learning in it all. The dark’s secret is that it is full of light. In May you connect to your wide circle of groups and friends. 5/13 challenges comes from those you share most deeply with. In the afternoon opportunities for smoothing things out. Whatever the issue, the evening desires you to remember your personal needs for fulfillment and attraction.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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