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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Fall Horoscope 2004
September, October, November
by Kendra Anderson

ARIES Intimacy and relationship with those dearest to you are September's focus. 9/28, the harvest moon, peaks relational energy with an emphasis on new starts, togetherness, and sharing. Evening brings opportunity to set the table for enchantment. October is a work and health month. 10/25 lets you know your personal sacrifice in this area will be rewarded in a big way. November says let your inner child out for play, romance, and creativity.

TAURUS September is a time of higher education and travel for you. 9/04 brings opportune responsibilities in your group connections if you act on them. Your ability to expand your learning process is assured. Insecurities in communication may occur in the evening. The key, trust the positive flow in your group connections. October's focus is on intimacy and your important other. 10/27, the full moon, brings what is hidden into the open. November sets the stage for work. 11/23 is a good time to reflect on what has manifested in this area.

GEMINI Career is the focus in September. 9/06 opens with gifts concerning spiritual work. Your challenge, disseminate these understandings in your career world. The afternoon brings assertive energy pushing you into the world you're creating culminating in a restructuring of your foundation. October focuses on higher learning and the ability to share deeply with others. 10/30 opens with a need to create more excitement in romance and play. Extravagant dreams of lavishing service reward you with mystical union in the evening. November's drive is relationship. 11/26, the full moon, has some shocks in store in a significant relationship.

CANCER September opens with group connections. 9/17 and 9/18 are good days to tackle responsibilities concerning good boundaries and containers in group relations. In October career is on your mind. 10/06 is an important manifesting day in your work world. Communicating your desires is the key to turning the page in your direction. November brings expanded understanding in sharing your resources with others. 11/02, election day and Day of the Dead, is a time where your beliefs and identity work in harmony to produce desired results.

LEO The deep recesses of your psyche beckon you in September. 9/11 opens with spiritual house cleaning guiding you into beauty, mystery, and illusion; encouraging positive thorough change in your home life. October's center is group associations. Something you've desired in your group life is a possibility on 10/08. Its important to maintain a spiritual perspective with others for creative integration to occur. November is a career month for you. 11/05 is a profound time of receiving prosperity and transformation concerning finances.

VIRGO Your presentation is your focus in September. The period between 9/13 and 9/17 are good times to use your will power to achieve what you most desire. 9/14, the new moon, opens with a call for total transformation in your home life. Make a fresh start; plenty of ammunition is available to you. Structure and support within your group community is available if you accept it. Trust this expansive time. October's reflection; the mystery. 10/11 brings irrevocable change in your surroundings requiring examination of spiritual beliefs. November is group interaction time. 11/07's potential; to change the way you see yourself in your larger circle. You are challenged to overhaul the way you use your resources.

LIBRA September's focus is personal resources. 9/16, beginning of Rosh Hashana, opens with a desire to utilize positive changes in your home life. Evening requires a disciplined approach to group responsibility. October is an identity time. On 10/13, the new moon, desires lead, along with spiritual creative fantasy, aiding creative transformation in your world. Begin your cherished dreams. November's time is internal; the law of cause and effect at play. 11/10, creative riches. In the afternoon; legal responsibility. You have the stamina for it all.

SCORPIO Interactions are September's theme. 9/19 opens with creative abundance your divine potential; a useful tonic for the busy times around us. October's call is self care and how to be a real person in the world. 10/25 is a time to reflect on the gifts of the past (including past lives), choosing how to offer what we honor in ourselves. November's focus is yourself and how you relate to the mystery. 11/12, the new moon; a good time to honor personal goals. Evening brings nurturing structure in your self learning process. 11/23 thru 11/26 is a potent time to pay attention to what you are attracted to because your beauty is closer than ever.

SAGITTARIUS Home life is your focus in September. On 9/21 you ground important decisions concerning home. Desires for growth and expansion push you onward. Community is October's theme. 10/12 highlights opportunities for transformation sprouting seeds in your life. November's concern; financial care for yourself. 11/14 opens with abundant opportunities surfacing from the other worlds. Transformation and wealth are yours for the taking.

CAPRICORN Relaxation and enjoyment at home concern you in September. 9/23 opens with career responsibilities sitting heavily on you. Take heart, the way is shown for your drive and exuberance to pursue your own shiny dream. Home is your hearth in October as well. 10/20 opens with nurturing sweetness; bask in the love. Your career requires a lot of you today. Late afternoon demands you put your personal goals into action. November's focus; your local world. 11/16 opens with fears of attracting what is most important to you. Success is your opportunity if you take the risk. Communicate with authorities in the early evening.

AQUARIUS Inner/outer work mark September. 9/05 highlights Neptune's process in your sign of humanitarian leaps of consciousness thru dissonant emotional states designed to wear down un-useful ego behavior. October is a play time. On10/22 creative transformation in art and romance. Stoke the fire and reap sweet rewards later in the day. Home base is November's focus. 11/18 provides resourceful possibilities in home improvement. Later, enchantment and sweetness are yours. Movement now stabilizes needed changes.

PISCES Work and relationship is September's focus. 9/25 brings unexpected adjustments thru vibrational needs for wholeness in work and health. October combines work and play. 10/23 pushes past the edges of your known emotions. Art and ecstatic states combine here. Later you communicate your new self clearly. November continues the theme of play, romance, and emotional release. 11/21 gifts you with a shaping process that makes sense of the emotional chemistry you feel. Integration and union are your reward.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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