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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

December, January, February
Kendra Anderson
Kendra is available for private and group consultations
in tarot and astrology
in person, by phone or by mail.

ARIES The Christmas season promises romance, creativity, and focus on your home scene. 12/30 puts you in the mood to get some serious work done. Your identity is on the line. An important relationship demands your powers of focus. There is money to be made and an important spiritual opportunity. Jan is about communication. 1/26 the opportunity to create a more authentic way of relating to your world is yours. This brings challenges in your work responsibilities. Persevere. It's worth it. Feb's outlook is personal resources. 2/22 reminds you there is a greater purpose to the changes happening in your life.

TAURUS Work and money are on your mind this holiday season. 12/6 brings good fortune in your career. Accept it graciously. You've earned it. The evening ends with creative passion and opportunities at home. Jan brings you inwards to the creature comforts of romance, children, and your home. 1/29 is particularly challenging as boundary issues with others intruding on your personal sphere may come up. The import-ant lesson is not to sacrifice what is important to you and raise the whole situation to a higher level. Feb, positive commun-ication opportunities that reach a peak on 2/25.

GEMINI Your significant relationship is Dec's offering to you. 12/8, full moon, opens spiritual understanding and harmony with your significant other and a polarity where you both recognize soulful qualities you contribute to each other. Your career world may intrude with some big, challenging opportun-ities. The key is trusting the transformative powers of relation-ship. Jan's focus is work. 1/5 adjustment in how your personality deals with the tasks at hand. Money is coming to you as well as challenges in your philosophical outlook on life. Group associations provide a deepening viewpoint on all your accomplishments at this time. 2/1, Imbolc opens with creative opportunities for your spiritual abilities to shine. There are big challenges in your intimate life as well as money and a deepening of group consciousness to be had.

CANCER Intimacy is your primary focus in Dec. 12/31, New Yr's Eve, you will need to be the responsible party with someone important to you. The New Year is particularly powerful for you. 1/7 is an important day for you to have strong insights in your relationship process. Money and sharing resources are something you need to examine. Difficulty is coming at you from your home front. The important lesson is to accept the opportunities for learning. Feb asks for your attention around work. 2/3 adjusts your perspective to include more of a humanitarian bent. Then you can benefit from resources that are coming your way.

LEO Your philosophical higher understandings are calling you in Dec. 12/14 brings an unexpected encounter with someone in your community. Intimacy with significant others opens the New Year. 1/10 adjusts your process, identity, and view in an important relationship. Transformative sharing with others in your larger group connections brings understanding. Feb shines a light on your negotiations with significant others. 2/6, full moon, brings abundance and transformation if you can slow down to feel these changes.

VIRGO Your career is in a dynamic cycle in Dec. 12/16 opens with powerful changes your presentation to others. This day frees up old energy so the new can come forth. Your goals and personal ambitions affect others strongly right now. Money and abundance are flowing in your direction. Feb is a time of learning your lessons well, attaining prevailing justice in any legal decisions. A good day for these understandings is 1/9. February is about your deep relations with others. 2/9 requires some emotional adjustments that are ultimately mentally stimulating. You may feel that someone in your group acquaint-ances is against you. Trust the challenge to better yourself.

LIBRA Friends and larger family is Dec's seasonal focus. 12/18 brings positive opportunities for change that will brighten your identity within your circle. Money is an issue now so spend carefully on others. You will be rewarded in eclectic ways in your friendships. Jan is all about your career. 1/15 brings good benefits for all of your hard work. Feb continues this theme in legal matters by gifting you on 2/11 with justice in an important matter.

SCORPIO You are in an introverted birthing yourself space in Dec. 12/20 brings opportunities for significant beneficial changes in your career world. Dramatic changes in your personal resources will revolutionize your life if you accept the challeng-es. Jan opens you to the social realm of your group connect-ions with others. 1/17 brings opportunities for you to restruct-ure your identity in a more authentic way. Feb moves fluidly through your career and higher learning social responsibilities.

SAGITTARIUS Your personality and all of its expansions are your focus in Dec. This month you come into your own. On 12/11 life requires that you make the next transformative leap in your evolution. Jan asks you to turn inward to find the solutions for the New Year. 1/19 is a time integration and synthesis with your internal and external world. Feb focuses you on your group connections and commitments. 2/10 is an important time to make any creative long lasting changes in this area.

CAPRICORN Dec is an abundant time to replenish and attract what you need where your resources are concerned. Look to 12/16 thru 12/19 to be especially strong days for receiving. Jan and Feb moves you into your personal goals and aspirations. 2/18 is a particularly strong time to take what you've been learning in the external world about your needs and apply it to your inner process. You may be surprised by the reshaping and restructuring process; it can help transform any emotional difficulties that need house cleaning.

AQUARIUS The holiday season focuses on you particularly this year. 12/25, Christmas, brings good intentions and actions from your home life. You will receive what's important to you this holiday season. This is a time to connect to the mystical magical roots of the holidays as well. There are some good spiritual insights for you. Jan is about you living for yourself in a new way. 1/21, the new moon, is a good day to set intentions for the New Year. Adjustments and integrat-ion about your resource needs are available to you now. 2/2, Imbolc, is an important time for you to pay attention to dreams and visions as the ancestors and the revitalizing spring energy stirring up the new season are speaking to you now.

PISCES Dec's focus is on communication and the people in your immediate environment. 12/27 opens the door to creative communication and solutions in your world, i.e. gifts of a better structure and container in an important relationship. Jan is about resources. 1/24 opens with integrating personality needs with ways to take care of your elf. Your work is particularly nurturing to you. Do not be upset by intensity coming from your intimate relations. Romance and passion is afoot in the dreamy imaginative way you love best. You will be pleased with the release of stress and your ability to move to a higher level. Feb changes how you relate to your identity. 2/20 and 2/21 are good days to set intentions for the New Year. Embody larger consciousness and vibrational quickening working to change you for the better.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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