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2012 predictions

Communion With The Elements
Bryeon Earle

As a solitary practitioner of witchcraft for over eighteen years I have been exposed to many magical traditions. I work with a wide variety of traditions and do not solely adhere to particular practice. Much of my magikal journey comes from being raised by a mother who is pagan.

The universal elements are a very important part of magikal ritual. Many rituals, if not all, call for the invocation of the elements. All matter on the physical plane is made up of the same elements. These elements are inside as well as outside of ourselves. When calling on the elements outside us we are also tapping into the elements inside. You are actually a great source of elemental power. Upon realization and acceptance of this you may find a greater power than you have known before. The union of the external and the internal can create amazing results.

Many practitioners get in touch with one particular element that speaks to them, one they are called to. Under one's astrological sign one is considered to have an element personally assigned, but do not limit yourself. All elements and their magikal properties are at everyone's disposal. Calling in the elements on the outside creates a communion with the source of the elements inside of you.

As important as drawing energy from outside you is, one must not underestimate the power you already possess. All that is in the universe also dwells within you. This is why we have the power to charge herbs, sacred stones and magikal tools. When calling out for power, you might want to take a moment to look within. If you are able to open the exchange of elemental energy, the relationship between the outside and internal power can be symbiotic. The magikal result of this can be far greater than what you originally intended. Therefore, call from outside and work from within.

All the elements have different properties serving different purposes in magikal work. When you call for these properties from outside you are simply calling on additional influences to enhance or strengthen what is already at work within you. To call upon these elements is merely a way to add to the sacred power that you already have.

Never underestimate your own power. All magik starts with you. Drawing from outside yourself merely attracts power to connect with what is already there. The convergence of your magik, from inside and out, can be greater than you've ever imagined. You are earth, you are water, you are air, you are fire and you certainly are spirit.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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