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World Peace Meditation

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

In The Light Of Our Hearts...
Jeremy Chapman

There are battles born within each of us which are presently visual in the way that the world is currently warring. Innately no words tell what runs within us, yet only words are the way we can relate.

It is darkest before the dawn. So many of us have said this, even in daily reflection on turmoils we may feel about our being. My sense is that many times we say these words but seldom do we notice the impact they have. Something we may have noticed is that seemingly it's getting darker, and still darker, and yet darker. How will it ever be dawn with the planet facing nuclear threats around every corner? And how will we ever see dawn if we find unwillingness to turn within and realize that it's our own internal battlefield that is reflected in the view of this physical movie screen known as planet earth?

Each of us faces challenges in every moment. Mostly they reside behind the scenes, blinded by our daily exercises of "getting things done," and we find ourselves overwhelmed in this perpetual maze of adding spark to fire with much less awareness put to the realities of this ongoing.

Blessed as we are in this portal of "consciousness raising" amidst the redwoods of Humboldt. We must bathe in the light of awareness in each moment if ever we're to fully blossom through this planetary shift. The present kaleidoscope of discouraging and negative results about planet earth are complete mirrors for each of us to help notice the internal attention asked for by Spirit, by Us as individual Spirit Beings.

It's true we can fully embody everlasting peace through these torn and separated times. Nothing is lost or will ever be, and all physical outcomes are graced in the hands of Spirit. My hope is that we allow for this grace to grow and blossom through our heart, trusting that by seeking within to our truest light and living this with each breath, and bringing community to all moments, will open the door for Spirit to truly play magic and allow for planetary awakening to manifest in union, in a peace that is inevitable.

It is in our choices to live a conscious and loving life with all the members of planet earth that will help rid us of these possible and seemingly sraightlined courses of "destruction." Can we see through this illusion and Be in the light of love, knowing all that turns upon this planet is in complete resonance with the Divine outcome of our Human-ness? Within each of us is the ability to calm the energies currently on our planet, so we must give full attention through all our actions to honor this quest.

We all have the power to bring and to give peace to this natural course of evolution. We must ask for stillness in all our moments and allow for Spirit to grace the movements of our days. Notice that each thing in life simply unfolds purely as one bathes in one's own inner stillness and how this brings stillness to all the areas, your life, to people, places, issues, trivias and outcomes.

Know that in honoring life in this fashion, the everyday turmoils will become the dawn and the darkness will not find its way to triumph. In the light of our hearts is the grace of Spirit and the union of the planet, always.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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