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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

June, July, August 2003

by Kendra Anderson
Kendra is available for private and group consultations
in tarot and astrology
in person, by phone or by mail.

In June and July your focus—social relations and your career world. 7/21—completing a project that has deep emotional significance to you. Unexpected insights gives you opportunity to share deeply with others. Trust responsibility emerging from desires and wishes, clear opportunity to act comes later in the day. August sees you traveling, learning, and expanding your intimate horizons. 8/17 is a dynamic day for self-expression and travel so enjoy yourself.

June starts you out on inner planes of rumination. Your focus shifts into group social connections. August brings important direction in your career field. You're on a destiny curve these next few months. Days to watch for are 6/21, 7/20, and 8/17. These days represent peak moments of clarity on your life purpose. 6/24 is an evening of spiritual challenge or disillusionment concerning your intimate connections with others in your social sphere. Trust your need to dive deeper and dissolve artificial boundaries.

June opens with you focusing on your individual needs. Late June shifts into more universal internal understandings. 6/27 brings intimate spiritual gifts to your inner musings. July and August are a humanitarian experiment with others. 7/24 brings challenges from the intimate quarter of your life. Do you need more intimacy with others? Are your intimate relations needing more attention from you as you naturally adhere to your social connections? Difficulties smoothed later in the day and a more surrendered expression of relationship brings gifts. 8/21 is a day of creative transformation in your social involvement's. A particular relationship or group process that you are involved with is the key.

June—take care of yourself in a nurturing creature comfort way. As June ends—personal self-growth and self-expression. 6/24—receiving an unconventional wisdom that aids you in your self-development. 6/29, the new moon, opens intuitive insights into your personality. Take them seriously to get the most benefit. Now is the time to act in your behalf and will bring you even more gifts of learning (a good time to deal with legal matters). You are setting a new course. July contacts the watery dreamy aspects of your nature. 7/26 brings an unexpected intimate encounter connecting you to your fantasies. Your mood is serious and the day ends with assertive rewards.

June—active realm of day to day connections. These three months are full of expansive opportunity for you. 6/5—expand spiritual understanding in your immediate environment. Gifts of transformation are gracing an important relationship. Let hidden communication slide. Trust what you are attracting. July and August's theme—taking care of yourself. 7/5—surrender to the higher calling of intimacy in a specific relationship, powerful changes in your ability to discern the healthiest options. End of August is about broadening your perspective of what you need. 8/18 thru 8/21 is a time of attracting romance, money, and extravagant desires. The pivotal day is 8/21. 8/21 thru 8/25 you're identity is expanding beyond what doesn't fit anymore.

June starts with your need to be connected to your home life. 6/7—face power struggles in your partnership. July—busy interactions in your environment. 4th of July opens with your precise manner pushed to an extreme by another's differing logistical style. Communication is the opportunity and will set the tone for the festivities. The evening brings more than one kind of fireworks as conflict seeks to transform hidden agendas working against you. August opens with you attending to your physical needs and ends with your personality being in the limelight. 8/27—go beyond your per-son al perceptions, aided by an unconventional encounter in an important relationship. Open the possibilities for your self-expression. You are learning from other people's reactions to you and weaving them into your daily routine.

June opens with creativity.6/10 brings learning in your creative endeavors. In July your need for harmony in your home life takes over. 7/6 requires you to accept the responsibility that your emerging identity requires. You will be aided by an unselfconscious ability to share with those you are close to. It is time for you to appreciate the unfolding of your butterfly wings despite any challenging conversation that ends the day. August leads you into the social realm of your everyday connections, ending with you creating abundance in your physical world. 8/30 challenges you within your group social connections. Your ability to grace work with a surrendered attitude is a precious gift to the situation. The key is to make sure and use the opportunities at home that help to transform any negative affects to your harmonious nature.

Work and health are on your mind as June opens. 6/12—act on the most intelligent path in these endeavors. The critical point is someone communicating what isn't obvious to you. July brings flirtation and fun. 7/9 requests a lighthearted approach to your personality. Be careful of extravagant use of your resources. All and all this is a good day for your natural inner siren to haul in a good catch of fish. Your home life is your priority in August. 8/5 manifests the important home concerns. Your challenge is the expansive push demanding growth in yourself as individual.

June's theme is relationship.6/14, the full moon, brings your partnership process to a luminosity of attention. You have an opportunity to act on a valuable insight with electric aplomb. July shifts into work and health habits. 7/11 is emotionally powerful with Pluto, bringer of insight and transformation, working to make new habits stick. Your dedication and willingness to change brings you an abundance of material rewards. August ushers in romantic juices and creative flow. 8/7 opens with communication challenges around money and security. Trust in the beauty of your personality to attract what you need. An opportunity for spiritual growth in an important relationship exists. Pluto is here to guide you with strong emotional input on the joys and passions of truth with freedom.

How well you share and connect to your lusty side in sexuality and intimacy are the topics of your world in June. 6/16 is a day when your emotional impressions of your passions are at a height. July focuses on your significant other and need for partnership. 7/13, the full moon, is a good time to evaluate the qualities of beauty, practicality, steadfastness, and earthy passion in your relational other. August brings you back to practicality through work and health. 8/9 gives the opportunity to work and share profoundly with another. There are solid financial rewards coming through the dynamics of this excellent communication as well.

These next few months hold many lessons on surrender and deception. 6/18 has opportunities to transform difficult patterns in relationship. You will be grateful for gifts of mental clarity later in the day. July brings your quirky open minded focus on sexuality, intimacy, and the ability to share deeply with others. 7/15 opens with the transcendent lessons of Neptune, planet of ego disintegration. There are powerful perceptions afoot with opportunities to release rigid boundary structures. You are given the possibility of reprogramming your intimacy patterns on a cellular level. The afternoon brings expansive nurturance and blissful fantasy through involvement with another. In August your relationship to a significant other is front and center. 8/12, the full moon, opens with ephemeral Neptune leading you on the search for a high love. Romantic transformation is trailing opportunities through your garden. The evening climaxes with peak experiences shared with another.

Career is your priority in June. 6/24 sees you on the hot seat with innovative action bringing you financial responsibility. Use the energy responsibly because its ultimate goal is to transform your consciousness around duty and discipline. Early in July—higher learning and legal matters. You shift to interpersonal relationships and passion near the end of July into August. 7/24 brings an unexpected encounter with intimacy. This breakthrough vibration allows old ground to be broken so that new growth can sprout. 8/14 challenges you to transform a pattern in the way you conduct your romantic relationships. Communication with another about shared values and physical well being will help you with these matters.

2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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