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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

Ancient Advancements
Bill Timm

Although ancient China was not the developer of the wheel it was very advanced thousands of years ago. Most ancient Sages believed in the "five element theory: metal, wood, water, fire and earth were the substance of all matter. Over five thousand years ago Confucius referred to this theory in his book Shang Shu, or Book of History in which he parallels modern atomic physics. In his Book Of Changes, he said "one yin and one yang constitute the Tao (the way or a whole). One yin and one yang between hard and soft matter results in changes."

Lao Zi said "Tao gave birth to one and one gave birth to all the myriad of things. All the myriads of things carry yin on their backs, holding yang in their embrace, by which deriving their vital harmony from proper blending of the two breaths." (Tao Teh Ching, Classics of Tao and Virtue). This relates to our "modern" periodic table of elements wherein each element is having the negative (Yin) electron of an element circle the positive (Yang) atomic nucleus. He also stated "all things under heaven are born of corporeal and corporeal born of incorporeal (or material is born of etheric). Much of China's long course of history was guided by these theories, ie: the science of acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, Fung Shui architecture, art and culture.

How did the sages know these things without sophisticated instruments? Some ancient doctors were said to have a type of built in x-ray vision. This is not something most of us today think of as advances, for most of us equate "advanced" with technological gadgetry. The type of x-ray vision some ancients possessed is called an opened third eye. The third eye is said to be developed through cultivating a virtuous way of life (Zhan Falun by Li Hongzhi).

What are the parallels between virtues and advancements? If one is in harmony, the truth is revealed according to each one's ability to comprehend at any given level. "Although this is seemingly incorporeal it was often said in ancient philosophy that the Tao was by nature easy to obtain and the more complicated, the further away from the truth of the universe," one sage said as he rode around town on a donkey, backward, expressing his discuss with those in relentless pursuit of complicated material gain.

Handed down through thousands of years what was said to be the standard for quality is still applicable today. These characteristics like Truth, Compassion and Forbearance, and the balance between Yin and Yang were codes to live by. It would not take a rocket scientist to figure out that these were good qualities to live by in ancient China and are also applicable in today's modern global community. And what would be the results of living such a way in modern life, a way that was outlined long ago in ancient China and other civilizations. Does constant balance between the negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) last throughout time, perhaps even make up the nature of the universe?

Bill Timm facilitates classes on Falun Gong, an ancient Chinese meditation practice. For info on Falun Gong, go to www.falundafa.org.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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