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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

September October, November

by Kendra Anderson
Kendra is available for private and group consultations
in tarot and astrology in person, by phone or by mail.
Contact University of Metaphysical Sciences to reach her.

ARIES Summer's journey brought you closer in the land of intimacy and relationship. September your sharing skills are on. 9/12 requires letting go of linear time so that you can accept gifts of romance, children, and creativity. The stage is set for direct emotional action the next day. October's focus is partnerships. 10/10, equinox full moon, brings a peak partner--expression; in the afternoon loving transformation and gifts. November kicks into work mode. 11/6 helps you use those resources you have accumulated for the greater good of what you are putting your muscle into.

TAURUS Career and learning are on your horizon in September. 9/15 brings direction to what you're learning and teaching; the next day confirms your instincts. October brings relational depth. Trust your draw to intimacy on 10/14. November highlights partnership growth. 11/08, full moon, opens with creative opportunities to act in relationship. There is a spiritual challenge to transcend past issues. Opportunities to create change bless you. A social peer helps smooth ruffled feathers in the afternoon. Understanding both the dark and the light happens in the evening.

GEMINI Your career and public communication are your focus in September. 9/18 sees you dispersing something personally important to you in the public sphere. Evening brings unconventional group confirmation in your work field. In October and November intimacy is the lesson. 10/15, transformation through deep communication and the willingness to learn, grow, and change. Your personality shines brilliantly at this time. 11/11 focuses your personal self care wealth into transformational energy you can give to an important emotional connection you have with another.

CANCER Group associations and your career world are your concern in September. Both 9/3 and 9/6 create the opportunity for more stability in your professional associations with others. October solidifies career concerns. 10/18 is an important day of manifestation. Release something in your work world that perhaps you have clutched too tightly. November presents an emotional ground of higher learning and legal process. 11/6 is a good time to work on legal and higher educational goals.

LEO September is about emotional inventory. If digging though the graveyard calls it will help you with your group affiliations in October. 10/20 brings a transformative gift that blesses your friendships. Something important to your own identity can be communicated now. Trust the ability of the moment to bring harmony with right action focused on integration. In November your focus is on your vocation. 11/17 is a time of insight arising from your personal past/present/future foundation and will guide you in your vocational endeavors.

VIRGO September asks you to take a close look at what is driving you. 9/24 opens with an opportunity to restructure emotional challenges you encounter in your inner world with reality in your work world. You're able to articulate these perceptions now. Any restructuring challenges that arise are all to the good in the housecleaning you signed on for. Expansive Jupiter is making room for change in October and November. 10/1 brings hidden material to light in a fortunate, integrated way. 11/6 and 11/7 brings opportunities for exciting learning through new friends.

LIBRA Self care blends with the needs of personality goals and aspirations in September. 9/26 brings spiritual gifts around romance, art, and children enriching your harmonious values. Your challenge is to bring these into your career world. The afternoon brings new money making ventures. Opportunities to transform your everyday situation come through a powerful friend or ally. October and November tune you inward. 11/21 wants you to turn these musings into profit. Some unexpected gifts from your home life can help you with this journey.

SCORPIO Communication and the ability to generate resources is September's focus. 9/28 opens with an opportunity for enhanced intuitive perception. Don't let romantic illusion get in the way of practical application. The tools you receive integrate changes in your career. The key, abundance through communication. October and November are important times to develop your identity. 10/25, new moon, creative actions renew your concept of self. In the evening confronting illusions at home. A good friend in your social circle helps you see the opportunity in the situation.

SAGITTARIUS September's focus is home and your interface with community. Home challenges open 9/3. Time to release negativity; your work field can be raised a spiritual notch. Group associations provide possibilities for structure in your life. The afternoon's drive is what you're most attracted to. Transformation is afoot. October focuses on resources and their best use for self care. 10/27 opens with creative energy, wild and wise, requiring a spiritual perspective from home. Important others push you towards growth. In November your identity shines. Spiritual communications and opportunities are themes of 11/24. Life is asking you to grow in your career world. Communication is key in assimilating transformation in self-perception.

CAPRICORN Healing through play enhances your responsible foundation in September. 9/5 opens with boundary issues from a person in your social affiliations. Growth comes from your creative life now. The evening ends with a romantic, attractive outlook. October's focus is home and daily activities. 10/2 expansively opens the door to what's been hidden away. Let what's important to you out. Evening work responsibilities push this growth; trust the process. November shifts into security and comfort. 11/26 highlights how you share yourself with another. Your career world is booming, trust your resources. Later, actions at home create more of the relaxation you need.

AQUARIUS Work and how you interface with play keeps you occupied in September. The last bit of Uranus in Aquarius asks you to adjust gears and be more childlike and vibrationally open. October brings your creativity into your home life. 10/4 has a mystical gleam; otherworldly romance, art, and euphoria bring in your evening. November moves into your familial connections with those many others in your life. 11/1, All Saints Day, opens with a deep emotional undercurrent affecting your mood. The challenge for your identity is to communicate these feelings.

PISCES How relationships work is your concern in September. 9/10, harvest moon, opens with changes needed at home. Your significant other pushes you to a clearer view of differences between you. The communication may polarize; hang in there, practical beauty completes the evening October brings work and play together. 10/30, 10/31, Halloween, are good times to assert your creative authority. November tunes your creations to flow with your home life. 11/30 opens with beautiful structure inviting changes at home. Deal with any snags constructively. The afternoon rewards your disciplined integrity through successful sharing with another.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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