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2012 predictions

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Healer Heal Thyself
Marguerite Schenken

Around the turn of the century in Japan, an independent and very self-directed young man named Jiro Murai lay alone on his deathbed in his family's mountain cabin. After leaving his family to seek his own way in the world Jiro had contracted a life-threatening illness, now believed to have been leukemia, and came home to die. While awaiting death he received spiritual guidance to place his fingertips on certain areas of his body, thereby reversing his critical condition. The form of energy he discovered is now known as Jin Shin. Jin Shin Tara is the application of this system specifically for the resolution of the shock and trauma endemic to our age.

Jin Shin Tara is the energy medicine component of the TARA Approach, an overall design for healing from over-whelming experience. In the TARA Approach intentional dialogue is used to bring awareness to the mind-body-spirit connection. As the recipient's energy flows it is translated into wisdom that becomes conscious through the act of intentional dialogue. By exploring what may have shocked or traumatized us, we learn how to resource ourselves and we gain enormous insight into our overall life situation.

I have benefited most from the self-healing and self-care capacity of the TARA Approach. Self-care is the first thing that is learned by practitioners. There are twenty-six energy centers in the body and these form the foundation for this energy medicine. Once the locations and attributes of these areas are learned and contacted, individuals are empowered by their own ability to balance and revitalize themselves under any circumstances. Knowing that the life-force flows from our own fingertips and can be re-circulated into our mind-body-spirit gives us both self-sufficiency and independence, allowing us to develop a loving relationship with ourselves. The TARA Approach embodies the philosophy of "healer heal thyself."

Marguerite Schenken is a practitioner of Jin Shin Tara.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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