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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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You Are Your Brother's Keeper
Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.

In the story of Cain and Abel, the biblical story of Adam and Eve's children, Cain slew his brother in a fit of jealousy. When he came home and the Lord asked him, "Where is your brother?" Cain answered that he didn't know. "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Yes, you are your brother's keeper! Your brother is also your keeper. If everyone were to be each other's keeper, no one would be unsafe or uncared for. Each person would have someone looking out for him or her no matter who they are or what is happening around them. It would be utopia.

We are all meant to take care of each other. The next step in human evolution is for everyone to realize that we are all one being, one heart, one Self, and when one part of the Self is hurting, it affects the whole Self. In the physical body, when the big toe hurts, the whole body is uncomfortable and feels it, not just the big toe. If the body becomes diseased in one organ, the whole body dies, not just the organ. It is the same for the body of humanity. It may seem that we are far removed from those who are living in dire straights, under oppression, in starvation, or in poverty, but we are not removed at all.

By remaining inactive about those who we know are suffering we bring karmic repercussions upon ourselves. Omission of action is just as much a cause of karma as action, good karma or bad karma is irrelevant. The law of cause an effect is the same. This is because the nature of this universe is that it is always trying to find balance. Being peaceful is the beginning. Then there is a point when the Self reaches out to Self in order to achieve balance. One reaches for the big toe when it hurts in order to soothe it, take care of it, nurture it back to health. Then the body is free to do other things once the pain is gone. The body of humanity keeps hurting itself, inflicting injury on itself.

Perhaps the 9/11 crisis, our health predicaments nationwide, the mounting world hatred toward affluent countries who support corporate exploitation of weaker, less economically powerful nations, is a direct result of omission of action to alleviate the suffering of others, who are also our own selves. There is a balancing act in effect, as though some force is attempting to make the sleeping parts wake up to another part of the Self which is hurting. We can all admit that the world events of today's era are causing many of us to rethink our motives, our roles, and our contributions to the suffering of others in other parts of the world that we did not realize were in ourselves before. This is the beginning of the heart opening of humanity. This is the beginning of the next quantum evolution.

First, humanity learned survival techniques. Then, humanity discovered its ability to feel and sense things. Then, humanity began to think and invent technologies. All of these are quantum leaps in evolution. Now it is the heart that must be evolved, the bridge that brings us as a species in contact with the eternal, the infinite, and the spiritual realms.

Where humanity will go once this Heart has awakened who can know? It will be beautiful, surely, and the world would be a better place if it is not "hip" to hoard billions of dollars, buy items made by people who are only being paid peanuts, or support exploitation of weaker nations. If all of that stopped, if everyone were secure, peaceful, paid fairly, sheltered, fed well and even happy... what then? There must be something amazing that could happen after that in humanity's evolution. Perhaps humanity will move into dimensional abilities, space travel by consciousness, abilities within matter that were previously latent before humanity remembered that it was really eternal consciousness inside the experience of form. All sorts of adventures may lie ahead for the human experiment if that were common knowledge.

This is a global reality now, and nations are no longer applicable. Nations could be thought of instead as states which are part of a global society, a whole body, instead of solo entities. Humanity can embrace its connected-ness and treat each nation as a collaborator rather than a separate entity. It will be about cooperation rather than competition.

As we all know, someone has to lose when there is a competition. However, this is no way for a whole body to function. This is like saying the little finger must triumph over the big toe. But what happens to the whole body when the big toe loses? The whole body suffers. Yes, the big toe suffers the most and the little finger is in relatively good health, but the body is not comfortable as a whole being.

Let us be our brother's keepers. Let us find ways to bring balance to the struggle by reaching out and sharing our wealth with those who are less privileged, even if it is only right here at home. Your personal wealth might be your knowledge, your compassion, or your assistance, some-thing as small as giving someone a ride or helping them move to a new house. Wealth is not always in the form of money. It may be difficult for us to reach someone person-ally who lives in Iraq, but it is not impossible to find someone in our daily realities who are in need of assistance and caring action from ourselves, even if it means we reap no immediate reward, like being paid for our services.

Whether this is equal energy exchange, exchange, or obeys some sort of meta-physical rules, who cares? Is equal ex-change important when the other person has nothing? Must he or she stay in suffering just because it is impossible to meet the demanded exchange? When is it time to simply give without needing a return? I believe that time is now...

So throw out your metaphysical manifesting books that say you must get equal exchange in every instance for your assistance to others or they will not value it. Let the reward be that you know in your heart that you have helped the whole Self. It all evens out in the end. Some people will give you more than you required of them, and others will give you less. Let the Whole Self in you be your accountant.

What those actions of the heart you can take are, only you can know as an individual what is appropriate for you, but let us not be guilty of inaction. When we see someone suffering, let us remember that it is our own Self who suffers and get involved. Let us relieve the pain in what-ever ways we can, and as this becomes the norm for humanity, the whole body won't be sick anymore and humanity will feel better en masse.

Then we can really play!

Christine Breese, is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Wisdom Of The Heart Church, and Starlight Journal. She is an author, lecturer and teacher in the field of metaphysics. She is also a producer and director of film and audio projects.

Visit the Christine Breese website to read articles on consciousness and awakening, visit University of Metaphysical Sciences Video Satsangs to see talks on spiritual subjects. Read articles on Wisdom of the Heart Church. Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit Christine Breese's Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs.

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