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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

April, May
by Kendra Anderson

Kendra is available for private and group consultations
in tarot and astrology
in person, by phone or by mail.

The month of April opens with you focusing on yourself. You are now looking deeply into your own mirror. These reflections will lead you into insights that can help you relate to the beauty that lives deep inside. On 4/1, April Fool's, you are given the expansiveness to get in touch with what you really want. There is an opportunity coming to you from within your group connections. The most unselfish open hearted response is the answer. May ends with a surge of activity in your group activities with others. Look for an opportunity in this arena on 5/25.

Your sensual, earthy, being in touch with your life abilities start out the month of April. On 4/4 there may be some challenges from within your group interactions. Whatever confusion manifests, take it as a lesson for higher growth. May focuses you on yourself in a whole new way. This will bring changes that require inner time and reflection. May day, 5/1, opens this theme up in style with a stressor happening on your home front. Also, how you see yourself in your career is radically mutating. Only the biggest, best vision will do for you right now.

In April you are making connections and communicating to those around you with gusto. Saturn is still traveling with you so lots of responsibilities, lessons, and growth around what are your main priorities. In May this shifts to concerns like how do I keep the money flowing as spring fever hits new heights. On 4/14 there is an opportunity coming from within your community connections. May closes with you recreating your persona. On 5/31 you will be aided in this endeavor by clear expansive communication in your dream world. Make sure and write it down. Your relationships are helping you move into yet another layer of deeper transformation at this time.

April opens with you focusing on home and family, growing the pearl by staying with your inward process. In May your life shifts into communicating with the community of people you connect with. 4/9 brings a deep wish you've desired for awhile. You are challenged to bring a private precious aspect of yourself into the world for others to recognize. Remember as you are wrapping up the evening that you don't have to agree with everyone. Someone's energy might be abrasive to you. But then how does the pearl get formed anyway? 5/5, Chino de Mayo, brings you startling but pleasant changes in your career world.

Your creative romantic self shines as April opens. In May you will be more concerned with your home life. As May ends you will be focused on how to keep your life financially comfortable. 4/30 brings an expansive challenge pushing for you to broaden your horizons at home. Maybe too much of a good thing is the question? 5/9 highlights this home theme again through gifts of shedding your old skin to release sweet new inspirations bubbling up from your soul. Evening brings the opportunity to communicate your success to a friend.

April opens for you with work and health on the forefront. 4/14 challenges you to understand a powerful truth that can transform your relationship to the vehicle of your body. You are asked to love yourself deeply. Perhaps another person is expressing their concern for you. In any case you will be given the responsibility to communicate these truths. May shifts into romance, creativity, and how that brings joy into your home. 5/11, Mother's day, begins with beautiful conversation. This gift may help you with an emotional power struggle. Remember you are becoming your own butterfly. Early afternoon harmony reigns again.

In April you are involved with the realities of relationship; legal and otherwise. In the beginning of May this shifts to work and health concerns, at the end into relaxation, romance, and play. 4/16 you have an opportunity to transform an old belief system in regards to relationship. Gifts come your way through articulating this change. The peak of learning is in the early afternoon. Don't allow friction from your career to diminish your new gain. On 5/14 you will be receiving information about your desires. Again, the true gift is in communicating them.

April opens with the reign of your intense passionate self. In May a more aesthetic way of being involved in your intimate partnerships is on your radar screen helping you be clear about the work you need to do in your relationships. On 4/18, Good Friday, a positive attraction/affiliation comes from w/in your group interactions and will help you grow in a more creative direction. 5/15 is a day designed for communicating fully with others. A spiritual challenge is coming from your work world. Perhaps balance is the key. The peak resides in your ability to mold your intense perceptions into a harmonious style of relating.

In April, philosophy and learning are occupying your mind. This shifts into sexuality and intimacy in May. 4/19 an expansive attraction is gifting you with more fun and joy in your life. There is an opportunity to connect your dreams and visions in a larger arena than you even imagined. On 5/10 you are going through an adjustment in your intimate sexual attractions. You are being asked to move into that edge of what is uncomfortable for you so that your true soulful passion can reach another level of freedom.

April opens with you very focused on work and your career. You will be in a more philosophical place in May that will confirm your intimate connections with those dear to you. 4/16,17, and 4/20 are days to watch for as persistent action will help benefit your career world. 5/2 is a day that starts with a different way of relating to your life. Enjoy it. It's all to the good and very harmonious.

You are very involved with group connections as April opens. These connections will fuel energy around your career in May and bring you expansive understanding. 4/23 sees you geared to put more emotional innovative energy into your work. Intuition plays a key role. Someone in your home life is expanding what you thought possible for yourself. 5/21 brings a message from your unconscious. Trust a friend to help interpret the message and the transformative nature of relationship.

Your cosmic emotions are flowing at the beginning of April. May shifts you into group vision and how that interacts with your work field. 4/26 brings power issues up in your group involvements.The motivating challenge is transformation so have a sense of humor. 5/23 is a time to relish your ability to make sense of dreams and information as you are receiving plenty of them. You have both the opportunity of realizing an important desire and the opportunity of communicating in such a way that the desire will come about.

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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