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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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What Would Happen If...
by Alesia Matson

... each of us defined a successful relationship by the growing we got to do during it?

... a successful relationship was one where you learned a new way of loving?

... the only criterion for a successful relationship was that you eliminated a boundary you'd previously set out of fear and insecurity?

... everything you previously thought was wrong about a relationship was actually right?

... you reversed your current perceptions, and decided to view the most successful relationships as the ones that tried, tested, and challenged you the most?

... success meant the choice to love unconditionally, regardless of what any other person did, said, or acted out?

... a successful relationship was viewed as one where you simply touched another human's heart once Ñ whether that took you five seconds or fifty years?

... you discovered that you actually had no responsi-bilities, rights, obligations or duties to/in any relationship, save those you "chose" to have?

... a successful relationship was all about seeing the faults in others which irritate you the most, only to realize you've been looking in a mirror all along?

... the first person you swore to love beyond all others, and to the end of time, was you?

Rev. Matson is co-founder of Church of the New Renaissance, a Home for Modern Mystics. She is the author of Seven Steps to Higher Consciousness, A Modern Mystic's Meditation. Her Doctorate of Divinity was granted by the church for her work on modern mysticism. Her current work includes spiritual counseling, lifepath mentoring, and teaching classes on the many facets of mysticism. For more information, visit the church website http://www.vetl.org

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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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