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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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October/November Horoscope
by Kendra Anderson

ARIES Throughout most of October your independent impulsive nature will be focused on relationship. On the 21st, the fall full moon, you will have the opportunity to creatively restruc-ture an emotional connection you have with another. There will be some challenges of illusion or disillusion to overcome but all to the good as the Libra sun pushes everyone to a more balanced place in relationships. November shifts you into work concerns. Straddling the 16th &17th and you will be having emotional concerns around the work you are engaged in, inner or otherwise. This will be spurred by a generous and transformative gift of some kind.

TAURUS October keeps you busy, focused on your passionate sexual intimacy with others. If nothing else you are feeling the sensuousness of the Indian fall weather. This changes near the end of the month and into November. You will become more concerned with the quality of your relations with others. On November 21st, the full moon lunar eclipse, you will receive clear, but disruptive information about a relationship that needs some changes to meet your practical earthy nature.

GEMINI October sees you learning about the bigger picture. On the 22nd you will receive practical gifts that will be an answer to an intention you put forth around the new moon on the 6th. November shifts you into the realm of your passionate physical self. On the 22nd there may be an area in this dimension that feels uncomfortable or needs some adjustment. Talk it through and the most transformative solution can be found.

CANCER Most of October you are focused on your career and your public reputation. As the sun moves from Libra into Scorpio this changes and you are learning about the higher principles and how they affect you on a spiritual as well as legal level. On the 26th you will be using your masculine and feminine nature to integrate an important purpose in your life. Be careful not to get caught up in personal issues about how to act. Something positive is being given to you here. November continues the theme of learning and helps you to take that into your intimate relationships.

LEO October finds you interacting with others on a group level. On the 5th & 6th there will be an opportunity to open your life up in a big way concerning the higher mind relationship collaborations you have in your life. November places the limelight on your career and public status mode of operation. This process is further augmented by the learning vibration that is ushered in at the end of November. On the 25th you will be learning about your own illusions in relationship to others. This understanding, if you can embrace it, will come through powerful gifts around communication and your willingness to consciously transform.

VIRGO Most of October finds you swimming in the sea of your service needs and desires. You are a natural at being the kind hands behind the scenes. The end of October into November shifts to your group interactions with others. A particular hot day is Halloween, October 31st. That day has a lot of active dynamics. It will be important for you not to get involved in power struggles with those in your group arena. Something for the betterment of all is working to transform. The end of November sees you focused on career concerns. The 27th provides you with an opportunity that could attract more money or prosperity to your vocation. It is important to handle the stress of the different factions involved and be careful what you say.

LIBRA October is a month of redefinition for you Librans. You will be focused on your personality and how to best be the you that creates the most balance in your life. On October 6th you will have the opportunity to set an expansive extravagant desire that will bring you more friends in your cherished realm of group connections. November sees you moving more into a position of service to others and paying attention to the inner realms of your dreams. November 2nd will ask that you act on your dreams. If you do so there will be both transform-ative and generous gifts that will come your way.

SCORPIO October finds you concerned with your creature comforts and how well you take care of yourself. October 8th brings you the realization of the sensuousness you need in your material life. This realization may cause you some extravagant urges to spend or indulge too much in the excessive yummies of life. You will have an opportunity to transform your cravings into something more wholesome that truly feeds you. It is important to do this work of change because your foundation will be shifted and challenged later in the day. November moves you into the limelight. Other people will be paying close attention to you as you go about being your own person. On the 13th & 14th your words will be particularly noticed by others.

SAGITTARIUS October is a month of busy connections in your immediate environment. On the 10 you will have opportunities to maximize in your circle of day to day activities. A powerful emotional force is with you now and helping you to integrate the gifts that are coming to you from your personal group relations. November moves you more into the concerns of your ability to take care of yourself in the most caring way. The 6 and 7 bring you a selfless way of acting to create more harmony in your life. You also have opportunities to open your spiritual understanding so that you can create the heaven you want to on earth. There will be gifts for you if you accept this consciousness. You will be able to make creative changes in your life if you grasp these opportunities. The 7th ends with you clarifying your boundaries with someone to better hold all of the learning that has happened in the last two days.

CAPRICORN You will be concerned with your home environment in the month of October. On the 13 you will be able to act on what is important to you with positive results. Your communication will also be particularly persuasive or you will be receiving good news from somewhere. November brings you into your day to day activities and your immediate social dealings. On the 9th you have the opportunity to get to the heart of a matter that is circling around you.

AQUARIUS October sees you flirting with the romantic artistic attractions in your life. On the 19th you will have a particularly energizing zing to whatever captures your fancy. If it is a person they will be very electric and enticing. If it's your own art process it will be a very innovative day. November shifts you into more home based concerns. On the 1st you will be looking to understand the illusions contained in your home vision. Perhaps your spirituality around what home means to you will be deepened.

PISCES Your work life, particularly your inner work, will be important to you in the month of October. On the 18th you will be dealing with a disturbing confrontation or disciplining action that is meant to help you be more clear concerning the boundaries and responsibilities in your life. While it is a serious moment it is also a time when energy goes awry so don't take what happens too personally. Just deal with your part in it all. November moves you to your romantic dreams and artistic endeavors. You could be receiving a particularly insightful dream. Whatever communication process you are in early that morning make sure and write it down. Good possibilities are contained for you there.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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