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Career Opportunities

Writing Books
Selling Meditation Tapes & CDs
Professional Lecture Circuit
Weddings, Funerals
Establishing A Church
Retreat or Workshop Facilitator
Operating A Bookstore
Teaching Weekly Class Series

"With a degree in metaphysics from University Of Metaphysical Sciences you can become a Metaphysician. Career opportunities, metaphysics / metaphysical job: a Metaphysician helps people learn how to change their reality by working with the underlying thoughts and emotions that cause the problems and create manifestations of suffering. This is a different kind of doctor, one who works with the energy that creates disease and illness, rather than treating the resulting symptoms in the physical body or reality. It is most important to reach deeper into the roots of the problems, the etheric layers where it all starts in pre-matter. By changing the inner landscape, the outer landscape, as pertains to the universal laws of nature, must change with it." —Christine Breese

Please be aware that the following careers suggested for these degrees are metaphysical careers in nature, and not secular careers that require a secular (non-religious) education. University Of Metaphysical Sciences only offers degrees that prepare the student for spiritual careers in these areas.

Writing Spiritual Books

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get interest from metaphysical publishers when the author has no credentials. The publisher sees credentials as a way to market and assist sales of books. For this reason, publishers prefer that their authors, especially metaphysical and self help authors, have some sort of credibility and letters to put behind his or her name in the field of metaphysics. This automatically makes the spiritual book more sellable. It is also useful for attracting an agent in the first place who will shop your book around to new age publishers, for they are quite aware of the publishers' preference.

Most metaphysical publishers only print 5 to 10 books per year, so imagine how picky they must be when they literally receive thousands of submissions and they can only pick 5 or 10. Authors with credentials will be much higher up on the list of potentials than authors without credentials. Having a doctorate degree will give your book greater marketability and credibility with publishers and audiences alike. If a student wishes to write metaphysical books, the spiritual Ph.D. Degree is encouraged.

Professional Lecture Circuit

Lecturers on metaphysical subjects are in great demand at this time, even on the corporate circuit. If you like to travel, this is a wonderful way to earn right livelihood. Agents book spiritual lecturers all over the country for things like charities, colleges, fund-raising groups, metaphysical centers, spiritual expos, fairs, and countless other types of spiritually focused organizations. Agents take a small percentage of what you get, usually somewhere between 10% to 20%, the same way agents for entertainers do.

Agents can create an entire spiritual lecture tour for you. Agents can get more money for you than you can yourself because they have connections you don't. Also, their own earnings depend on how high a price they can get for you. You could do three or four spiritual lectures in a week, do leisure travel between lectures, and make a good living. Your doctorate degree in metaphysics will make an agent more interested in you, especially when you are first trying to establish yourself and get started. If you do not have credentials, the agent will most likely not include you in his or her roster of lecturers. It is easier for agents to book people who have spiritual credentials.

Spiritual Counseling

You are in legal standing in almost every state if you hang your sign for spiritual counseling services when you hold a D.D. and a ministerial license. Of course you must check with your own city and state for specific permits, licenses and other business requirements for acting as a minister in your community in a spiritual counseling format. Every state and city has varying parameters.

Your credentials will give you an official title as a spiritual counselor and you can help many people on an individual basis. This is a very popular livelihood for graduates of metaphysical studies. One on one counseling is much needed by spiritual seekers, so there is never a lack of need for this type of of work in every city. You will be able to counsel people professionally in a spiritual context, although you may not be able to accept insurance policy work. However, there is still plenty of work, even without insurance payments. Graduates with a spiritual doctorate degree can charge a decent hourly rate depending on his or her geographical location and the economy of the local community. Even in a depressed economy, it is still a good wage that can be earned as a one on one spiritual counselor.
Counseling often results from your spiritual lectures, retreats, workshops, or your presence in a metaphysically targeted market.

If the student wishes to be a spiritual counselor, D.D. credentials are encouraged. The Doctor of Divinity degree allows one to counsel in almost all states in a spiritual and religious context (not psychology). The Ph.D. for counseling can be problematic in some states if it does not come with accreditation from a secular agency. If the student wishes to have the prestige of both degrees, but also wants to counsel, it is suggested that the student obtain both the Ph.D. and the D.D. degrees. The second doctorate degree at UMS is only $400 more than the full tuition costs, also payable in monthly payments of $50 per month if the student desires the long term payment plan.

Retreat, Seminar or Workshop Facilitator

Many graduates of metaphysical studies go on to become facilitators of spiritual retreats and workshops. Having credentials gives the facilitator a professional image, and gives credibility to the workshop. People are more inclined to invest in and trust someone who has formal spiritual training than they are to trust someone without training. Having credentials gives you an immediate advantage over those who have none. Your will stand out based on your credentials.

You can attract many people with your spiritual degree. If you attract 50 people, you would make a certain amount of money in one weekend. If you attracted 100, you would earn more. Even if you attracted as little as 10 or 20 people, it would still be well worth your while. Attracting 10 to 20 people is a very reachable number. Do some research on the internet and see what the going rate is for spiritual seminars and workshops, multiply these numbers, and you will find out how much you can make. Start small and work your way up. If you live in a city you are lucky, for you can attract quite a few people to a weekend workshop if your price is right.

If you work on deferment (payment after admission prices are paid by attendees) for others who facilitate these spiritual retreats, seminars or workshops, you will receive somewhere around 5% to 10% of the profits, depending on the arrangements you make with the facilitators.

Teaching A Weekly Class Series

Another route comparable to facilitating retreats, but takes less advertising and pre-organization, is to teach a once per week spiritual class series in your community over a period of two months or even a year. A class series is an excellent avenue for delivery of your spiritual teachings. Look in your local paper for an average price of what people charge for spiritual classes, and multiply that by 10-20 people, which is a normal amount to be able to attract. You can use your credentials in metaphysics to stand out in your community as an educator, unaffiliated with churches if you so choose. Some people don't like church atmospheres, yet want a teacher who has been spiritually trained in some way, rather than someone with no credentials. You can teach classes of your own design and inventiveness and create the sacred space in a class series that people are looking for. Another benefit to teaching a spiritual class series is that you would not have to leave home or travel. This is a very popular livelihood for graduates of metaphysical studies. You will have much to teach after you complete your metaphysical Masters Degree at UMS.

Founder Of A Center

When founding a center or a retreat facility it is much easier to gather investors and other necessary partners for the project when the founder of the retreat center has a spiritually focused doctorate degree. It is a statement of professional standing. It gives the retreat center credibility and creates an air of seriousness and commitment to your endeavor. Retreat centers are a viable business and can be created on a small amount of land.

Spiritual retreat centers cater to people who have plenty of money to spend on their spiritual healing so you can charge accordingly. Perhaps you would like to include a work exchange program for people without financial affluence, so that you don't leave anyone out who doesn't have a lot of money. Your operating costs could be lowered greatly by incorporating a work exchange program for kitchen, grounds and cleaning work. Your largest investments would be land payments, insurance, and food. You could supplement your land payments by hosting famous spiritual figures and their workshops. They work for a percentage of the profits, payable after the money is collected by your organization.

Selling Meditation CDs and Tapes

This is a multi-million dollar a year business that is very easy to create and promote. All you need do is create spiritual journeys that assist people in self-healing or learning, and duplicate them on tapes or CDs. You can duplicate them yourself or you can have a company do it. Even if you have someone else do it, it is not very expensive and you can sell these tapes and CDs at your lectures, engagements, at your retreats or workshops, on your website, or in your catalog... The possibilities are endless.
This is a wonderful way to make right livelihood from your own home without ever having to go anywhere. When a spiritual teacher has many tape sets or individual journeys to sell, this has been proven to be a successful and profitable business if you can market it right.

Establishing A Church

Establishing a church is a wonderful service to create in your community. You will not only be a Doctor Of Metaphysics or Divinity, you will also be a reverend, or minister. You are qualified to give sermons, establish tax advantages, and provide spiritual counseling in the community. Many graduates of metaphysical studies shine in this position.
Upon completion of the Masters Degree, you will be eligible to open a church in your own town. You are not required to use the name Wisdom Of The Heart Church just because you are ordained by this particular church. You are welcome to use a name you choose on your own and remain completely independent from Wisdom Of The Heart Church. If you choose your own church name, be aware that you will need to establish your own non-profit 501(c)3 status.

Performing Weddings, Funerals
and other Ministerial Ceremonies

You will have the power to perform marriages. Many have created a profitable business around weddings. Some perform weddings in their communities and others create exotic travel packages with special surroundings for the wedding. Arranging accommodations and wedding services for a couple and their families in a tropical paradise is a wonderful and fun right livelihood. You will receive a packet showing you how to run these services. You will also be able to perform funerals, rites of passage, and other such ceremonies.

Operating A Metaphysical Bookstore

You will certainly attract attention in your community for your metaphysical bookstore if you are a doctor of metaphysics or divinity. Bookstores are a lucrative operation. Booksellers do not have to buy books from the publishers. All the metaphysical books in a bookstore are on consignment, and the seller only pays for the book if it sells. If it does not sell in 30 to 90 days, the bookstore sends the book back to the distributors it came from. This is a business that can be established for very little cost for inventory. You would have to have very good credit scores to establish this sort of relationship with the distributors, but even if you don't you can still start a metaphysical bookstore if you have a little startup capital. Metaphysical bookstores are always busy, even in some towns where metaphysical thinking in the population is not readily visible. Metaphysical bookstores are also a wonderful outlet for crystals, gifts, yoga classes, referrals, and other related items, including your services as a spiritual counselor.


Perhaps you have an idea that is not mentioned here. In this coming age, there will be new kinds of spiritual careers that do not exist yet because you will create them. Some people take their old careers and "spiritualize" them. For instance, a lawyer can market oneself to the spiritual market specifically. A doctor or counselor can market oneself to the spiritual people instead of the secular market. What other ideas do you have for a possible career path in metaphysics? It is a brand new frontier of emerging new fields of work for people involved in assisting humanity in its awakening. What is your specialized spiritually focused career path?

University Of Metaphysical Sciences
Printer Friendly Career Opportunities

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