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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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See Our University of Metaphysical Sciences Office

University of Metaphysical Sciences is always hard at work to serve you in your spiritual needs, endeavors and aspirations. Take a look at everything our staff does every day to bring to you the wonderful program you are in. Arcata is a tough place to find office space because it is such a small town and so many people like to be here. When UMS was looking, nothing was available so we decided to rent a whole house!

Come on in! This is our front door in the picture below...

University of Metaphysical Sciences likes the idea of being homey and comfortable, anyway, so renting an entire house has worked out to be far better than a commercial space. We can have all our birthday parties and office parties with a full-on kitchen and a nice backyard on nice sunny days. We have the comfort of a living room, a yard, a borrowed cat who lives next door, and a peaceful quiet neighborhood. The house is peach with purple trim, and purple is one of University of Metaphysical Science's favorite colors, of course. It couldn't be a better fit. The whole staff loves coming to University of Metaphysical Sciences and working here because it is like "coming home" instead of going to work! Our office is a no shoes house, so we all joke around about how our office is like a slumber party where even though we don't wear pajamas, we do wear our comfy slippers! No zuit suits are allowed, and everyone is required to wear really comfy clothes they love!

Hard at work on the phones and on the computers. Lots to do!

Here are three of the ten workstations at University of Metaphysical Sciences, this is the living room turned main office area. There are three more rooms with computers and work areas to serve all the needs of our students.



Another of the University of Metaphysical Sciences workstations. We call this the Yellow Room for obvious reasons.

The sunflowers around the ceiling are a great match! That was Dr. Christine Breese's personal decorating touch...

Here is where staff accesses all the University of Metaphysical Sciences student files so we can keep everything in order and organized!
University of Metaphysical Sciences staff often have to consult with each other about various tasks and make sure we keep all the records straight.

Here is where we put all the University of Metaphysical Sciences course packets together. We call this the Green Room or the Shipping Room. On the other side of the room are all the shipping supplies and work tables for putting together the monthly course packets. They are shipped out around the 15th of every month to our students who receive postal delivery of their courses. We ship all over the world. University of Metaphysical Sciences is very widely known.

Here we are getting ready for a trip to the post office, putting postage on all the packages so they get to you as quick as possible. University of Metaphysical Sciences strives for excellence on on levels, even with how quick we can get your courses to you! Of course, mail is moving a little slowly these days, so we try to get a head start when we can.
All boxes for shipping must be inspected by our quality control kitty team! University of Metaphysical Sciences pays them in kitty food, kitty treats and lots of love and affection. Of course they get run of the office and can practically do anything they want. We all know that cats are really the bosses of humans and we are only here to serve them!
Boxes of catalogs are now going to UPS and getting shipped to their destinations where you will find them in your favorite metaphysical bookstore or giftshop. University of Metaphysical Sciences has friends and connections with many metaphysical and spiritual businesses and practitioners all over the world.
Here is Zolar The Magnificent. He lives next door but he thinks he owns the University of Metaphysical Sciences office, so we are always obligated to let him in. Here he is awaiting entry at the back door. We sure do like him and he has made quite a lot of friends on staff. We even gave him his own pillow in the Yellow Room. Don't be surprised if you hear him when you call University of Metaphysical Sciences, he is quite the talker!
Here's the tapestry hanging in the other living room where staff takes breaks, holds birthday parties, office parties and eats lunch together. University of Metaphysical Sciences staff is quite the spiritual family and loves to have raw food potlucks and get creative with all the amazing things you can do with raw food besides salad and fruit. You can make pies, crackers, cocoa cookies, dips and all sorts of yummy things without ever turning on your oven! We like to see if we can surprise each other with all the creative dishes... and we do!

We hope you have enjoyed the peek into our office in Arcata, California, a town well known for its spiritual energy and focus and a place our founder, Christine Breese, Ph.D., has lived for a long time. Feel free to come and visit us if you would like to. Just call ahead and make an appointment so you come at a time when we can entertain you. University of Metaphysical Sciences loves to meet spiritual students in person if they are passing though, we always love to see a face with the names we see crossing our desks.

If we don't meet you at our University of Metaphysical Sciences office, we hope to meet you at a University of Metaphysical Sciences retreat someday where you'll meet Christine Breese, Ph.D. in person as well as University of Metaphysical Sciences staff members!

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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