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2012 predictions

Gaia Sagrada
Retreat Center

2012 predictions

2012 predictions


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Learn about Gaia Sagrada Spiritual Retreat Center in Ecuador


Past Retreats

Summer Retreat 2008
Harbin Hotsprings
Napa Valley, California

Meditation Yoga Retreat Center Spiritual Retreats, Womens Yoga Retreat Facility

Summer Retreat 2007
Summer 2007 Annual UMS Retreat
Mount Madonna

See pictures of our summer retreat


Fall Retreat 2007
Breitenbush Hot Springs,
Deepening Realization of Self
Read about Breitenbush retreat here.

Excerpt from one of Christine Breese's retreat/workshop lectures:

“Only by stopping your searching will you find what you are looking for. It has always been here right under your nose. No… actually… not under your nose. That’s silly. It is even closer than that! (audience laughs) When you realize that YOU are what you have been looking for, you have ended the great dilemma.”

“So what and who are you then? That is the real question. What is this phenomena that is you? How is it possible that you are even here? Well, consciousness is an amazing thing. It is everywhere, all around you, inside you, inside everyone else, everywhere. It is in the atoms, the molecules, the tachyons. It is in the animals, the rocks, the oceans and the trees. Consciousness animates all forms and yet it is not the form itself.”

“So who are you then if you are not your body, your name, or your form, or even a conglomerate of your experiences and history? Who are you if you are not a human? After all, your human form is but three blinks of an eye in the face of eternity and then it is just a memory, gone. So who are you then?”

“You are eternal awareness living in the eternal ever-unfolding now moment, awake and alive inside its own imagination. All of this is God’s imagination, you, me, we are all just dream objects. You are independent of form, independent of identity, independent of all experiences. Those are all just fleeting appearings and disappearings in the awareness that you are. Anything that comes and goes, begins and ends, it’s not real. The only thing that is really real is awareness itself. Nothing else is real.”

“When you discover this is what you are, eternal awareness that never dies, never has to fix anything, has never been harmed, and CAN’T be harmed, this is when the real adventure begins. This is when you are no longer a mortal being. You can live your life as an immortal now, realizing that your life goes on long after this form has come and gone, your experience of self never ends. When that happens, fear ends. When that happens, you no longer see people as just people. Rather you see them as more of your own self, for really, it is all just One Being having many lives, many forms and many experiences.”

2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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