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2012 predictions


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Why Get A Doctorate Degree? BACK
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This gives your ministerial status even greater professionalism, and sets you apart from others who have not taken the time to get a degree. It also establishes you as a true professional in the field of metaphysics. This is becoming increasingly important. Very few teachers of metaphysics have more than ministerial status, if even that. Some people doubt their legitimacy as a teacher or healer, for anyone can send $5 somewhere and become a reverend or minister. However, you will have prestigious letters behind your name from a university that offers a true education, depicting that you have taken the time to get your degree. This takes commitment to your path as a spiritual aspirant or teacher. You will be perceived as a “doctor” of your subject, not just a reverend or minister because you have studied and learned about metaphysics specifically, which is a specialized area of religion.

You can obtain your ministerial status in the Master's Degree program. Ministerial Ordination is all you need to legally practice as a minister or religious counselor. The primary reason to acquire a doctoral degree is to establish a professional image of yourself as a person well educated in your chosen area of experitise, which is metaphysics. Obtaining a doctorate shows a deeper level of commitment, education, and professionalism. Most people seek out a “doctor” when looking for a counselor, not necessarily a reverend or minister, even though a reverend or minister can legally counsel people. With Doctorate credentials behind your name, you establish yourself as a “doctor” and can list yourself as such in the phone directory with other counselors, rather than as a minister or reverend only.

Your title of doctorate level in metaphysics could make the difference between failure and success. It also gives you legitimacy in your counseling practice. People tend to think of a counselor as their “doctor.” Your Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics is completely legal in every way, though it is not considered an academic, secular degree in psychology or any field other than metaphysics.
metaphysical education

It is a doctoral degree in a specialized area of religion. This specified area of religion (metaphysics) is often what many seekers want in their counselor, so becoming a doctor in the metaphysical field can serve you in this way.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a place to get a metaphysical education. UMS maintains a metaphysical website, web site, with many free reading articles, affirmations and other useful free resources, besides it offered curriculum leadning to a degree in metaphysical subjects and metaphysics.


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