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Witness to the evolutionary process
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Posted 4/16/2009 4:58 AM (#14510)
Subject: Witness to the evolutionary process

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Hellow brothers N sisters:

First of all I must conclude that as much as we all have our areas of excellance, we also have our areas of needed improvment, and one of mine is in the area of spelling, so please bare with me.

I am in my ninth year now of my awareness on this spiritual path. I have been blessed from the beginning with strong spitiual teachers such as Marrian Williamson and others not as well known. From the beginning I have been informed of this evolutionary process taking place here on earth that involves the human. Basicly, this process is the demise of the ego and the rising of true essence "spirit".
Sence I have begun to understand this process, thus begun the rising of my awareness, I have noticed the trend. As Ekart Tolli and many others have taught, the largest egoic entities are collaping first. As this collaps continues it starts a "snowball effect" where the largest egoic entities seem to be falling faster and faster. Also, like any living organism, the ego does not fall without a fight.
The first sign for me, of this transformation was on 9-11. The twin towers, New Yourk City, United States of America, end of the 20th. Century. This I believe was a simble of things to come. The world trade center, NY City, US. The largest simble of money, power and greed that has ever existed in the history of humanity. Even bigger than the Roman Empire.
If I would have told you that this was going to take place, you would have asked me to lay off the drugs, but just like the egoic structure so well intrenched in the Soviate Union, the towers collapsed.

The ellection of our new president I believe is another sign of the rising in conciousness of the human condition. Pay attention to how he leades. He is on the side of essence.
It is also explained that the ego becomes so insanly unconcious that eventually it destroys itself.
How come the Mexican Drug Cartell's have been so sucessful in past years "Intellegence in the name of insanity" procuring billions of dollars, and all of a sudden they are commiting stupid acts such as horrific acts of crusifection in the public eye just to gain a drug smuggling route to and from the US? Do they "with their corrupt intellegence" not understand that they will cause so much publicty that thay will not only loose drug paths, but they will be out of business all together and worce.

Look at the women standing up for there equal rights in Afgaistan, even under the the thret of death. Lets help um if we can.

What about the corruption that has been taking place in the corprate world? Every day you are seeing CEO's having to pay the price for their money, power n greed ways.

Have you watched the ego intrenched pollitions lately? I think I made more sence in the 70's when I was smoken dope.

I grew up on the streets of Detroit so excuse my inner child, but this is fricken awsome.

It's the snowball effect, and it's happening now. But let me add, my friends, that the ego has and will continue to fight for surrival. This will cause much disturbance. Please heath my words when I ask that you be like the eye of the storm. Stay calm in your awarness while the turbulance is all around you.

If anyone would like to share any of your "signs of evolution" that would be awsome. Or if you would like to share anything eles, awsome too.

My name is Terry. I am a UMS student, but most of all I am spirit expressing itself in human form. This is my first night on this site, and I look foreward to meeting all of you. Also I am currently loking for my sole mate, so if your out there, it's about time. Does anybody know if Christeen is single? "Ok I still am working on some of my shadow personallities" its all in growth.

Leade with Love, Terry
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Paul Joseph
Posted 4/16/2009 6:43 AM (#14513 - in reply to #14510)
Subject: RE: Witness to the evolutionary process

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Hello Terry,

I searched for an old thread I posted last year but could not see it, called something like, Witness, and it about the ordinary miracles that happen to us each moment, that seem to me to become more profound the more one is in touch with the Source. I sometimes wonder if threads disappear. Perhaps they get eaten by Board moths !

As for catastrophe and prophecy, I feel that these are hard to discern and reconcile, though agree with your positive indicators; dear friend Aquarius has been posting on these also, have you read them ?

St John of the Divine is of course one of the great classical catastrophists - arguably his 666 has been a bugbear to us throughout the last millenium ! Others too have been mentioned a lot on the Board recently, Edgar Cayce, Nostredamus, etc. One might equally argus that the dropping of the atom bomb, or the Nazi Holocaust, altered the historical consciousness. Then again, World War 1 introduced the factory process into warfare. So much to ponder.

The Christian New Testament does suggest we ought to try prophecying. But my inclination is as i indicated in my first paragraph, which is oneself, the Self, listening and attending to our every moment miracles, like breathing !

Welcome here

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