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Trouble with my unborn child.
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Posted 7/16/2008 3:05 PM (#7283)
Subject: Trouble with my unborn child.

New user

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My wife and I are expecting for the first time in our lives, and yes, we are very young. I am 21 goin on 22 in october and she is 20 going on 21 in august. She is currently 16 weeks and there have countless spiritual attacks on her and our unborn. For Instance, a couple weeks ago my wife and I were haunted, so to speak, by a powerful negative energy. One night we were having difficulty sleeping, and she had gotten up to get to the bathroom, when all of a sudden I could feel the energy stir, then from my mouth came the words "Goodbye". Right then and there I heard a thud, I was still in bed at this point and when I got up to see what happened my wife is lying on her back in the doorway of the bedroom. I asked her what had happened. She said that it felt like something was pulled from under her. She explained to me and showed me the damage to herself. Her right leg was scraped and her right arm had a scratch on it. I also saw that her big toe on her left foot was chipped beyond the cuticle and was bleeding. This isn't the only time she fell though. Our unborn is doing fine now but I really want to figure out what is trying to attack my wife and unborn child.

Please help if you can.

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Posted 7/16/2008 3:25 PM (#7284 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

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Hello Matt, Blessings to you and your family. You may be young in number of years but I sense great wisdom from you.

I would suggest consciously invoking Light and Love and only positivity into your space. Do this while burning sage ( be careful that Mamma doesn't inhale it ). Develop a mantra that you can both say in tandem..such as "We only invite Light Love and Joy Here- No harm be done to you, or us". Or "We are happy, loving people who only tolerate happy loving events". IF you happen to have any oils around, I would recommend lemon and lavender.

Best wishes-

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Paul Joseph
Posted 7/17/2008 4:00 AM (#7302 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

PhD Alumni

Location: United Kingdom
Dear Matt

Are you connected with Eternal Love ? Please read my post to her. Are you seeking personal/couple counselling can I respectfully ask, sounds like it might help;

Blessings in the Dharma and Centre of the heart of the Eternal to you

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Posted 7/18/2008 1:35 AM (#7336 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

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Please ask the university for my House Healing course elective. It is a course based on house healing. I am a paranormal investigator as well, have been for over 15 yrs. I have been very successful in getting homes healed.

Chances are, your home may have an intelligent ghost, that is bitter, angry or holding onto something and is striking for attention. The power of Reiki works on ALL ENERGY, not just humans. Have intent to HEAL the negative in that left over spirit, being naughty. Let it know that you are not happy with it being naughty, but ask it to behave and stay with love, or leave you alone in a parental loving tone. Be firm, but loving.

Use sage to act as a negative filter, with intent that anything passing through the smoke, will only come out positive upon it's passing. Sage around ALL openings of each room in the home, including vents, windows and doors. Us a candle to explain how energy is eternal, as the flame burns, it's energy represents love, love that heals. As you blow it out, the energy will grow, fill the room, the home, this side of earth and the universe. It's BIG! Omnipresent. Use todays date, to jolt them into realizing the time zone that you are currently residing in. Sometimes this alone WAKES up the spirit, lets them know, it is they that is not in the right place.

Then let them know that they can go ANYWHERE, just by thought. Why are they choosing to hang around there, when they could be with a loved one, or on a beech, in mountain, or with God? Have LOVING intentions to HEAL them. Give them options, like stay and behave, or go and be with loved ones.

It works like a charm.... key ingredient is LOVE, with Intent to heal.

Do this together, as a family. With a bond of love.....

If it doesn't work, contact me. I will walk you though it. It always works though. I have had 100% success. I guess I have been lucky....but my key ingredient is knowing it works.

If that does not work, have a ghost hunting group come in (for free) to do a healing. A blessing doesn't always work, because we do not know the religious background of the ghost, if they have any at all. The ghost may laugh at a blessing.

However, a blessing is better than nothing. You can do it yourself, because you too are part of God. Have faith in yourself.

Healing energy sent your way!

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Posted 7/18/2008 1:31 PM (#7376 - in reply to #7336)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.


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Location: No I'm not impersonating a cat! I'm a laughing Owl
So much wisdom here, I'm learning from all of you responding to Matt.

Much Love and Peace to you and your family Matt. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Posted 7/18/2008 11:21 PM (#7379 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

Hi all:
     I think PJays question is a good one...just so that we, in whatever powers and methodologies we have, are not working at disparate purposes.
     If I may also ask, Matt...have you posted here before?

Peace and Love,
Marty and the usual suspects in any crime, Luckylee, Poppyhead and the SissyGrll-she's on a girl power trip!

P.S. I wouldn't worry unnecessarily. Most things are products of the mind, and not of outside forces. It is my experience that very very few things are manifestations of outside forces, and, even then, not necessarily the forces that we perceive them to be. Be of kind heart and good cheer!
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Posted 7/22/2008 3:04 AM (#7554 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

As the empire falls, it won't be long before the raiding hordes begin to pillage and loot.
So, Matty, you gotta speak up, if you want any help.
For my friends: there are certain ways that people do things and say things that is much like a fingerprint. 
I have been gifted or cursed, depending on how you look at it, in that I cannot lie to your face, because I will immediately blush...beet red! That is guaranteed! It is why I have learned a life of complete honesty in my dealings with people on a F2F basis. Believe me, I wish it were not so! I'd love to be able to fabricate a story in front of people, and not blush as badly as I do. But, that is not the case.
     If I tried to disguise my identity and post on this forum, you all would quite quickly figure out who is really writing. It is in the ways that I say things; and the pauses, punctuations, and other subtle little things, the vocabulary, word choice, phraseology.
     Having said that, I hope that we may be of some service!
Marty and Astute Cats, Luckylee, Poppyhead and SissyGirl
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Kiddo Green
Posted 8/2/2008 8:40 PM (#8310 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.

I think there are plenty of people here who are willing to offer help, but I think I and others would need some more information to diagnose the problem in order to best find a solution.

Again, is this related to Eternal_Love's inquiries?

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Posted 8/3/2008 8:45 AM (#8331 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.


Posts: 97
Location: Saddlebrook,New Jersey

Hi Matt and Wife,

                 I hope you have learned from these posts and am sure you will all be in everyones prayers for a positive outcome to your situation.

 Doc J. and Instinctual, Great advice.

Blessings on all Love and Light


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Posted 8/28/2008 7:37 AM (#9782 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.


Posts: 15

Hi Matt,
I had something happen to me when I was pregnant. One night my dog and cat were acting strangely and didn't want to go outside. All at once I knew something evil was out there (not in the physical.) I prayed for God to provide a protective shield for my baby. About 1 or 2 hours later I saw a stream of energy come from the ceiling, up over the bed, and particles of energy sparked into my belly. I never had any problems after that!!
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Posted 8/28/2008 12:34 PM (#9787 - in reply to #7283)
Subject: RE: Trouble with my unborn child.


Posts: 231
Location: California, USA
Apologies for just having found this thread. How are you and your wife doing? Did you find a solution?
IMO DocJ has the best ideas. I would also suggest getting "Practical Psychic Self Defense" by Robert Bruce. I do not often have premonitions, and not sure if this is one, but I feel that you may have continued problems. Negative energies need to attach to human energy fields to 'power' themselves. Babies are particularly vulnerable to these attachments. It will be helpful for you to learn how to protect your child.
Do not be frightened. Remember, because you are human you have an edge on them if you know how to deal w/ it. Voice of experience here... ~SF
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