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Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????
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Posted 4/20/2008 1:52 AM (#4496)
Subject: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

Hi all:
     I have thought about the recounting of a very tragic event by one of our prolific posters, Doctor J.
     It made me question how right or wrong one can be when using a capacity that I might call intuition, or the other things I put in the subject line. I might also include common sense, horse sense, sixth sense, etc.
     Let me give two examples that might provoke comment.
     1) "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit." Well, yeah, by rules of evidence. But, there is no question in my mind that OJ iced his wife and boyfriend. For me, it is not so much what the evidence was or wasn't; it was more what OJ did afterwards. Not the actions of someone faced with such a tragedy....but bizarre actions (which betrays an underlying reason).
      2) JonBenet Ramsey was killed in her own house and her killer left a note!?!?!?! Fled the scene undetected? And, no one could find her for an extended period of time??????  I SINCERELY doubt that that is what happened. Think about it...ask yourself....could that plausibly happen to you?
       And, I will add a third.....
       3) Your kid, with a very distinguishable eye defect, just up and disappears? A defect that is broadcast virtually worldwide, via the Internet?
       Further (if I am not mistaken) reward money was involved in all three cases. The concept of "honor amongst thieves" is a fictional creation. There are those that would sell out another for next to nothing in material gain. So, again, I can't believe that the perpetrators of the above acts were not the principal players.
        Oh, and the dude that was "with" JonBenet on the night that she died......well, I knew right away that he was "with" something; but it sure wasn't her. In an interview, the dude didn't move and didn't blink his eyes.
        Whether we like it or not, our body language, our way of using words, and our general demeanor portray a lot about us. With this simple knowledge of kinesiology, it becomes very easy to spot someone who might be, say, lying. With further training, it is also possible to spot pathological liars, who are hard to detect because they believe what they say to be true, and therefore don't exhibit obvious signs...but...they still have little trademarks.
        In this community, we have people who claim to (and I am sure do ) have heightened senses of awareness and perception.
        And so, I would be interested in how you see my I blinded by intuition, or am I guided by it?

Peace to all (and most particularly those that I spoke of),
Marty and Lucky, Poppy; and Sissy (who is, indeed, effectively blind, but anyone who doesn't know cats would never think so)
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Posted 4/20/2008 2:51 AM (#4498 - in reply to #4496)
Subject: RE: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

UMS Student

Location: Hirosaki, Japan
Hi Marty!
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Posted 4/20/2008 3:36 AM (#4500 - in reply to #4496)
Subject: RE: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

Hey NTET....where have you been? 
Great to see you back, I hope all is well!
Believe it or not, I thought about you as we were thinking about the future of Yokota campus.
But, with the continued military presence, we decided to expand our presence in Asia, though I am not sure about Korea. And, we are trying to work out a deal with, of all places, China.
I know, I should have taken this private, and I did edit out the name of my school.

Glad you are here again, in this wild and wooly place,
Best to you,
Marty and Cats, who look forward to "Sashimi Sunday", but I get to drink ALL the sake

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Posted 4/20/2008 11:48 AM (#4508 - in reply to #4496)
Subject: RE: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1724
Location: NE Ohio
Well Marty, I am not all that familiar with all these cases, because i simply do not keep up with the news. But i know what you are talking about. We all have that inner gut feeling inside of us, and some of us have it a little stronger.

I have always been like a human lie detector. I do not know why but I just know. It happens all the time and sometimes it hurts. I had a previous fiance who cheated on me, and i knew it. He made up this entire story about some friend he was visiting that was home and planned this out. He made me think his buddy was only going to be home for a day, so it had to be that day. I had a game, and normally he was the score keeper of my games, so it was very hard for me to find someone out of the crowd to do it for me, while i was the pitcher and coach. But i did find someone else to keep score for me. But, my gut feeling kept telling me over and over that something was wrong. Something is off, something isn't quite right..... Then it got urgent.

Normally, after the games we would all go out. But i felt something off and instead, i went to an apartment, where I set him up to stay, to find him with a girl. He was still unclothed, while the girl quickly threw on clothes. My anger was so high, that i pushed through a deadbolt lock, like it was a hot knife going through butter. I do not know where my strength came from, but i felt like i had super strength. It's amazing the energy one gets when emotions are flying hot.

Needless to say, my instincts were dead accurate. He was busted, I was mentally destroyed.

However, these psychic gut reactions have happened for the good too. I have saved the life of my best friend, due to my spirit guide screaming at me. So divine intervention has worked through me.

These gut feelings go both ways.... sometimes it hurts, sometimes it saves of life. Most the time it's just subtle and on small things... but as the butterfly effect goes.... subtle things are where it starts. Listen to your soul....

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Posted 4/22/2008 4:08 PM (#4553 - in reply to #4496)
Subject: RE: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

Hi DocJ:
     I consider you "sensitive" to the extent that you don't need close proximity to "feel" what happened....
     In a New York minute you can have more information on the examples I cited.
     I go out on a limb and say quite plainly:
     1) OJ killed his wife and whatever his name is Goldman. In keeping with "the criminal always revisits the scene of the crime" (which I don't believe in) OJ had the audacity to write a book "If I Had....." in a way revisiting the scene of the crime.He got away with criminal murder, but not civilly, as the judgement against him was massive. THEN, he goes with a bunch of guys with guns to get his football back from a sports memoriabilia dealer.........tell me that is a normal person!
      2) The wacky Ramsey family. Jon Benet is missing, and they don't seem to figure out she is dead in the basement. Is their house the size of Cleveland? Does not Patsy, as closely tied to her daughter as she was, not "know" that something is amiss........does she not tuck her in after exhausting her with modeling lessons and put a big kiss on her cheek, the cheek that is producing big bucks for the family? Ain't they got an alarm system on that big bad house? So, they want me to believe that a bad guy said "Hey, I'm gonna go in and kidnap Jon Benet, oooops....I heard a noise, let me kill her in the basement and drop the ransom note on the stairs and beat feet out of here"......nah Docky, that didn't go down!!!!! The Ramseys know very well what happened, but they ain't tellin!
     3) Thanks to Aqua (btw where are you?) I got the wanted poster of the girl with the unusual eye. That one is a bit plausible, until you factor in the fact that her face has been plastered all over the internet. And, it specifically mentions the eye defect, so there can't be any mistake. So, if I have her, because I kidnapped her, exactly what am I doing with her? There is no ransom what is my gain??????? This scenario doesn't add up either....the parents "know" what the truth is.
      Many "conspiracy" theories intrigue us to this day. Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.....okay.....but WHY did Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?
      We have the obvious....Susan Smith drowned her three kids, Scot Peterson(sp?) killed his pregnant wife.
      But what about those things that are left unresolved? Hence my question to a community of people who are a bit more "in tune"  with things.

Peace to all,
Marty and Cats Who Hunt Bats, and they are more afraid of them than the bats are of the cats.
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Posted 4/22/2008 7:49 PM (#4559 - in reply to #4496)
Subject: RE: Intuition, Blink of an Eye, Gut Reaction?????

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1724
Location: NE Ohio
Yeah, call it very poor investigative techniques, or truly dumb people, who lack any kind of intelligence at all. I do not understand why so many get away with so much, it has to all come down to money. He who pays off the most, wins. A fabricated story will then be printed. We never do get the REAL story.

I know how stories printed in the press are NOTHING like they really are. I couldn't even get my own story written correctly. It's almost as if they HAVE to screw it up on purpose. I even told them exactly what to put, and it didn't make it correctly.

And yes, i have known better. It's just my gut sometimes doesn't give details.... just an urgent feeling to be somewhere, or a red flag ding ding ding..... for liars. I knew my best friend was in trouble. I just had no way of knowing how to get to her this time around.

I don't always like getting these feelings.... my poor kids can never get away with anything. But due to that, they are good kids.

I also think it only SEEMS as of we have much more crime, due to media, that we didn't have before. Not this fast.....
My girlfriends story was in the paper, printed and out, THREE HOURS after it happened. It's like they text in the info, and phone the pictures direct to the press. Someone must edit on demand.... and the printer must be going 100% of the time.

All i know is.... don't trust what you read in the news media. They do get SOME points and facts, but it's rarely accurate.
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