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Spirituality: Not sure what to do
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Posted 2/15/2008 4:32 PM (#3660)
Subject: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

I have always been aware of the spiritual world around me. First, I thought it was just how everybody percieved it, but recently I discovered that I am more in touch with it than the person next to me. I'm 21 years old and don't have the necessary knowledge to imbrace this recent discovery in an effective way.
I find that I am very sensitive to people's emotions around me - I pick up their moods invollentary. A weird thing happened twice already to me where I sort of accedently zoomed in on a person and then within 3seconds their whole personallity starts to fall into place (like a puzzle) and I know very well the types of people they are, without knowing them well.
I also experience a sense of identity with in water. I love water and enjoy swimming. When I swim in the ocean I feel as if the water has life and is an organism on it's own. Standing next to a dam, I also experience a mystical presense coming from the water. The wind is alive - I think? O yea, and within forests, I feel melaconic presenses hanging and dripping in the air. Sometimes I can handle it and continue normally, othertimes I begin to feel uneasy and sceptical.
Dreams: I get alot of weird dreams and many of them contains Bible intertexts. When I describe these dreams to a friend, she usually say it might be a demonic attack within my that possible?
Anyway, I am from Namibia, but currently I'm studying in South Africa...hence I have a very little frame of reference regarding these sort of stuff. Please, would someone explain to me what is going on and can I develope it?
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Posted 2/16/2008 11:43 AM (#3661 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

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Think of spirituality being your own private alternative universe. Where everything is one and we are part of something whole.

It's sounds to me like you have Empathic abilities. I bet you get confused with who's feelings are who's sometimes. It very important to know when it's not YOU. It's a gift you can embrace any way you like. To us it for good, usually makes it special and grow.

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Posted 2/17/2008 11:04 PM (#3666 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

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Dear Kafre!

You have a beautiful way of explaining your thoughts. You may feel as though you do not have the "necessary knowledge", but my friend, you have a Divine gift, it is called Instinct. When you sense a negative aspect of a person or a situation, take care not to absorb it. Even though your intention is pure, it is easy to take on certain characteristic energies that are not necessarily good for you. Ask your Guides, God, Angels, etc for protection and Divine guidance. Over time, you will be able to easily determine what is mind chatter, and what is true. Much love and peace to you, Kafre, and continue being true to You.
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Posted 2/18/2008 4:26 PM (#3669 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

UMS Student

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Keep studying and looking up things on the internet. It will all make sense the more pieces you put together. Studying at UMS is a great way to fill in the pieces too!
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Posted 2/19/2008 4:05 PM (#3674 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do


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I have "weird dreams" all the time, some with Biblical contexts some without - I assure you, they aren't demonic (although, that is possible too in my experience). It's more likely that the dreams come from God (in my opinion) than that they come from a demon. God has talked to me for years - sometimes about myself and things I need to do, and sometimes about others - through my dreams. I find that if a dream has a really strong presence and stays with me well into the day (even if I haven't tried to remember it) that's a good sign it's a spiritual dream. In these cases I write them down and through prayer and thought work out what I'm supposed to take from them (that can sometimes take a few days).

As far as the other experiences, I'd recommend you maybe take some time and pray or meditate about why you have this gift and how you can use it wisely. I agree with an earlier poster who said you sounded Empathic - it's nothing to be afraid of, but it is a good idea to learn to apply the advice of other posters (learn not to get too caught up in it, learn to separate what is YOU from what is someone else, etc.).

Do you come from a Christian background? (I'm just asking because you mentioned Biblical texts and demons...) If so, I know a book that would fall into that world-view that might be helpful to you. I'd be happy to refer you to it if you like.

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Posted 2/19/2008 7:34 PM (#3677 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do


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Hello Kafre,

What you describe as being sensitive and absoring feelings from other people and the environment is typical of the piscean character type. If you look at your natal chart or horoscope for when you were born you will probably see one of the planets sun, moon, venus or other in the sign of pisces. People have many sub personalities and pisces is one of yours that is dominant and in your upper consciousness. This also explains your affinity for water as pisces is a water sign. You will probabably find it difficult to stop this empathic effect so the advice is if someone gives you a good feeling spend time with that person, if someone gives you are bad feeling its a message to distance yourself from them.
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Posted 2/19/2008 8:19 PM (#3678 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

Although you say you do not have the necessary knowledge to understand what is happening to you, I can assure you that you contain divine intelligence that knows exactly what you are experiencing. Perhaps this is why you are communicating in this forum? I communicate very practically so from my perspective you are a very sensitive person who is coming close to your source in a natural way. I don't like giving advice, but I would encourage you to focus on the positive aspects of your gift and always pray to your higher guides to protect you from other's energies. You can visualize a "white light" of love surrounding yourself. Sometimes negative energy can afflict one if they are not experienced with deflecting it. I agree with another poster to continue to search within yourself with meditation and prayer, the answers await you!
Peace and Love
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Posted 3/1/2008 1:12 PM (#3736 - in reply to #3678)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

hi,kafre,you are a very sensitive soul,meaning spiritual,you pick up peoples feeling and emotions,which being a sensitive includes,this is a natuaral gift,but i feel you should protect yourself when out in crowded places,as there are so many people with negative thoughts,as well as positive,that you are leaving yourself open to all sorts,this is not good for you,but by protecing there are many ways,one is to ask God,spirit of the highest realms,your guardian angel,everone has one from birth,ask before you go out,to please protect me,imagine yourelf surrounded by a bright white light,enclosed in it,and ask that no negative energies stick to you,to let only light and love in.Another way is to make sure your 7 main chakras are closed,these being red for the base,orange for the sacral,yellow the soler pexis,green,the heart,blue the throat,brow indigo,crown violet,close your eyes and imagine these spots,where the chakras are imagine the colour associated with each one,imagine them all as flowers,then think for example,base,red,an open red flower,imagine it closing tightly into a bud,do the same with all the rest,then you will be closed to all low energies around you.Your dreams are not evil,in fact you are reaching a great hight,but all of these things need to be developed,maybe a devoloping circle,make sure it is a good one,ask for guidance,spirit is trying to get in touch with you through your dreams,the lucid ones that we remember days weeks,even years after,these are from spirit,you have a calling,and work to do for spirit,i would suggest healing,as you have an empathy with others pain,this too can be developed,there are many ways you could go,embracing them all,it will one day be clear to you what your calling is,meditate,sit in the quiet,and listen,the answer will come,you have nothing to fear,you are a very special person,i am proud to be able to talk to you warmest regards,debsceleb
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Posted 3/2/2008 6:13 PM (#3742 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

Dear Kafre,

Do not let these things bother you or what other say for they are NOT demonic attacks. I've been able to do this all my life. When meeting anyone for the first time I instantly can tell what type of person they are, I might not know what their "secrets" are yet I can always tell if they have them. It's like a good or bad switch gets turned on or off. For example when I meet someone there's this "feeling" I get (it's always right and never wrong even when I doubt it) it's that "feeling" which them allows me to be guarded around this person or open up around them, also know the "bad" feeling that happens is usually )you find out later) something this person lacks that makes them act or behave in ways that they believe they need to so they can survive. This "gift" is a pain in the ass at times and even though you can't turn it off you can lessen it by spending time alone, maybe that isn't what you want to read but you can them use or perhaps a better word is refine it for other uses.

For example, what you are picking up from the water, wind and forest is what flows from all things, I call it "the force" simple because to my knowledge it has no name and I like the star wars play on words to describe it. From reading your missive you pick up this "flow" and that's great but don't try to hang onto it let it move through you or better yet as you can let it fill you like a vessel can be filled with water then when you meeting people you simply open the "lid" and let it flow out. Most people haven't a clue what this is so they try to take it from each oter because they don't know how to get it on there own. Try it and you'll see, go out and collect some of this within you and then the next time after you've done this you speak with someone let it go, release it and you'll see they "want" to be around you, it leaves you drained after and a bit tired because most folks want to take all they can and yes they are unaware they are doing it, that's the fun part for you. Recharge yourself by a simple visit with a tree or park or woods but there allow it to flow and you'll be right as rain afterwards.

But for the most part I wouldn't stress on this it's a very cool thing to be able to do and the best part is coming. Wait till the thing with animals begin (which will happen if you can do thios already), then you will really be blown away and don't worry they aren't going to hurt you they are just curious because there's not alot like us around.

From one student of life to the other
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Posted 3/3/2008 8:37 AM (#3750 - in reply to #3660)
Subject: RE: Spirituality: Not sure what to do

UMS Guest

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Location: United Kingdom

Hello Enigma - if you have been able to do this throughout this whole lifetime, are you by any chance a Scorpio? If not a Sun Scorpio, could your Moon or Ascendant in this sign? All the Water signs are highly psychic and sensitive to other people's vibrations, but none more so than Scorpio. With love - Aquarius

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