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Posted 1/10/2008 5:10 AM (#3430)
Subject: Love


Posts: 43
It seems that the fifth chakra which is the heart ,in our human bodies, is now allowing us as creative beings the ability to feel love,whatever the inspiration, whether it be the astronomy or other elements, all in the end of which cycle im walking always ends with the aspect of love..A true love that is so great and yet so simple, for it only starts within us..All that is will always be out of love..Love is unconditional, if we could only express it to ourselves..But the road is not as hard as we sometimes think or feel, since it is only in the way that we percieve things..Perception comes from what i see and whether i feel it is standing in my way or not..(it wil only stand in my way if i fear that it will )So it is best to love blindly, it is the the ability to heal someone or oneself when i simply close my eyes, and realize that all is illusionary anyway..
Our chakras become one,as we become one with ourselves , and we do not have to depend on anything or someones word outside of us.
So we do not have to percieve that when i passover i do in fact go towards a place that is outside of myself, for instance in the sky..For the only place we have is within our souls,as we are and have always been aspects of God, and God, the Source or what the name may be, is afterall where love is..And Love is afterall within us..Blessed Be
Have a blessed new 2008, a glorius cycle of new endevours
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Posted 2/11/2008 4:43 PM (#3647 - in reply to #3430)
Subject: RE: Love

In my own experience, the most inspirational and motivating force in my life has been love, and I mean that in a variety of ways. The love I feel for my wife is one thing all its own; the love I feel for my pet cats is another thing alrogether, yet every bit as wonderful. The love I feel for my brother is also one of a kind....the list goes on. And then there's another kind of Love that I need to capitalize, because when I feel it, it lifts and energizes my spirit with a calm and joy that is truly pleasant. I can only define my own experience with that kind of Love as follows:

A moment in its purest form is Love....
Love in its purest form is creativity....
Creativity in its purest form is the moment....

Best to all,

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Posted 3/1/2008 6:51 AM (#3735 - in reply to #3430)
Subject: RE: Love

to me love is being in the moment,being as one with your mind body spirit,soul,to love oneself,a duty to be kind and gentle to the spirit within our own, body, love is mankind joined as one in unison,a whole,love is in abundance all aroun us,if we open our eyes and see,in fact,quite simply,love is,warmest regards,to send out love is to recieve love.
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Posted 3/3/2008 12:21 AM (#3746 - in reply to #3430)
Subject: RE: Love


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Dear whitelion, thankyou for raising this important subject.

The colour of the purest love is white. The colour white can be seperated into the colours of the rainbow giving the colour of each chakra. Each colour and chakra represents a kind of love. There is not only one type of love but many types. In attempt to better ourselves we may focus on one type of love and open that chakra. For example to learn about passionate love we embrace the colour red. It is the feeling we have when there is something new in our lives and it is also required to bring in new life. Erotic love is the feeling of passion. Passionate vital life force is felt through the root chakra. Another more commonly understood type of love is heart love which has two colours - green and pink. Green is for empathy , pink is for affection. When 2 people are in romantic love or affectionate love their auras are merged and filled with the colour pink. The two types of love explained here are not carried evenly by men and women generally. Men generally have more red love, women more green and pink love. This explains why men die younger than women on average, because their heart energy is not as strong as in women. Heart disease is much more prevelant in men but is the number one cause of early death in western countries. As for the other colours of love much is to be learnt and understood. Philosophy or the love of wisdom and truth is the colour yellow , because yellow is the collor of the intellect. When we can open all feeling centres of the body all of the chakras completely we will be able to synthesize pure love (white love). When we are able to do this we may achieve the spiritualisation of matter and immortality. Until we get to that stage the best thing we can do is try to balance the chakras so we are getting a little bit of each type of energy, just like your body needs a balance of nutrition for proper functioning, the chakras in balance represent psychological health.

On a minor point - correction the heart chakra is the 4th chackra not the 5th counting the root as number 1.
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