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The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"
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Posted 12/23/2007 11:27 AM (#3294)
Subject: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

Dear All,

Readers might like to comment on my research, and development project usually known as Multi-Dimensional Science though more accurately it might referred to as a Hypothesis of sorts. It believes that non-physical energies could be quantifiable using an advanced version of the scientific method. It is also ofcourse a huge subject.

I also have some bio-data which has yet to be updated, and better edited.

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Posted 12/28/2007 8:56 PM (#3320 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

I am personally convinced we are having more than our 6 regular senses (including balance which now is a medical sense in its own merit), and I believe them to be another 6, or potentially ordered in 6 classes. To access them we only need to lower our egos and to face our fears when doing so, and then listening to our own reactions.

The recently (2003) presented finds on Mirror Neurons (which are neurons in our frontal lobes with which we are able to instantly know others intentions, rather than letting the info go through the vision and the hearing center in the brain) I see as a first promising proof of the existence of one such sense. The researchers know they are there, that they communicate but not how (what 'protocol' and what 'signals' used).

After I became 'an accidental sensitive' a few years ago I realized that I not only can pick others pains and aches up, if I allow myself to do so, but also that I most often can pick up peoples emotions, visions and physical sensations at a distance, when I allow myself to do so, as well as with my hands sensing where in walls hot electrical wires are running (with the load off, I have no chance to feel it). So, my guess is that it all has to do with electromagnetic leakage.

When I saw a Discovery program on archeology in which they talked about how they today, by measuring differences in the earth magnetic field, can digitalize the result to show where roads, house grounds and whatever is located beneath the soil, it was an Eureka moment for me. They even talked about that every thing we build become a scar in the natural magnetic field, and that is exactly what I feel in my hands when hovering them over an other person. Initially it was a fun party trick to be able to tell people what and where they were or had been ill, but in the process of being able to cure not only my self but also others ailments I realized that almost everyone can do it.

One doesn't need to sit in an orange sheet for 30 years chanting (no pun intended) and neither does one need to stand on one toe in a wet cave for 72 hours dressed in a bear skin (no pun here either) to be able to release these energies. One only has to relax and 'trust' that it will work, without stressing oneself that it shall, and it does.

We have only started to scratch on the abilities we all harbor, but it is essencial that this communication can be scientifically defined. I haven't yet found a medical research institute which is willing to do some thorough research on this kind of sensitivity, but I am sure that we in the future will see our doctors using the kind of hand held diagnosis scanners one can see in Startrec. If I and 6 out of 10 people I have tried to pass it on to can do it with there hands, then there is no doubt that we sooner or later will be able to build equipment which is as fine tuned as our bodies actually are too.

Cryptonite for this kind of sensitivity is though sarcasm. The 1 out of 10 (in total probably around 60 people so far) I haven't been able to sense anything around are outspoken skeptics to even the remote idea that it would be possible, refuting it straight out. Another 10 percent I have been able to sense, but they haven't themselves sensed anything than noticing some results. 20 percent sense that something is going on and the results but can't relax enough to feel it in their hands themselves. 60 percent can easily learn to sense the energies and to use them too, and 4 of those 6 (out of 10) can even see the glow around my hands if the light conditions are right (an almost dark room with a light background). It really is a piece of cake, and as said, there is really no preparations needed, other than being able to 'turn the sensitivity on and off' at will. If not, life easily becomes hellish.

So, the question isn't if this kind of abilities will become scientifically defined and widely accepted, only when.

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Posted 12/29/2007 1:43 AM (#3321 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"


Posts: 2109
Location: The Heart of Space
Hello to all and to Spitfun in particular;
     I am, indeed, browsing quickly and have not had a chance to go into detail on this thread, but I promise I will.
     Certain things catch my eye, and one of them is any reference to "ego"; as this, I find, is THE most misunderstood concept, particulary in dealing with those that claim or aspire to some sort of enlightenment, spiritual or otherwise.
      If you read other posts, you will come across my passionate argument for the positive concept of ego; and why I say it is not that which you should seek to shed and begone with, but that which you should embrace and enhance, since it well might be the true path to many things.
      And, I always refer back to my best example....I use my real name and I have real cats. That is me and how I am....I do not choose to use a clever, mystical, funny, significant, profound, grandious, or thoughtful nom-de-plume. My ego does not allow me to think this way. Nor, do I think any differently about those that do choose to use such names, as this is just a part and parcel of your and their ego. BUT, it is ego, just the same!!
     I have forgotten my point, egad, but I would suggest that all re-examine ego....and find out what the essence really is.
Marty and Luckylee, Poppyhead, and the SissyGirl(my familiar)
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Posted 12/29/2007 6:11 AM (#3329 - in reply to #3321)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

Hi M,

No doubt our egos are essential for our survival, it really is the only line of defense we have in this world. As I see it, (and please keep in mind that whatever I may write is my truth, which may or may not be correct - but it is as I see it just now - however happy I am to learn more by being proven wrong) the question is more complex than that though. Ones ego is one thing, ones self confidence is another and ones self esteem is yet another human tool, together mixed sources of human capacities for survival and interaction, if one wish - all with different properties. It's the balance of them that is important.

Anyone having loved dearly know what happens with the ego when ones love is met, and especially so when making love. Almost everyone having survived a near death experience is saying the same - their egos becoming erased by overwhelming love and acceptance. The ego disappears, and it is a necessity that it does to get that divine connection with someone else. Our egos define our borders between everybody else around us. Hate isn't the opposite of love, it's fear that is, and everything about fear is the ego at work, putting up shields and starting protective processes within, hate/rage/anger being potential such within the many fight and flight responses we may react with.

Self confidence is the 'bridge' with which we relate to others and how we navigate in this material world of comparison, also in comparison with our own perception of our abilities. It gives us the strength to connect and interact on equal means with others, and our own standards - for instance, making me feel good enough about myself to engage in this forum despite the fact that English isn't my mother tongue. It's the driving force, or engine of interaction. If too high in reference to ones abilities one is easily seen as cocky or as a fake, if too low one is easily seen as weak and potentially not forceful enough for others to be someone they dare to depend on.

Ones self esteem is, as I see it, the 'base' platform from which we value ourselves. It's somehow the inner source of integrity, hope and compassion. "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself" is a recommendation found in almost all belief systems. It doesn't say that we shall love ourselves more or less, but as much as we love our next of kin. In order to be able to love someone else at all, where do we need to start then? People with a too low self esteem often develop a huge ego and self confidence, to the level at which they build their identity only from their outside, loosing contact with their inner self and their emotions when at its worst. Empathy and compassion being only played reactions on taught situations. I don't believe one can have a too high self esteem, but in combination with a too low ego and or self confidence one may become gullible and unaware of others agendas which may cause others to misuse ones trust, as well as oneself to efficiently limit ones own potential.

Of course we need our ego, but when one reflect a bit about others and ones own reactions really all 'negative' ones are sprung out of some kind of fear. We vs They, I vs The Other Person, Self absorbing reactions etcetera. The good news is though that most fears are pretty easy to deal with, once one has been able to define them. By embracing and accepting them together with forgiving the ones who has triggered ones defense system, and especially to forgive oneself for not understanding better at the time than applying what ever limitation on ones own abilities and capacities as a response - the many conditionings (defense programming, if one wish) we create to cope in the confusing world we all, one way or another, encounter.

The problems of this world, on a micro as well as on a macro level, certainly isn't caused by people having too small egos. Those who has, efficiently get crushed or cope with it in numerous strange ways which most often means that they apply limitations on their own resources, and the many ones with too high egos are steered by the fear of loosing it, making them bad team players. It's all human though, so there is no idea to apply any moral values on the one or the other. At least not according to my two humble cents in the matter.

Edited by Spiritualfun 12/29/2007 6:32 AM
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Posted 12/29/2007 2:12 PM (#3333 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

UMS Student

Posts: 8

Location: Louisiana< USA
I wanted to reply to the thread about ego and the semantics of ego a bit. I agree with mruppert that the concept of ego is many times misunderstood, or at the very least, perceived in many ways. I also agree that the ego can be seen in a positive light. Perhaps like the yin/yang symbol, where we have positive/negative or light and dark aspects of the ego, which express themselves in various ways. I sometimes wonder if the "negative ego" that comes up so many times in metaphysical and self help circles is simply another name for the shadow self. Of course, at that point we jump into semantics land again, since the shadow can have negative as well as positive aspects. Again and again, I have seen in my journey, that integration of the ego and shadow as well as the light and power of spirit, creates balance, wholeness, healing, awareness and blessing. I have found that sometimes it is necessary to fight and rage against the ego/shadow, struggling to reclaim the indigenous beauty of ones own soul, and sometimes it is necessary to embrace the ego/shadow in order to reclaim the indigenous beauty of ones own soul. It all comes down to what is in each persons heart at the time, and the variables that contribute to the form of their journey. At that point, discernment, either on the part of the person or a teacher or mentor comes into play. Sometimes, in that alchemical process of transformation called life, we find that what was once a dark cloud of suffering in our life somehow becomes gentle shade on a hot day.
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Posted 12/30/2007 9:44 AM (#3339 - in reply to #3321)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

Hi Martin (I guess from other forums in here),

I have seen in a couple of posts in which you are referring to your research and surprisingly, for me, you are saying that maybe only a percent of us humans have the ability of healing and channeling etcetera. I am convinced all has, but more or less oppressed, i.e more or less afraid of the ways it manifests itself.

Being fairly well read and having held several professional positions, an atheist from my teens who never has believed in anything spiritual - only the academic principles - it was a harsh wakening when I realized that it is far more to life than what is explained by science, so far. After a few years of failing health with masses of strange unexplained physical sensations that confused the doctors I was finally diagnosed with a pretty rare kind of blood cancer which gave me something to actively fight. It was one of the best days in my life when I got my diagnosis. Compared to not knowing what one is up against there isn't a disease in the world I wouldn't prefer, and even if I would have to be on chemos for the rest of my life I would rather choose such a fate any day of the week compared to not 'knowing'.

As things turned out I soon after my diagnosis, I believe out of exhaustion from a few days trying to work my extensive backlog off the desks, I got a 'tour' in the universe at which I was shown how it all relates and how to release the incredible healing energies we are all having within us. It didn't last for more than 30 - 40 minutes, and I would probably had written it off as a hallucination had I not the day after twice gotten accidental proof of its effects. Once I after the first couple of 'shameful' clumsy attempts started to see that it actually works and some basic patterns in how these energies affect us I was able to start to redefine my belief system. My life long incurable disease isn't incurable as the traditional medical wisdom says, so there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to cure myself fully, but what takes a long time to screw up also takes some time to reverse (quick medical miracles only works if the condition is caused by a mental block - 'take your bed and walk-kind of miracles')

Friends defined my new sensitivity as a gift but it isn't one. They have been very good Guinea Pigs and 80 percent of them feel exactly that something happens within their bodies when I hold my hands over them, and an amazingly 60 percent can in their turn do the same on others after a very short instruction. It isn't more a gift than what our vision or hearing is, but only about what sensitivity one allow oneself to be at.

No healer is actually 'healing' anyone than possibly themselves, they are catalysts for everyones inner natural healing capacity (which is a matter of the inner energy we harbor - hence it is important to let the medical knowledge to help out in reducing stressful symptoms, especially pain. Not taking pain killers is sheer stupidity, as pain takes an enormous amount of brain capacity to deal with, a capacity that is surely better used to address the root of the pain - unless of course it is others pains and aches one is picking up, as I am sure most fibriomyalgia sufferers do. They need help learning how to shield and ground themselves, which I also suspect goes for most kind of addicts). And everyone is a natural healer too, even the minority that is as fundamentalistic as I once was regarding these kind of abilities.

I am glad Lyonna raised the issue of language, because that is where the first line of defense in refuting new ideas is residing. Talking about 'Allah' with a Midwestern Christian fundamentalist or talking with an Islamic fundamentalist about 'God' is a waste of time - They will both go into a mental block as soon as the pertinent trigger words are used, even if the Quran and the Bible is saying essentially the same things and both acknowledge the same origin and the same omnipotent deity. The scary part is that we all are reacting the same way in the little.

One of the hardest lessons in my own journey was to accept, or to oversee and translate, all the definitions and descriptions I formerly saw as nothing else than mumble jumble. From that experience I have realized that our respective languages are some of the most conditioning sources we have to deal with. As soon as one have started to identify oneself, and certainly when one has started to associate oneself with a certain school or religion (or political party etcetera) one lose the audiences which is most interesting to communicate with.

It doesn't matter that the Vedas contain everything we discuss in here, and more, the language used is the worst enemy the ideas expressed has, and the same goes for all the huge wisdom contained in all religious scriptures and myths. For the 'non-salvages' it immediately turns into just words that all sounds in the mind of the receiver as 'yada, yada, yada'.

There is no doubt that the language a la modé is scientific English. There is no doubt that the spiritual sensations are ruled by laws as strict as our Laws of Nature in this world, even if they most often are perceived as ad hoc-ish for us.

From my experience nothing in the metaphysical realm is less actual or less physical than anything we can experience through our 6 regular sensory systems, and furthermore, as in real life, only a minute part of this necessary part of our universe and lives is about oneself. Just as we see and sense movement around us steered by Newtonian physics (most of which only remotely affects us in the moment) we are surrounded by as metaphysical natural energies, information and the effects from them, also the latter being mostly unrelated to ourselves - even if we are also totally in co-dependence with everything else, as expressed in most belief systems, for instance in the Quran: Harming [killing] another human is harming [killing] all of humanity.

It's the 'I perspective', our respective ego, that makes us lose our objectivity by blocking our minds into comparing talents, sensitivities or whatever trait we observe around us. Just as we are more or less blocked by our individual language and cultural heritage from interconnecting with others, our egos block us from experience the full world, physical and metaphysical, for what they are. It really has nothing to do with divinity or individual destiny - just different degrees of imposed vision impairment, most often self imposed such blindness.

Jill expressed it extremely well somewhere in here - loosely quoted; 'It wasn't as I found my fate, it was fate that found me.'

Blessed are the blind, as they aren't blinded by their vision, in short.

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Posted 12/30/2007 3:18 PM (#3340 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

PhD Alumni

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"Jill expressed it extremely well somewhere in here - loosely quoted; 'It wasn't as I found my fate, it was fate that found me.' "

Very close, and yes, pretty much the same meaning.
One of my all time favorite quotes, from the movie "Senseless"
"You may not have faith in fate, but fate has faith in you"

This is such a relieving quote to me.... because it lets us sit back and relax.
It reminds me of yet another quote from author unknown:

"You cannot push the river, but you can go with the flow"

Which is just another way of saying... "Dude, chill.... sit back and relax...."
Or as Bill and Ted would say "Most Excellent"

It's all good~

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Posted 12/30/2007 4:25 PM (#3342 - in reply to #3340)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

Hi Jill,

Nice to meet you.

In the 'Divine Intervention' forum, I believe, you wrote something more that caught my eye. It was regarding being 'pushed' into these 'spiritual insights', changing your career, which is something I have pondered a great deal about too.

At times, and pretty often I must say, it has been as if I am actively is steered away from my former, most often pretty efficient, ways of dealing with things. As if my former list of priorities was just discarded and swapped with a new one I just couldn't refute. Initially it was extremely disturbing and I fought it so hard that it almost took all of my energy away. After learning to not fight these hints of actions to take, following the flow, it has certainly become less worrying - the importance of constantly cleaning ones home is utterly overrated, for instance.

Step by step in the process of giving up old 'truths' and principles it has turned out that my worries to give them up has been only illusions, and in some areas we are not talking just simple things here. It has, relatively, cost me some major things from my 'former life', including the topic da'jour, which is whether I shall continue to work in my chosen line of business, an area I am very good at, or scrap it and go into some entirely new career (the problem being that I haven't seen any hints on any kind of activity I would be able to do with great joy - and I know it has to be a choice based on joy to make whatever one do worthwhile).

Maybe it is just lack of energy that comes out of aging that has made me comfortable, but whatever it is it's very disturbing to not feel the spark of excitement for any particular venture or direction. Especially when following the flow feels as a waste of time, even if it certainly is a minor problem compared with what most people has to deal with.

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Posted 12/30/2007 5:34 PM (#3344 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1882
Location: NE Ohio
Ohhh, yeah. You are correct.

I talked about being forced to change careers, due to it being FATE. It had to have been.... there is no other way around it.

This has happened to me over and over.... when i choose a career, it somehow just ends up wrong. Going metaphysical to me was something I loved and was pulled to. It's like it found ME. I am now in a metaphysical type of career and actually feel in place.

Only took me 40 yrs to find my true path. Science had no part in it, unless you call allergic reactions scientific cause. Which very much could be. My DNA conflicted with certain career choices.

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Posted 12/30/2007 6:13 PM (#3345 - in reply to #3344)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

I have at least enjoyed the fact that everything I have been doing has felt as being the right thing for the moment, and I wouldn't be the one I am if I hadn't have had most of my experiences, especially not now when I have had the opportunity to evaluate them in a different light than what I have been used to. It's only now that I feel I am ready to go on in my life, but I really don't know in which direction, the latter becoming very disturbing.

Somehow it shall involve children, helping and supporting children, but probably not in a local one to one setting, more in a more generalized and broader way. Not much to go on so far, unfortunately.

It will come to me somehow though.
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Posted 12/31/2007 8:54 PM (#3354 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1882
Location: NE Ohio
My own path did not reveal itself until i was nearly complete with my UMS classes. It was then that i became totally intrigued with hypnosis. That may have been the sole purpose of taking all the classes, was to open my inner self and find my core.

Then it hit me..... While i am back in school now, it's only to obtain a license. It's truly ashame that the government does not accept much of the spiritual schooling, because i feel WE in this forum would make far better counselors than that of any counselor i have been to. This forum and school has helped me tremendously in ways that no other school, psychologist or church minister could have done. I wish we had more people like you all in my own area. It does keep getting better though.

The path will pull you.... we cannot fail.
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Posted 1/1/2008 6:57 PM (#3359 - in reply to #3294)
Subject: RE: The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis/ "Science"


Now I have taken time to read your paper on the suggested research project.

I have a few minor comments.

1. We already have 6 medically defined senses. Balance is added.

2. The reference to an other world is like crossing a stream to fetch water. Either it's there (being part of our known physical world) or it doesn't exist other than in our minds. There is no divider, philosophically speaking. It can't logically be a dualistic system. Either we are connected, or it is a nothing than a mind trick.

3. Crap the parts dealing with gods and specific religious ideas. It ought to be enough to make references to all religions and such belief systems, i.e. myths, as the research you are suggesting as such isn't about proving the existence of any gods - it's about proving, or disproving of, the existence of metaphysical abilities and which conditions that increase and decrease them, isn't it?

4. I am a willing sensitive if you find a medical research outfit for your program. I am used to the academic rules, and don't believe I can come much longer in my research on my own. It's far too many factors involved for me to be able to set up the controlled environments needed to rule in or out such factors respective impact.

Good luck!

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