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Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....
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Posted 12/11/2007 11:28 PM (#3167)
Subject: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

Hi all:
     I am interested in the concept of cholesterol and how one who has a high level of whatever this might be can lower the level of it.
    Let me be blunt, and tell you what happened...on one of my rare visits to the doctor ( which I am supposed to do by virtue of mandate from a state sponsored health plan every year...I skipped a lot of years...but finally was told to go) resulted in a test that indicated that I had high cholesterol. My doc, who is a drug do you think is the first thing he told me?
     Well, we want you to take "Makeitbetamore" or "Feelgoodtothemax".
      I just said NO!
      Now, my question, as we have many herbalists and holistics healers least I hope we do.......but first, please be aware of my motivation....and it is a selfish one!
       I want to be able to laugh in the face of western medical science, and say that I lowered my cholesterol on my own, without your stupid and silly named drugs! I want to be able to say how I did it, and I will give full credit to anyone and everyone who contributed to the effect. In short, I want to prove something, and I seek no glory from it, other than WE will have found a way to do it!
      I will keep a journal, and write all things down, so there can be no question as to the validity.
      I am most specifically interested in the herbalists among us, as I think that ther lies the answer.
Yours in Appreciation and Thanks, as you all may well prolong my life,

With peace and respect,
Marty and Nine Lived Cats
P.S. I have examined diet all ready, I do not eat a lot of meat, as I like fish. I do eat cheese, but do not drink milk (lactose intolerant) YET, use half n' half in my coffee as it doesn't seem to bother me. Can someone bring some rationale to this?
Oh yes, to the holistic side of our community......I am not sure about this..but I think I only have momentary stress, I feel stress but I don't let it bother me..not like I was used to..when my blood pressure was very high, but now it is as low as it was some many years ago.
P.P.S.: I think we might do a good study here, as I am a willing subject.......but, I must also tell you all how offended I was, as this was not the first time I had this discussion with my doctor. My Virgo nature was up, and I told him I would decrease my blood pressure and cholesterol on my own, without his drugs.
I won the battle of blood pressure, but I failed with this cholesterol thing. Hence, I need your help, as I failed!!!!!
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Posted 12/12/2007 10:52 AM (#3182 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....


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Location: California, USA
Marty, did the docs say which type of cholesterol was high? My mom had the same experience and when she requested to se the results of the tests she discovered it was the good choleserol which was high! I would do a little more research on it for your own peace of mind.

Edited by soulfire 12/12/2007 10:53 AM
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Posted 12/12/2007 12:16 PM (#3187 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

Hi Kirsy and Lyon....
     American health care basically is set up to sell you drugs. It is useless. Lyon, I am very aware of nutrition and watch what I eat. Oh, yes, I am a very good cook, and should have really done it as a profession. I am careful to use things that are healthier than other alternatives. I feel really bad for those on extremely limited budgets, that must buy things that are intrinsically bad, yet cheap. I spend a lot on groceries, and it does stretch the dollar, but I have found that I cannot buy things that are inexpensive, as they are preserved and have tons of salt in them. You can feed a family of six on Ramen Noodles quite inexpensively, but what you eat is loaded with 50-70% salt. This is not good for us!!!!!!
     The USA curses individual and collective farmers, as we much prefer close quarter houses and Starbucks to land. Land that we need for survival. The farmer is treated like dirt...the dirt that they till to raise the products that we consume. If I had my way, every farmer would be given a stipend from the government, to continue what they good times and bad sometimes "the crops don't rise".
     Soul, all numbers were down. EXCEPT  the LDL, that was up! That is what is infuriating can that be? And they do a new test now, which measures the size of LDL particules, and mine were outrageously can that be?????
     There is a piece to the puzzle that I am missing and I seek to know what that is!
      I believe that we should all live long and healthy lives, and I need to find the way to do so...just so I can share it with others. Mind you, I still "feel" great...and look forward to every day as a new and bright one, even if "the sun don't shine".
      Anything I find will be shared for all to read...even if I have to publish a book. I will take no direct profit from the book, as I am not about money. I will share it because others may benefit from what I have learned. The monies people pay will go to furthering research in our field, broadly known as metaphysics.
I have a roof, I have food, and I have my cats, and I have a community of people that I can talk to..that is all I need or ever want.

Peace to all,
Marty and Xmas Cats, with Santa hats
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Posted 12/12/2007 1:10 PM (#3189 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

My dad was told the same thing and he, like you, said no thanks to the drugs. And actually has just chosen not to give it much thought. There is the question as to your reading and how that compares to your own natural levels and those levels compared to an "average." An average is just that, for example, the average body temperature is 98.7, so many people think that anything above or below that is "out of whack," a sign that something is "wrong." Well it could very well be that in a particular person the "normal" temperature for them is always 99, or 99.5 or 98. My point is just that we can't always use charts and graphs showing averages. It would more accurate to compare ourselves to ourselves. If we could somehow keep a book of our own "numbers" throughout our lifetime and see how these numbers fluctuate from time to time as well as be able to notice drastic changes which could signal a real illness. I know this may not be practical in your case, or maybe not possible, but I just wanted to offer the perspective.

Also, in regards to diet, I have a huge mistrust of anything processed. Things like modified cornsyrup, or hydrogenated anything. I don't think our bodies know what to do with these things and so while alot of people eat margarine, for example, because they feel it has less fat than real butter so is healthier for them, it is more likely to be doing more harm to their bodies than good. Maybe you are already aware of this and read your ingredient labels, if that is the case then good for you. But I think fake food is not nutritious, in other words steer away from processed, hydrogenate, modified foods, the farther away from it's natural state the harder it is for us to use. Also, whole food, the beauty of eating whole food is that you get all the good stuff, everything works synergistically, the constituents of the food with our body.

Just my 2 cents :-)

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Posted 12/12/2007 4:31 PM (#3190 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....


I applaud you on your enthusiam to take your own health into your own hands. I too do not trust any of today's doctors that are to willing to push a magic pill. I have in the past had issues with my own cholesterol and took a natural holisitc approach to it and found I lowered my levels naturally. I would suggest some research on a few of the following one is Policosanol (for cholesterol) it is derived from raw sugar and has a agent in it that prevents the cholesterol from binding. Second, look into Alpha Lipoic Acid. It helps to cleanse and clear the blood of cholesterol as well. I found for myself doing just these two helped turn mine around. Of course the other stuff of watch diet (I did not change mine drastically) exercise, avoid stress yada yada. But todays doctors are too willing to give us prescription meds due to the kickbacks and incentives they get from the pharmacuetcal companies. I would rather take something natural first as our ancestors did before something man made which will only cause further damage to my well being such as polluting my kidneys and liver. And last time I checked those were fine and I intend to keep them that way. Good luck on your journey and heres to improved health for you in the coming New Year. Best wishes, Grace
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Posted 12/12/2007 4:40 PM (#3191 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

PhD Alumni

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Location: NE Ohio
OK, if you have the HERBS course, it's wonderful and talks about MANY herbs to help with Cholesterol.

GARLIC was mentioned a lot in helping reduce high cholesterol.

More herbs for high cholesterol:

Asafoetida (prevention)
Butcher's Broom
Ho She Wu
Milk Thistle
Snow Fungus
Soy Lethicin

I am sure if you read up on any of these above herbs, you will find fantastic results with dealing with High Cholesterol.

You will do just fine....
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Tracy Martin
Posted 12/12/2007 5:11 PM (#3194 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....


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Location: California
I can hear Marty's cats giggling over him having Snow Fungus Tea and Guggel biscuits.

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Posted 12/12/2007 8:44 PM (#3197 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1729
Location: NE Ohio
yeah, i actually laughed while writing those.... but, it's what it say's..... so i went with it. I am soooo not a green thumb. My thumb is purple. It's by choice because i hate gardening. However, i will go buy herbs at the natural food store. I have yet to see that one, but perhaps i wasn't looking for it either. LOL

Don't eat the yellow snow.
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Posted 12/13/2007 5:54 PM (#3206 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

UMS Student

Location: Bellingham
You may not like it, and its counterintuitive to many, but the great generations advice, fish liver oil, works! Best to take under the care of a naturopath or nutritionist. I got my triglycerides down within 3 months! Proper diet is of course a necessity. Ideally the oil should be very fresh. i.e. constantly refrigerated from the point of extraction. Good oil tastes bad, but shouldn't smell like fish! good luck and good health!

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Posted 12/14/2007 10:44 AM (#3207 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

Fasting is method of allowing your body to catch up with it self and clear some toxins. There are so many toxins in the food we eat and the rest of the things we put in our bodies that our liver never gets caught up. So it has to put the excess some where. Usually in our joints and the sides of our veins. Check out the book by Stanley Burroughs called "The Master Cleanser" . He had a health club in Hawaii in the 60's. In meditation he recieved a natural cure using fasting. There are also a lot of websites about his fast. ( many trying to make money of it) I have used it four the last four years and the results are amazing. The first time I used it was for high blood pressure. At a biyearly physical the doctor told me I was borderline high ( 140/95 ) and needed drugs to control it. I said no thanks and started to look for a natural solution. I found this book and tried the fast. By the 8th day my best description is that I felt "Stuff" leaving my joints. By day 10 my BP was 120/82. The bonus was I also lost 20 pounds, no longer had pain in my knee, no alergies and my lungs felt clear.
I now do the fast at least once a year to let my body catch up with it self. Sometimes twice if I feel a problem coming. It has helped change my health for the better, naturally and was a lot easier to do then I thought it would be.
In Love and Light,
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Posted 12/14/2007 11:47 PM (#3209 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

Hi all:
     Many thanks to you all...the responses have been chock full of info and it is going to take me a while to sort all this out.
     Snow fungus tea, YUM, I think.....Guggel biscuits, probably a whole lot better than Google cookies.
     If I may be sentimental, even maudlin, for a moment, you all are a living, breathing wikipedia. I am so very grateful that a community forms and comes together in the quest to understand the metaphysical nature of "us", our place, and our role in a scheme of things which no one may ever fully comprehend. I am grateful that all willingly share their particular knowledge and experience.
     Ya know, there was a big anti-Barney movement, with tee shirts and hats, making fun of a dinosaur who just wanted to love and be friends.... I never understood that. Why was Barney a character to be reviled? Maybe his message was to frightening for some people? Maybe some people just want to hate as a way of life? I dunno! And, what message did this send to the children who liked Barney?
      Okay, enough of this and,

Peace and Love to all,
Snow Fungus Marty and CareCats CARE!
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Posted 12/15/2007 1:12 AM (#3211 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1729
Location: NE Ohio
I think how sad, but they did over do Barney. LOL I think it's a huge joke, meant to be funny, gone wrong.
I cannot even get that song out of my head now.... Thanks. LOL

What about the teletubbies? Those dolls were severely made fun of too.
I guess people just need to make fun of something, to find balance, or they think it's funny. I did laugh a few times.

At least it's a toy that is taking the negative and not a human. I once had a little icon that had a gun pointing at my little rubber ducky. It said: "email back, or the duck gets it". I loved it.... it's sick humor.

I wouldn't condone doing anything in front of children, it's adult humor.
I don't like any child seeing their favorite toy being put down.

I guess PG should be a little more restricted for sure. You see those PG-13 movies? HOLY COW most of them should be marked PG-17 in my own opinion. But then again.... I think I turned out fine and i watched basically all movies since i can remember. I didn't have any real restrictions. But we didn't have cable. BIG DIFFERENCE

Snow Fungus tea..... warming my soul.... killing my cholesterol. Tastes FUNKY.... ha ha ha
You know, i cannot seem to find any fungus on any of the snow outside.
HA HA HA j/k

Hey, i swear it was in the HERBS section of the course.
Not lying.....


Edited by Supernatural3 12/15/2007 1:15 AM
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Posted 12/19/2007 11:25 PM (#3267 - in reply to #3167)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....

Hi Marty,

There has been a wealth of great information and suggestions already, but I'll throw in my two cents.

Through studying and experimenting for other family members with high LDL counts, I've discovered that it is often not what we put in our bodies (to help lower cholesterol), but a result of the toxins already in it.

The liver in particular is responsible for the body's production of cholesterol, and if it is overloaded, you could see high LDL levels even though you are eating a lot of fiber and fresh foods.

The fast recommended by RevBruce is a great suggestion. Fasting gives the liver a chance to rest. There are several designed for liver cleanse in particular. Toxins and heavy metals are all around us, in the air we breathe, food we eat, and all the chemicals we are exposed to in work and regular life, particularly if you live in a city, near mining operations, factories, or exposed to chemical dumping etc.

Drinking lots of pure water is important when on a fast, or taking supplements, to help move the toxins through the lymphatic system.

My husband's cardiologist put him on Lipitor for slightly elevated LDL, his philosophy being "every man over 40 should take Lipitor as a preventive measure." His HDL levels are too low, but that doesn't seem to concern the good doctor. He is one of the mostly highly respected cardiologists in the world -- he has been on the cover of Time magazine twice, so I'm not going to say he is a bad cardiologist. On top of their allopathic training, I think these guys get so specialized, with such tunnel vision, that they simply lose their common sense.

A couple years ago I induced my husband to give up the Lipitor for six months and try bringing down his LDL with Red Yeast Rice, the natural compound on which Lipitor is based. Sorry to say that his LDL had climbed several points by the time of his next visit, and of course the cardiologist was ready to rip my head off. Sometimes drugs do a better job of targeting a specific issue, nevermind that they take everything else down with them, preventing the body from healing itself.

But I digress ...

After the Red Yeast Rice episode, we went into heavy detox mode using certain herbs and "nutraceutical" supplements sold through network marketing companies. Regardless how you feel about that subject, I researched intensely to find quality products that work, with companies I felt were reliable.

Using some of these products, we too have felt the "stuff" sloughing from our intenstines (sorry, maybe more infomation than you needed!) and through our lymphatic system. After decades of toxic buildup, it takes awhile to gently rid the poisons, but we are feeling better and cleaner all the time. One herbal formula in particular is used to detoxify the liver.

Since I can't get my husband to lay off the Lipitor, I cannot tell you that his LDL levels are down from this detox program. But he raves about how much better he feels, and several other people we know did see improvement. One works in the engine room of a ferry boat -- he is vegetarian and exercises regularly, outside in the fresh air. Couldn't figure out why his cholesterol was out of sight, until we realized his liver was overloaded from toxic fumes at work.

I don't want to mention particular companies on this site, so if you are interested in knowing more about any of them, feel free to send an email and I'll gather up some information for you.

One great thing about fasting is it is not only free, but even saves money. A lot of people use supplements because fasting seems so drastic. Have to admit, a cleansing fast is always "on my list" but never quite makes it to the top :=) After the holidays, we could all probably use one!


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Posted 3/21/2008 3:20 PM (#3931 - in reply to #3191)
Subject: RE: Herbalists and Holistics...Need Info.....


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Location: No I'm not impersonating a cat! I'm a laughing Owl
OH I love garlic, but also I love aloe vera juice. It has a way of not only cleansing your system but after continuous use your skin literally starts to shine and look like a really healthy coat. And you know that is really good because you can see that many toxins have been removed from your system. I had a friend who drank it for years and everywhere he went people complemented him on his skin so I started drinking it too and noticed the difference and the compliments. When I stopped I noticed that my skin changed as well. So I started back and I'm really happy. I believe because it helps to maintain weight and eliminate toxins and additional fat it would naturally help in reducing cholesteral as well. You might want to try it.

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