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Getting to know you
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Posted 11/27/2007 10:48 AM (#3033)
Subject: Getting to know you

Hi this is Bruce,
This is my first time using the forum. I would just like to introduce myself. I am a UMS student working on BA program now. I am a certified metaphysician and medium, having studied in Lilydale, NY. I live in Canisteo, NY, which is in the middle of nowhere. I am a hands on healer and truck driver. Unusual combination, but I have been studing metaphysics and psychic things for the last 36 years. I became a UMS student to help fill in the gaps in my knowledge base and help gain some legitamacy for my knowledge. Oh yea, I am also an ordained Spiritualist Minister and recovering Catholic. I am also working alot right now on crystal and vibrational healing.
Love and Light to All,
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Posted 11/27/2007 12:11 PM (#3034 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

Hey Bruce!

I'm not a student yet, but will be soon.
Impressive what you are doing.
I hope to one day be somewhere near that level.

There is so much to be done for others with this.
Teaching, healing...everyone growing...and "coming up from the depths"
from this "humanism" and the adversitites of the "world".
Keep on, My Friend.
I'm sure I'll have many questions for you in the future, as I begin my studies.

Thanks for listening to my ravings/comment.

Talk to you soon,
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Posted 11/29/2007 2:13 AM (#3054 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

Hey RevBruce....
     Upstate, Downstate, Fingerlakes, Canuck territory, I have never heard of where you are from. My mom is from Sacketts Harbor, then to Watertown, and eventually to NYC.
     What's it like where you are?
Peace n' Comradeship,
A Fellow New Yawker,
Marty and Maryland Cats,of thoroughbred nature
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Posted 12/10/2007 2:13 AM (#3144 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you


Posts: 43
Hi there, my user name is whitelion, out of the depths from south a spiritual healer, that seems to be the only term i can give now..
I am not a student, all of what i do is always inspired by the Divinity/God i believe is within me, i trust in all that is with love..I strive to become within myself ultimatly One within..
I believe in assisting all souls that come to me, iv always been doing this since i was a child..We have connected on the thread of expanding in South Africa..Just thought id let you know, all of these miracles happen in God,s time..I sumtimes feel like Noah..Yuo know what i mean..
All that is beautiful in the Grace of our Souls to You..
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Posted 12/12/2007 12:08 AM (#3169 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

Hey La Aurora:
     Nothing to do with this venue, but if you have older South Africa stamps, I will buy them from you. I am a stamp collector, and SA stamps, particulary during aparthied times are hard to get, as you guys cut yourselves off from the rest of the world. Also, I look for regional stamps, like Transvaal, Bechaunaland(I can't spell it without looking) as well as Bospho.....hmmmm....whatever...anywhere in the RSA region.
I do not do this in the hope of monetary gain, as what I want is one stamp from everywhere, so that people might see a bit of what everyone else sees as a matter of routine; whether it be old or new.
     When I am no longer here, I hope that my sisters will donate the 12 volumes of world stamps to someplace wothwhile, so that all can see what the world used to be like.
Cheers, n' Peace,
Marty and Philatelists Cats
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Posted 1/30/2008 11:33 AM (#3582 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you


Posts: 40
Location: Wrocester Mass
Hello everyone!
My name Is Mark. I am a senior at Worcester Poly-Tech in Massachusetts studying aerospace engineering. I love to dance and sing, write, learn and experience. A friend found a UMS catalog in a pizza house and i popped online to check it out. It's tough seperating Man's world from the Real world. My spiritual, and life curiosities far outway my desire to design a tin can that will be launched into outer space. So here i am on campus, writing my third post in an hour instead of studying for a 5pm test i have. I have been on my journey for a solid couple of years now. I'm kind of at that turning point where i am wondering why i am in my field and how important this really is to me in the bigger scheme of things. I study and work to make my way through Man's world, but I think to make it through the real world.
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Posted 1/30/2008 3:00 PM (#3594 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

PhD Alumni

Posts: 1729
Location: NE Ohio
Hello, I am Jill
I am a mother of 5 kids, two of them are now adults and in college. I am re-married to my best friend in the world and soul mate. I own a large paranormal organization that pretty much covers the State of Ohio. I love Paranormal anything and have been doing investigations since 1993.

I am also in school full time for my Masters in Psychotherapy. I am doing it only so i can get a license with the State of Ohio, to enable me to collect Insurance so i can help others using hypnotherapy. Which is what i do now. (I am also here writing, instead of studying) HA HA, Shame on me. My current college is Liberty University it is a secular school, but I didn't realize how Baptist that College is... I feel foreign there.

My current career is Hypnotherapy, but I didn't always do hypnosis as a career, prior to that I was a tattoo artist for 15 years. My main focus was Permanent Cosmetics, but somehow it opened up a new venture to do more than that. I was forced to retire from that business (while i haven't totally as of yet) but by the end of this year, i will be fully retired. (I have two tattoo's to give today. LOL) However, I have been diagnosed with Essential Tremors, so i have no choice to quit this field before they get worse, which is ok, because i absolutely love the field of Hypnosis.

I went into hypnosis after taking all the courses here at UMS. It was UMS that opened my eyes, and HMI that taught be complete advanced hypnosis. Which all guided me in my right path.

In the past i studied at a different Metaphysical School, this one surpassed the other one by far.

I did take Electrical Engineering in college too, but you would laugh at the reason. I wanted something HARD, and in a Man's world. I wanted to build my own gadgets for Paranormal Investigating and to feel smart, since i never did as a Cosmetologist prior. I took Cosmetology in High School, so I did not go to college then. I had some catching up to do.

One thing leads to another.... but i am DONE after this current school. I am tired of school to be honest.
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Posted 2/2/2008 12:24 AM (#3602 - in reply to #3582)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

Hi Mark:
     Welcome to you, but please take my advice 1) for what it is worth and 2) for what it may mean to you in the future.
      Make this a respite from study, but not something which distracts you from study. I was distracted from study when I went to school (we had to go out and try to stop an increasingly unpopular and costly war...even I had to do that, notwithstanding the fact that I was AFROTC and destined (at that time) to become an officer in the USAF).
      The tin can that you, Mark, design, may well change the way things are. Sir Arthur Clarke, designed what fit into a tin can that someone before you designed, and we had the first telecommunications satellite, which changed the world, and made what I am doing right now, possible.
      Is it a marvel of science?....well yes it a miracle and somehow mystical....indeed it is!!!!!

Marty and Orbital Cats
P.S. Leika died, the dog that the Russians launched into space, the dog died shortly after liftoff...the Russians never told anyone that! Somebody didn't build a good enough tin can.
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Mrs Jamolod
Posted 5/7/2009 10:12 PM (#14771 - in reply to #3033)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you


Posts: 3

Orbital cats....hmm. This is very funny!
Mrs J
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Posted 5/7/2009 11:27 PM (#14775 - in reply to #14771)
Subject: RE: Getting to know you

Well....they do, at times, walk around a room.....not corner to corner but bottom to top to bottom.....that is a crazy sight. It makes you wonder if you are insane or, perhaps, they are. Afterall, you are on the ground and they are the ones on the ceiling.

Peas and Paws,
Marty and the walkies...Luck, Popp and Siss
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