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Fire The Grid
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Posted 6/26/2007 7:46 PM (#2101)
Subject: Fire The Grid

UMS Student

Posts: 124
Location: New Zealand
Hello all,

I was sent this link this morning and thought of you. (sorry if already posted!)

This is a chance for all lightworkers to work collectively on July 17th to send healing energy into mother earth. Even if you do not feel called to participate, there is some wonderful music available for download and an interesting near death/brought back to life experience written by the facilitator of this event. I would be interested in hearing about people's experiences in either preparing, during or after the event.

Have a wonderful day,
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Dee Young
Posted 7/16/2007 5:27 AM (#2231 - in reply to #2101)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

Lightworkers are you ready to fire the grid tomorrow (11:11 GMT)? The World Puja Network has featured some great interviews with Shelley Yates recently ( and you can also listen to her on youtube. I saw her speak in person last month -- her story is very inspiring and she was fabulous. I picked up the beautiful music created for this project by Bradfield and have been listening to it over and over (you can download the music for free on This site now gets over 75,000 hits a day! Join millions of people all over the planet to send out loving energy for one hour. (4:11 am on the West Coast of North America!).

Edited by Dee Young 7/16/2007 5:33 AM
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Posted 7/16/2007 9:47 AM (#2232 - in reply to #2231)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid


Posts: 16

Location: Isle of Wight, England (UK)
For all of you who don't want to set their alarms to awaken in the early hours of the morning, may I suggest that you sit in meditation alone or in a group at a reasonable hour and ask Spirit to send your healing thoughts at the prescribed time of 11.11 GMT.
In Light

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Posted 7/16/2007 3:37 PM (#2236 - in reply to #2232)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

UMS Student

Posts: 54
My personal opinion.....
One hour of my life is not too much to ask.
I will be up at 5:45 am getting ready to FIRE THE GRID.

I do understand those who may have other commitments though.
If you do, there is a last resort on the website, it has to do with writing and signing a statement to do it on your behalf during the event.
If you really can't be there at that time, check out her advice on the signed statement.


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Dee Young
Posted 7/16/2007 7:48 PM (#2241 - in reply to #2101)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

I was just sent this wonderful Fire the Grid "Guideline" I thought I would share with you all....

Delanne (Dee)
Note from Michael

How exciting, joyous and enthralling...TOMORROW millions of us--the first wave of awakend, light-filled souls on Earth--will be celebrating a sacred mass communion of love, light and power--in the same HOUR OF POWER--worldwide--from 11:11 GMT--July 17, 2007--coordinated with our own local time around our entire we FIRE-THE GRID!

Here is my suggested guide-line of how to spend this SUBLIME hour of
quiet calm, joy, peace, harmony, love, light and ONENESS with all forms of life on our beloved Mother Earth....

Remember, no one needs to keep their eyes SHUT for a whole hour. Gently closing your eyes (and taking a few slow, deep breaths) need only be practiced during any quiet meditation periods you enjoy within this hour.

As a rule, 5 minutes to 10 minutes of wide-awake meditation in the deep, deep silence within--is more than enough--otherwise, we are inclined to fall asleep--and I am sure, not one wants to spend THIS GLORIOUS HOUR--of golden opportunity merged with millions of other loving, sharing, caring Lightworkers--in a non-conscious sleep state.

Haven't we all been asleep long enough already in this lifetime? (smile))

SO...what might you do this literally shining golden hour?

Since your heart, soul, mind and eyes will be wide open (except for your meditation or prayer periods, I suggest that you PRINT OUT this guideline and refer to it, at will, if you wish--at any time DURING this glorious hour.

***Visualizations...contemplations...pondering sacred, loving thoughts and feelings...and 'SETTING OUR SIGHTS' ON:

Using our imagination, to see, feel, touch our final Golden Age--down-to-Earth Heavenly Future--of peace, harmony, love, light, joy and laughter so happily and sister with brother and sister, community with community, nation with grand, grateful caring sharing human family upon Earth--serving and helping to fulfill the needs of each sister and brother on Earth together with great joy.

ENVISION the rivers of light of knowledge and the light of truth shining BRIGHTLY in all places--and so much is OPEN and transparent IN THE LIGHT that no peson in high office or high governing station of any nation on Earth can be there unless she or he are there to serve their community, their nation, and all precious life forms on our beautiful Mother Earth....

SEE massive crowds in cities of the world, joyous, laughing, singing, dancing in celebration!

SEE rejuvenated, pristine pollution-free, crystal-clear waters, pristine clear blue skies, and poison free land-masses, poison free oceans, lakes, rivers, poison-free, healthful, ageless bodies and beings of our dear sisters and brothers upon the Earth, within the Earth, and in the atmosphere of Earth.

SEE and HEAR the sound pollution vanish from Earth as gleaming soundless ultra-silent new forms of land, air or sky transportation vehicles dominate all movements upon, through--and to and fro--our blessed bright new Earth....

SEE (envision) a SAFE clean, happy world wherever you look....

SEE airports wide open, bustling with joy and goodwill held by all.

SEE national borders open to all, for security guards, passports and personal I.D. photos are no longer needed in a new world where light, love, abundance, joy and harmony is the key-note of all life forms upon and within our newly awakend one loving family of humanity upon our dear Mother Earth.

SEE your own personal shining, soul-fulfilling future days upon Earth.

SEE the radiant shining future of your parents, children, sisters and brothers, or loving friends...smiling as you are visualizing yourself--enjoying their JOY and abundance with them!!

SEE with excitement our radiant, loving Galactic Neighbors, being announced and warmly welcomed on all our public media, the arrival and landing of mass fleets of silently hovering round spacecrafts from other Star Nation's landing earth-wide.

NOTE: Both myself, my soulmate, Maria, and many other Lightworker friends have these identical same visions, all of us have foreseen these mass landings in lucid, clear visions. In my own case, repeatedly. Each time I was aware that I was in an "ovservor mode" knowing myself watching in wonder--and without fear--as I viewed my pre-vision of these mass landings on Earth.

Remember, as you must know, it is your loving spiritual INTENT that carries "the fire of love and light" that will FIRE-THE-GRID.

Miles & Rhonda write

Just in case you haven't heard about this (MASSIVE GLOBAL EVENT)

Watch these 8 short videos in sequence on U-Tube. We found it very
inspiring. (After the first video, just click on parts 2 through to 8.)

Then go to the Fire the Grid website:

Miles and Rhonda
Mike Quinsey writes

Dear Friends,
As you know, I only occasionally send you messages that you have not subscribed to, but I make an exception for one contained in the videos listed below.
There has been a number of messages already this month about "Fire the Grid" which is to take place at 11.11 GMT on the 17th July 2007. In my own messages the emphasis has been on how important this month is, and reference made to it "being one that will be looked back upon as a major turning point" (Diane 07.02.07).
I only had to listen to the first video to know that Shelley Yates is a great soul, who has spent her tragic life for this particular important moment in time. I was absolutely rivetted to her message, and every word carried an energy that told me that this dear soul is so honest and loving. She was clearly inspired, and I have not been so excited for a long time at the message she gave. It was dynamic and powerful with a clear instruction as to what each individual can do to "Fire the Grid"
We are in the time that we can exercise our own power to determine the future of Mankind. So many times our friends in Spirit/Space have told us of the power of thought, partcularly when many souls come together in a common cause.
The 17th July will be our day, and the first of many when we shall take back our sovereignty, our dignity and freedom.
In Love and Light. Mike.
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Elizabeth Ann
Posted 7/18/2007 4:03 AM (#2281 - in reply to #2241)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

UMS Student

Posts: 101
Location: Somerset England
I happened on your post early yesterday morning and thought I would just look at youtube but I was hooked. I watched all eight straight off and by then it was about 8.30am so I decided to link in once I realised we were on summer time here. For over an hour before we began there seemed to be a stillness. I linked in to meditate, I am very used to long meditations but after 30 minutes I became aware that a pump truck was clearing the drain at the bottom of my road, orange light flashing and all, it was there for quite a while. It was not really disturbing me so I just linked back in deeply.

At the end of the hour I noticed that it had started to rain very heavily and a couple of minutes later two of my sons came back from work as it was lunchtime. Then it rained some more and around five minutes after my sons came in we had a flash flood coming off the hill road beside me, and water had nearly reached my back door. Never seen anything like this before nor has my Dad who has been around here for more than eighty years. My youngest son was home as well so we started to shift the water so the house did not flood and then went up to my consulting rooms to do the same there. My was it tipping it down, as I said never seen anything like it here before, I live in a built up area near town, the road to the side of me was like a river and the main road to the front of me was just water right up over the pavements. The drains were overwhelmed by the amount of water. Then I thought about the big drain on the corner being cleared and I realised things could have been much worse. It was all over in about 15 minutes but since then I have realised my task here is Earth Healing, something I was working on many years ago which had drifted to the background for a while.

Have a look at You can view online a film and meditation called 'Helping to Heal the World" Simple but so very effective.

So I thank you Dee

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Dee Young
Posted 7/20/2007 5:14 AM (#2318 - in reply to #2101)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

Thanks Elizabeth for your kind words. WOW, what an intense hour for you! Here was my experience:

It was 4:11 am west coast time in Canada so, considering our 4 and 7 year olds were in a deep sleep, my husband and I felt it was a great opportunity to just BE with each other for an hour. We had no official “plan” what to do. I liked the visualizations and felt we would be guided. So I lit the candles at 4 am, got the Bradfield CD into the stereo, got my husband out of bed….We started by giving each other foot massages while we listened, breathed, visualized……wow I was beginning to really feel the power when suddenly, around 4:15 am, my 7 year old woke up and came in to join us. I rubbed his back and encouraged him to get back to sleep. He really did try but was having trouble as he was intensely watching the candles. Well when I surrendered and then realized he HIMSELF was guided to be part of Fire the Grid hour. So I just poured great love and nurturing to him and explained the purpose of Fire the Grid in language that he could understand (I talk to him all the time about this kind of stuff so he got it right away). What a gift it was to have him with us during that hour. What a gift it was for me to share this love and inspiration with him -- for us individually, as a family, and for Mother Earth.

I appreciate the great information on Fountain. I had trouble downloading the movie online but I read through a lot of the site and plan to order the DVD and donate. When you mentioned your realization about your purpose regarding healing work with the planet – and then when I read through Fountain’s website -- it all totally resonated with me. In fact I recently began working with a meditation group led by Jhadten Jewell in Vancouver, Canada, whose life work is healing work for the planet. I encourage you to check out his site at His 17 chakra meditation CD is amazing. He goes overseas every year and will actually be in England in the fall.

I enjoy reading your posts Elizabeth. I am about to join UMS and look forward to connecting with you again!
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Elizabeth Ann
Posted 7/20/2007 6:44 AM (#2320 - in reply to #2318)
Subject: RE: Fire The Grid

UMS Student

Posts: 101
Location: Somerset England
Hi Dee

Thank you so much for sharing that with me and I will look at that website now. I am amazed that others in this forum did not appear to link for the hour but I wish to take part in the project and I will do my all to spread the word in the future.

I very much look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Love and light

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