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Posted 6/10/2007 2:12 AM (#1999)
Subject: Pets

Hello to all:
In a trade of emails with one of our beloved moderators, I just realized something....and now wonder if any of you have had similar experiences.
I have had a variety of pets in my life, but I have always had cats, and pretty much the same cats for very long times. I didn't think much about it, as a matter of fact, I didn't think at all about it. But, after it was pointed out to me, and after doing a bit of research, it seems that my cats live a whole heck of a lot longer than cats should. Inkspot, aka Inky lived to be 30 human years old (verifiable by the vet bills over the years). Girly Sue (that name was given to her by someone else) left me this past January at the age of 20. Grumpy was 26. My remaining three are 18+some months, 18 (this is the kitten of the previous one) and 11.
The common thread of all my cats is that they do not go outside; I talk to them and they talk, they don't use words (I am not THAT crazy)....they meow; and they listen to classical music, and music which used to be called electronic, then new age and now is known as ambient. Otherwise, they get common brand pet store or supermarket catfood, table scraps, and a bit of what I am eating if they beg for it enough to make me relent.
So, why do they live so long? Have any of you had the same experience? If so, is it something we do (consciously or subconsciously)? Auras? Energy transference? Karma? Love?
Maybe they are familiars? Spirit guides? I dunno!
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Posted 6/10/2007 3:16 AM (#2000 - in reply to #1999)
Subject: RE: Pets

UMS Student

Location: Hirosaki, Japan
My best friend when i was growing up was my cat named Max, we had 3 dogs and 3 other cats, and i was very close to all those animals, but Max and I were very close. I was a teenager then, and had so many freinds, they all also loved Max too! He had a great personality, he has very funny and dorky, and he would listen to commands from me, much like a dog.
He was the only male animal in house and asserted himself as the alpha male to all the animals in the neigborhood, even the occasional stray dog! He was an Abyssinian, so he liked water too. He would follow me around no matter where i went! even the mile and a half walk to school everyday. I had a whistle call for him and he would show up, i could really be anywhere in the whole neigborhood. He was a very amazing cat! and a great part of our family!But he died of cancer in my arms about a year before I enlisted in the navy. now i dont want any pets because i travel too much for one right now. I know this doesnt have anything to do with the pervious post, but it reminded me of Max and I thought i would take the opportunity to honor him.
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Posted 6/10/2007 12:31 PM (#2001 - in reply to #1999)
Subject: RE: Pets


Posts: 231
Location: California, USA
I've always been a cat person. Reading your post, Marty, reminded me so much of our cat. He is still young. But he is a member of our family and talks with us. We know what each meow means, and he knows it. He likes classical music, too, and must be in the room with the family if we are gathered for a movie or something. He is indoors also, and so spoiled that he can go into our entry way and meow a certain way and someone will go outside and get him fresh grass to chew on. We've had him for 6y.
He was rescued from a gas station, where my FIL saw him starved, injured and sick under a car. They brought him to me, saying I was the only one they knew that could save his life if it could be saved. They said they would take him back after I nursed him. He almost died the next day. He didn't want to leave after that, so he's still here.

We had thought he was part siamese and short haired--NOT! He is long haired (much to my allergic chagrin if I'm away from him 48h) and beautiful, with the longest fluffy tail. He just had to recover. He'd had open puncture wounds from something trying to carry him off and 2 cysts. Fever. You name it. His official name is Job, but everyone calls him Puddy.
The only scars he carries are emotional. He panics if he can see the bottom of his bowl and doesn't like men, but tolerates DH and DS now. A few quirks - we've adapted to. Never leave clean laundry out or he'll soil it. He loves dirty laundry and smelly shoes. I certainly hope beyond hope we have him for so many years. I can hardly imagine life without him now.
We're going on vacation this summer and I'm so woried about how he'll do if we go. We've not been gone for more than 2-3d before now, but this is for a whole week. He'll be devastated...
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Posted 6/11/2007 3:02 PM (#2010 - in reply to #1999)
Subject: RE: Pets

UMS Student

Posts: 54
I can't believe someone else has a pet named Pierre!
My rabbit's name is Pierre and he is almost 11 years old!
Rabbits are only supposed to live 5-7 years so I'd say I agree with you there!
Everytime I talk to someone I haven't talked to in awhile they say, "You still have that rabbit?!!!?"
I'm not sure what it is that keeps him kicking though. We don't spend much time with him at all. He's never been very cuddly and if we take him out and try to pet him, he just runs away and hides under the table, so we don't even take him out anymore. It seems a pretty miserable existence to just sit in his cage and all we do is feed and water him, but he doesn't seem interested in much else. I've always been baffled at his age too though!

We also got a bird a few months ago who 1 week after we got him, got horribly sick. We found him with his head in his food dish hardly moving and very cold. I held him and gave him some reiki energy and my son and I kept asking him to hold on. We really got attached to him even after a week. We rushed him to the animal emergency center and picked him up the next day. He was doing great. We had him on a course of antibiotics and he's hopping around on me as we speak. We were so happy and shocked that he made a full recovery.

So I agree with you, although I'm not sure the exact reason either!
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Tracy Martin
Posted 6/11/2007 3:12 PM (#2011 - in reply to #1999)
Subject: RE: Pets


Posts: 486
Location: California
Cats are the creatures who gracefully creep into my heart and set it aflame with love and awe. They always seem to go right through my resistances and fears and speak to my soul about acceptance and forgiveness with royal dignity and ridiculous buffoonery. And with a gentle claw, they release the love I have struggled to withhold. Cats come from another world, they are here calling us to surrender.
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Posted 6/12/2007 12:15 AM (#2012 - in reply to #1999)
Subject: RE: Pets

As I write this Poppyhead, whose real name is LuckyPop, is sitting on the right side of my desk.....something that she never does. She is my 18yo, her Mommy (LuckyLee aka Luckily) is someplace else, I dunno where.
NTET......I also, honor Max! I am glad you told us of him. It made me think about why I am so tied down to one place at this time. Way back when, an army (not US-German) guy took care of my cats as I was a USAF ROTC guy. Many years after, a Naval Reserve guy (who was prior an Army rsv) took care of them when I had to travel. After returning from active duty in Eyeraq, he hooked up with his childhood sweetheart, who has two "Hemingway" cats, from Key West, Florida. He absolutely loves those cats, six toes and all!
SOULFIRE and you see the connection? Not just among you two, but among this community? How would you both have ever discovered your Pierres, if not for this? There is a diverse, yet, united community of people here.
Finally TRACY....rational Marty speaks first.....the woman who developed the breed of cats known as Ragdolls, noted for the trait of acting just like ragdolls when you pick them up (absolutely true, as I had a Ragdoll) in the later years of her life, claimed that they had alien blood in them. She was elderly by then, and also in California (no slight on that grand state intended); but also a bit eccentric, as I suppose we all are. The alien blood thing stretched my imagination, but, I can say that Rags are the most unusual of cats. Anyone interested can Google and read a most interesting story about this breed. Now, just me talking...................
what Tracy wrote was poetic, moving, and oh so true!
My critical Taurus sister told me that, and I quote (as close to as I can remember) "you don't just like your cats, you LOVE them" (her emphasis, not mine). And, I suppose she is right, just as Tracy is.
I do hope that we hear from more people, as this is fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!
Any people with dogs out there? I had a Pomeranian, her official name was Foxy, but I always called her Tuppance (from a Brit comedy).
With best wishes for peace profound,
Sincerely and fraternally

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