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For anyone interested in the Mayan Calendar
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Posted 5/3/2007 2:57 PM (#1818)
Subject: For anyone interested in the Mayan Calendar

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Tracy Martin
Posted 5/3/2007 4:18 PM (#1822 - in reply to #1818)
Subject: RE: For anyone interested in the Mayan Calendar


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Thanks! Excellent resource.
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Posted 5/4/2007 11:23 AM (#1825 - in reply to #1818)
Subject: RE: For anyone interested in the Mayan Calendar

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‘Over a year’s time the Sun transits through the twelve houses of the zodiac. Many of us know this by what ‘Sun sign’ is associated with our birthday. Upping the scale to the Platonic Year – the 26,000 year long cycle – we are shifting, astrologically, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Mayan calendar does not really ‘end’ in 2012, but rather, all the cycles turn over and start again, vibrating to a new era. It is as if humanity and the Earth will graduate in the eyes of the Father Sun and Grandmother Milky Way.

‘Why should we care about the Mayans today? Is there anything we can learn from them? The trees give us oxygen to breathe and help create the nourishing rains upon which we depend, sustaining life. We are missing these rains in places where the trees have been cut down or burned. Fires begin that nature can no longer extinguish. For the Mayans, trees were intermediaries between the physical and spiritual worlds, and absolutely essential to life. They believed that without the tree man could not survive and that ‘with the death of the last tree comes the death of the human race.’

‘The ancient carved stones and the stars themselves tell us we are on the brink of a new world age. There is no reason not to take a leap of faith into imagining what may be in store. We may trust that it is time for humanity to awaken into a true partnership with each other, with the Earth, and the Cosmos. By accepting this partnership, we may claim our birthright and become Galactic Citizens who care for and sustain the planet, thus sustaining ourselves. This is clearly the challenge of our times. Yet, arriving just in time and on schedule is the Winter Solstice dawn on the day we may remember that we are truly Children of the World.’ From

The above is an extract from a contribution I found on the internet. The name of the author was not given, but as these comments are the only sensible ones that have thus far come my way, I would like to honour that person’s contribution and include it here. And because there is so much negativity connected with the Mayan Calendar, I will add a few comments of my own to it. However, do you ever wonder, as I sometimes do, whether it has ever occurred to anyone that the Mayan calendar might end in 2012 for one very simple reason? Could it have been written such an extremely long time ago that those responsible for it could not imagine that our world would continue beyond 2012? That time would then have been such a long way ahead that they might merely have thought: ‘That’s enough! We’ve toiled long and hard on this calendar. Let those who come behind us do their own work, from then onwards!’ Or would that be too simplistic a view? What do you think?

Being an astrologer, I am familiar with the Great Year and the Ages of man, as explained in the previous chapter. In ‘White Eagle on the Great Spirit’ we are being told about a time on the Earth when people worshipped stone images. There is evidence that this was followed by a time of worshipping fire and the Sun. To me, these things could be indications of the past Ages of Capricorn, Earth, which was followed by Sagittarius, Fire. In case you are now wondering why Capricorn should come before Sagittarius when in the ordinary zodiac it is the other way round, it is necessary to reach out a bit further.

Most people know that the Earth rotates on its axis. What is less well known though is the fact that it does so with a slight wobble. Because of this wobble, which is not unlike the behaviour of a giant spinning top, the constellations situated behind the Sun have over thousands of years slowly been changing. The word precession means the slow movement of the axis of a spinning body, for example a gyroscope, around another axis. Slowly and almost imperceptibly, the equinoxes come round that bit earlier, all the time. This is known as the precession of the equinoxes. Greek astronomers apparently first discovered which principle lies behind the theory, which is that the gravitational pull of both the Sun and Moon on the Earth’s equatorial bulge cause the Earth’s axis to trace a circle in space. To complete one of these circles takes the Earth 25,868 years.

This wobbling of the Earth causes the position of the celestial poles to change constantly, and the equinoxes do the same. The equinoxes are the points at which the celestial equator intersects the Sun’s path around the heavens. There is a slow, but steady drift in the co-ordination of objects on the celestial sphere. Because of this, the dates of the astrological signs of the zodiac no longer correspond to the time of year, when the Sun passes through the constellations, at present. For example, the physical Sun in our sky now passes through Leo from mid-August to mid-September. For astrological purposes, it has remained in Leo from 23rd July to 22nd August each year, with slight fluctuations. The discrepancy is caused by the precession of the equinoxes. Yet, at some stage, both times must have coincided.

Be that as it may, the 25,868 years it takes the Earth to complete one of the great circles are known to us as one Great Year. In this time our planet passes through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each sign represents one Great Month, which lasts for rather more than 2,000 years. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the zodiac signs of these Months move anti-clockwise, unlike those in our birthcharts. The same as the Sun signs in our birthcharts colour the character of each human soul on its pathway through this lifetime, each Great Month has a unique character, which greatly influences all creatures and happenings on our planet. The Great Months are known as the Ages of Man. No-one knows exactly when one Age ends, and a new one begins. That is why all we do know at present is that we have now entered the Age of Aquarius, and that because of this the influence of the energies of this sign are constantly increasing, whilst the effects of the Piscean Age are still with us, and have to be dealt with by us.

After all that, back to the Mayan Calendar. The way I see it, it could be something that has been handed down the ages to our world from the ancients, which came into being during the Age of Gemini. In that case, it would be as old as between six and eight thousand years! It would then represent us with an interesting evolutionary study in the mental/scientific development of our race and could be one of the finest examples of what the human mind of capable of perceiving. 

With Love and Light,


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