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Between the heavens and the Earth.
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Posted 2/28/2015 8:46 PM (#25904)
Subject: Between the heavens and the Earth.


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The physical universe, as created, is much more than mere physical matter in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. Each of these has other components. Above all in creation is the spiritual universe which we think to be principally eternal and home to great purposeful intelligences. Of these realms what we know is dependent upon our ability, our access. Back to the created physical."A grain of sand has a soul" but what of it? Sand has no mind so it's soul cannot be made of mental matter like ours are. Look closer, much closer at it and find that it is a combination of minerals. Look closer at these and see that each is chemically different from it's fellows. Gaze closer yet and see that the essential differences, on their lowest levels, are atoms bound together in patterns which are dictated by the elemental electrical properties of each type. Reduce this further and find the various sub-atomic particles which so interest science.

Now let all that go.

The "unified field" that Einstein sought for so long is within understanding now. It is just "behind" all those particles. The manifestation is not in any physical linking up but rather through the differences in vibrational rates that characterizes each. In an undisturbed state they form a quiet mass of a different kind of matter. Compared to the solids, liquids and gases which we normally deal with this type is nearly undetectable. Yet is has properties. It is real. It is another form of matter which the world has long known about but which has never yet been quantified. We have known this as ethereal. Ethereal matter would be a better term. It is present in and around every particle of physical matter no matter how small. It's strength is dependent upon how those physical, atomic, particles interact (bond). Science tells us there is space between particles in a nucleus and also between it an those electrons which orbit. Every bit of physical matter in the universe is imbued with ethereal matter too. The physical could not exist without it.

This goes for us as well.

We humans have subtle energy field surrounding our bodies. First and most dense is the ethereal which was just described. Look up now. The entire Earth is likewise supported by an ethereal counterpart. On a planet which is devoid of biological life this is all there is. But our presence on this globe adds to the mix. Animals large or small, germ or human being do, in varying degrees, express as emotional entities.Back up a bit.What I've been trying to say is that when the great moment of creation occurred it was not just physical matter that came into being. Meta-physical matter was also created. The two are inter-dependent. One is not found without the other. "Occult" does not mean dark, evil things. It means "that which is hidden". We, in ignorance, misuse the term. The truth behind all of this is that whatever exists in nature is dependent upon and is supported by another less tangible equivalent. As we journey up into the spiritual we find this to be true. Physical, ethereal, astral/emotional, mental, buddhic, atmic and monadic. There are others above these which are normally unknowable to us as humans. Human souls are made of and reside on the mental plane. "Before", if we can use that word since there was no matter and thus no time, The lower mental was the coarsest, lowest of the spiritual planes. Each plane higher than the physical has seven divisions or sub-planes as well.There is one more important aspect of creation. The physical world is the domain of opposing forces which do not exist in higher realms. They have purpose which is strongly connected to the very reason for creation in the first place.

Human souls, and other sentient lives, have purpose. The purpose of a human soul is to begin growing finally becoming god like and a creator in turn. This cannot be accomplished in an existence wherein there is nothing but harmony. So a world of opposites is very necessary. What is the essential, lowest common denominator of opposites in the universe? The electrical charges which bind atoms. Positive and negative are more than just charged particles. They are manifestations of opposing forces. These forces result from a great creative Will acting upon the lower fields in spirit (meta-physical). In other words the created ethereal field is disturbed and agitated to the point of dissolution. This results in division, an unbalance, which is the basic requirement for us to achieve our purpose.

Back to meta-physical.

Meta means "within or behind or amidst" or some other such word. In simplest terms "meta-physical" describes the workings of the field which supports the physical. I tend to be long winded but to make it short I'll begin again by saying what we all know. We are essentially energy beings which appear to be physical and emotional. Ours auras reveal our meta-physical bodies. We all know that the human aura is layered. Closest to the body is the ethereal. Next is the astral/emotional and finally lower components of the mental plane are to be found. Advanced humans have others. In the long history of humanity there have been those who knowingly manipulated subtle matter usually with some distinct purpose. Their motives were not always high. The presence, the reality of the ethereal plane which surrounds a man is well know to those of us who are sensitive. We can, using our hands (really the chakras in the hands or the chakra in the forehead), feel or see the "energy fields" of others. We can feel emotional excess and physical pains in the bodies of others. Everyone on this forum knows well enough about all this. It's not a question of belief but of demonstrable fact.The rest, the day to day of the shaman, witchcraft, Reiki and other areas of interest all are systems of interaction between the physical and the ethereal etc. Include the lower forms of alchemy and astrology too. Everything has been said now except that the mechanism which enables has not yet been spoken of. Remembering that each subtle plane is dependent upon that which is higher we can see that our familiar ethereal plane is easily manipulated by us using our minds. Note that it is only on the physical plane that we use audio vibrations for communications. Each of the higher planes has it's own method of non verbal speaking which we would call telepathy. Human beings are naturally telepathic. This has often been noted and sometimes called "psychic ability".

An interesting aspect of it all is regarding the passage of time. Using Earth time as a baseline the higher we go the slower the passage of time. Christians will oft refer to the passage "before Abraham was, I am" and wonder. Also they sometimes are consternated by the ability of "god" to give them free choice yet to know in advance how they will choose. This is simply because from that lofty plateau, high on the monadic plane, everything simply "is".

One who practices the meta-physical arts today is a member of a group with a long heritage. Since before the time of Adam knowledge of the ethereal has been known or at least sensed. Throughout history those whose business it was to interact with the "spiritual" have been revered. It was only recently in historical times that science moved away from it. That will only be temporary. The reality of the ethereal is about to be recognized and described in mathematical terms. A wholly new look upon the universe will unfold including such things as ultra fast traveling between stars. The time will come when our bodies will be able to follow where presently only our minds can go.

"Mind over matter" is precisely this.No need to say more here because the reader on this forum is well acquainted with methods already.Thanks for reading. Peach through understanding to us all.the meta-physician works with the subtle energy fields which are universally present. The meta-physician knowingly and with the purpose of achieving results on the physical plane creatively manipulates ethereal matter and the corresponding forces. This is precisely the method used by Jesus when He healed. It is for him/her to keep to high purpose.

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