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Food For Thought

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Posted 2/17/2015 6:32 AM (#25863 - in reply to #25862)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s the way we’re all going home.

It’s not far, just close by, through an open door.
Work all done, care laid by – fear and hurt no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us – Father’s waiting too.
Angel folks are gathered with guides and friends we know –
Guides and friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way – Earth-bound dreams all done.
Shadows gone – break of day – real life’s just begun.
There’s no break, there’s no end – just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile – going on and on.

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
It’s not far, just close by – through an open door.
Going home, going home, I’m just going home.

Though I have gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for saying goodbye to the Earth plane has come.
God and the Angels are forever with us,
Keeping you and me safe.
And no matter where we may ever find ourselves,
We shall always rest securely in God’s loving hands.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

From ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’

* * *
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Posted 2/18/2015 6:52 AM (#25864 - in reply to #25863)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
Where Do We Come From?

Where do we come from and where are we going to? Being spirit, we can only come from the world of spirit. And when our physical body returns to the Earth, where does our spirit go? Where else can it go but back to where we came from, the world of light? This does not mean some place elsewhere. It is merely another dimension of our present world. The world of light or spirit is an integral part of it that becomes invisible to our earthly eyes, each time we enter into another physical body. That is all.

We are as much part of God as God is of us and there has never been a time when we were not with God. This is why the Divine will never forget or leave us. Each one of us is a spark of the Great White Spirit. Being spirit, like God, we are eternal and immortal, and like God cannot die. Our spirit is masculine and attached to each spirit is a soul, its soft and sensitive feminine counterpart, who is the memory bank of all our experiences. We carry them around with us from lifetime to lifetime. This continues until they are no longer required by us and shed.

For the past two thousand years or so, the wisdom of the Christ Spirit brought our world the Jesus legend. It brought us the message: ‘The truth will set you free!’ This always has been a call from the Highest to humankind to encourage us to go in search of a better understanding of God’s nature and our own and our special relationship with the Divine. As soon as we begin to conduct our lives in accordance with the requirements of the Universal laws, in particular the law of Karma – more about it in a moment – the Universe places the power into our own hands to eventually free ourselves from the karmic chains and shackles that have kept us tied to Earth life for a very long one. We ourselves are the only ones who can release us from the wheel of Karma.

With all my heart and soul I believe that there is a great plan of life in which everybody has their place. And with my whole being I trust that this plan is perfect, and that our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life holds both our worlds – as well as all other worlds – safely in His/Her loving hands. More than that: I know these things and that is a faith and a trust that no-one will ever be able to shake or take from me, for the simple reason that it is not based on something that is written in a book somewhere, but deeply engraved in my heart and soul.

When I reflect on the mysteries of life and death and the Universe as a whole, I become aware how all things work together for the good of the whole, and I realise that everything that happens anywhere in the whole of Creation has been planned and is held in the mind of the Great Architect and Master Designer of all worlds and all beings. The knowledge of this helps me to open my heart, soul and mind with confidence to the One, who holds the plan and takes care that it unfolds as it should and that therefore all life is moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life in a well ordered fashion.

This helps me to walk with a tranquil heart and an open mind to the beauty, the wonders and the glories of all the Universes that cannot be seen by earthly eyes, but only perceived by our minds. Knowing that God is in other people just the same as in me, makes it easy to be sincere and true in all my relationships. And I rejoice that truly, truly there is no death and that wherever there is love between human souls there can be no separation.

Recommended Reading:
Part A – Losing Faith
Part B – Losing Faith – Not A Disaster
Part C – Finding Renewed Faith

Please allow a moment for the files to load.

From ‘Letter To A Friend’

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Posted 2/19/2015 6:27 AM (#25865 - in reply to #25864)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
The Internet Prayer

Thank you, Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
For the beauty and wonder of Your Creation.
Thank you for allowing us all to take part in
The natural beauty of the planet
You have given into our care,
Our beloved Mother Earth.

Thank you for also providing us with the ideas
For the technical revolution that has been taking place in our world
For quite some time by now.
May Your creative ideas continue to inspire all of us,
And especially our scientists and technicians,
So they too can do their share of our world into
An ever more beautiful and peaceful one,
In which all can partake freely and equally in
The gifts that so generously flow from Your abundance.

We thank You for the miracle of the Internet
That has brought us the wonder of getting to know,
Through communications that are established in seconds,
Like-minded people throughout out whole planet,
Who are our siblings in the family of humankind.
Help all Your children of the Earth
To re-awaken into their true nature
And to tune into Your wisdom and truth,
So that our whole world, including the Internet,
Fills with ever more light and our Earth evolves
Into a planet of healing and peace.

Guide and protect us and show us how to use the Internet
Wisely, with respect and for the highest good of all,
As a tool and instrument for healing and peace.
Help us to treat every one of the miracles
Of Your Creation, technical and otherwise,
With the reverence they deserve
And with love for You, the One who has created
And constantly re-creates
This splendid world for us and through us,
For all to enjoy.

Show each one of us how we can make our contribution
To the blessing and healing,
Saving and redeeming of ourselves and each other,
Our world and all worlds,
Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
In accordance with Your will and wishes,
It shall be so, now and forever.


From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *
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Posted 2/20/2015 7:00 AM (#25867 - in reply to #25865)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
The Porcupine Fable

Down the ages and with the help of legends and myths, fairy tales and fables the Divine, through many different human channels, has always tried to transmit its wisdom and truth into the collective consciousness of our race. Referring to the progress of its success on the Earth plane the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, wrote: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.’

Schopenhauer was the author of a fable about porcupines that to this day conveys a vital message of how we all can and indeed have to learn to co-exist more harmoniously. Schopenhauer’s allegory tells of how during one of the coldest winters Mother Earth had ever experienced, many animals were dying from cold exposure. As this was happening all around them ever rapidly, it occurred to the porcupines that the only way their species would probably survive the bitter cold of the howling North and East winds would be by pooling their resources and gathering closely together. They realised that benefiting from each other’s body heat would be the only way of protecting themselves.

Alas, even though they were much warmer now, their quills were so sharp that they could not help wounding each other. This caused so much pain that after a while they reluctantly had to move apart again. Alas, when each one was on its own once more, ever more of them froze to death. That’s when the brilliant idea came to one of them that for their survival they would have to decide individually whether to accept the quills of their companions or die. Realising the danger of their whole species possibly disappearing from the Earth, enough of them were sufficiently wise to move closer together with the others.

So the fable goes. Yet, in truth it is the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life, in whom all is one, that orchestrates and conducts the wondrous symphony of life by constantly guiding and protecting all Its creatures. On the Earth plane this expresses itself through the wisdom of our planet and that for all its inhabitants. This is where the instinctive and intuitive behaviour of all living things, plants and animals alike, including us, has its origin. As a result no living thing in the whole of Creation is ever without Divine guidance and protection.

God’s wisdom is stored in its feminine aspect, the Goddess. She is the mother of all species and the living and breathing force behind phenomena like the clever formation flying of birds during migration. She is the source of the instinctive knowledge of the animal kingdom to protect one’s young against all threats, if need be at the expense of one’s own life. She is in charge of our own body clocks as well as that of all other members of the animal kingdom. She tells Her creatures when to mate and when to abstain from it, for example when not enough food is going to be available for the raising of young. She instructs hibernating animals when and where to begin theirs and when it is safe to come out of it again – and so on and so forth.

And it was the porcupines’ group soul, as part of the Great Mother, who is the soul of the whole of Creation, who instructed the individual animals through their instincts to move closer together and keep each other warm, so sufficient numbers of them would stay alive, to secure the survival of their species next spring. That’s how the porcupines during that terrible winter acquired the wisdom that sharing their own warmth with their companions was the most important ingredient for getting through the cold months. Putting up with the wounds the unusually close proximity with their companions inevitable inflicted upon each other was a small enough price to pay for their survival.

Human relationships can frequently be very similar to what the porcupines had to endure. The essence of every human being, without exception, is spirit and soul and we all contain everything, the very best and the worst. While our spirit is immortal and cannot die, the soul is our soft, sensitive and vulnerable feeling side, in which the memories of each of our spirit’s experiences on the Earth plane are stored for future reference. It usually does not take long until the earthly self, aware of its soft and defenceless underside, develops sharp inner spines that express themselves through its words and actions. For as long as young and inexperienced earthly selves remain unaware of the fact that whatever we send out into our world, in thoughts, words and deeds, inevitably has to return to us, they are unlikely to wish to restrain themselves in their human contacts.

To this day, there are a great many of these foolish young ones in our world, who take pride in their ability to employ their barbs in the most hurtful ways possible. Giving such people a wide birth is the best solution. Yet, whenever that is impossible, there is every reason why we should forgive them, for they know not what they are doing to themselves, i.e. what kind of Karma they are so vigorously creating for later in their present lifetime and future ones. The rigours, stresses and strains of Earth life are the winters of our lives. Here conditions all too easily turn arctic, for example when we become embroiled in some of those family feuds, in the course of which the attitudes of the participants may become ever more deeply entrenched. Until at least one of those involved at last turns for help to their spirit helpers, the Karmic pendulum may swing helplessly to and fro, one lifetime after another.

The world of spirit, our true home, is our summer land that knows no winters. During their next spell of recovering there, even spirits – or maybe especially they – who have lost their souls are offered opportunities for consulting with the wise ones in charge of our race. When asked, they can help us to work our way through any kind of conflict, until each one of them has finally been resolved.

From ‘Universal Guidance From The Environment’

Please allow a moment for the file to load.

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Posted 2/21/2015 4:32 AM (#25868 - in reply to #25865)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

New user

Posts: 2

Thanks and being thankful are the thoughts that protect and keep us from the deluge of negativity flowing constantly from the consumer ethic of the media machine, seeding discontent and disease. The peace and calm borne of gratitude
will one day consume consumerism it self. Only however, when we have suffered enough.
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Posted 2/21/2015 6:38 AM (#25870 - in reply to #25867)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
Guarding Our Tongues

The Universal law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, decrees that everything has to return to its source. That’s why every thought, word and deed we send out into our world in some way must find its way back to us. Wise ones, who are aware of this, when they know nothing good to say about someone or something, say nothing. As we are sociable and talkative creatures by nature, learning to watch the words we speak and thereby take charge of our tongues is one of the most difficult things we have to tackle on our pathway through life.

That is undoubtedly why as early as the Bible’s Old Testament warned in Proverbs 18:21: ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And those who love it shall eat the fruits thereof.’ In ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 2’ White Eagle adds to this: ‘Keep control of your tongue, so that it says no unkind and hurtful thing. Bear in mind the feelings of those to whom you speak and do so gently and thoughtfully, without anger and haste. When you do this, my dear children of the Earth, difficulties fall away, sorrow recedes into the background and you cannot help but become aware of the gentle presence of the Master within you.

‘We ask you to render a service to yourself and that is holding your tongue. It is one of the hardest tasks that can be asked of you. You ought to see the mists that surround you and your world that is caused by idle chatter. When there is so much of it on the Earth, even the Angels can to nothing but bow their heads, because they are then unable to minister to you. Whenever you are tempted to say: ‘I think or believe so and so. I like this person, but I don’t like that one,’ instead of speaking, be silent and wait and see. If you can also restrain yourself from expressing any foolish opinions about the affairs and the state of your world you will greatly assist the Angels in their work.’

In ancient Greece the philosopher Socrates, 469 - 399 BC, famous for his great wisdom, was only too aware of what kind of damage careless gossip can cause. One day he came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said: ‘Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?’

‘Wait a moment,’ Socrates replied. ‘Before you tell me I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s called the Triple Filter Test.’

‘Triple filter? What does it mean?’

‘Before you talk to me about my student let’s take a moment to run what you’re going to say through some filters. The first one is Truth. Are you sure that what you are about to tell me is true?’

‘No, I just heard about it.’

‘All right,’ replied Socrates. ‘As you don’t really know whether what you have to say is true or not, let’s try the second filter, the one of goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?’

‘No, quite the opposite!’

‘Ah! So you want to tell me something bad about someone, even though you’re not certain it’s true?’

The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.

Socrates continued: ‘Well, if what you have to say is meant to be of some use to me, you may still pass the test, because the third filter is the test of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?’

‘No, not really!’ came the reply.

‘If what you want to tell me is neither true nor good and not even useful, why tell it to me at all?’ asked the sage.

Deeply ashamed of himself, the man walked away.

This is but one example of the wisdom for which Socrates was held in such high esteem by his contemporaries. His message is as poignant and valid for us as it was in his time.

Recommended Reading:

From ‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

Edited by Aquarius 2/21/2015 6:44 AM
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Posted 2/22/2015 7:15 AM (#25871 - in reply to #25870)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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Location: United Kingdom
Sometimes things don’t go
From bad to worse.
Some years, tender things survive the frost,
Green thrives and crops do not fail.
Sometimes we aim high and things goes well.

Sometimes a nation steps back from war,
Elects an honest man and decides to care enough
Not to leave strangers poor.
In some lifetimes we fulfil the purpose we are here for.

Sometimes our best intentions do not go amiss.
Sometimes we do as we are meant to.
Sometimes the Sun does melt a field of sorrow
That seemed frozen too hard.
And I hope that this happens for you.

Sheelagh Pugh
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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Posted 2/23/2015 7:01 AM (#25876 - in reply to #25871)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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Location: United Kingdom
Healing Abusive Relationships

Part A

Cross-Gender Issues

As we know by now, we are in relationship with all life and everything is in relationship with us. Everybody is in need of making peace through finding healing for all our relationships: those with God and the Universe, with ourselves and everyone we come into contact with. This is especially true for the relationship with ourselves, the most difficult one of all.

Because we are now walking the road of evolving into fully integrated and healed human beings who are androgynous just like the Angels and God, ever more of us are waking up to the duality of our human nature. I believe that to this day there is a great deal of suffering in our world that could easily avoided. One of the best examples of this are the unfortunate and unhappy people in our world who are struggling with coming to terms with their sexuality and the physical bodies they were born into, and the gender role they think has been allocated to them, without their approval.

How can we help them to understand the signals their soul and their Highest Self are constantly trying to give them that they are by no means some kind of freak of nature. If only they knew that all human beings on the Earth plane have a feminine and a masculine side to their nature, and that if we have spent sufficient numbers of lifetimes as a woman, it is highly likely that we decide – in the world of light a long time before returning to life in physicality – that the time has come for us to start working on the development and integration of the masculine aspect of our nature. And that is why they, together with the wise ones in charge of them, decided that they should experience their next lifetime by playing the role of a man.

Considering this background, it does not come as a surprise if during our growing up years identity problems arise for us when we find ourselves in the body of a boy. It is quite likely that in that case from early childhood onwards we feel more like a girl than a boy. Because we have an unusually strong subconscious pull towards all things feminine, we may well begin to ask ourselves anxiously: ‘Is there something wrong with me? Am I a girl in a boy’s body? Oh dear, what’s going to happen to me?’ I believe that throughout the ages same sex relationships like male and female homosexuality have had their origin in the gender confusion discussed here.

Problems are bound to arise when we deny and forcefully suppress the needs and demands of the present and future, giving them preference to those of the past. If as a consequence of this we fail to honour and accept the sexual identity into which we were born and refuse to make an effort at taking part in the learning the masculine pathway would have provided for us, in all innocence – or better ignorance – we have entered into a destructive and abusive relationship with ourselves and ultimately our Creator. When the suffering this causes our spirit and soul eventually manifests itself in our physical body as pain, they are trying to give us a signal that the above named two relationships are crying out to us, their earthly self, to go in search of healing through understanding, rather than swallowing pills to suppress the symptoms and numb the pain.

To the wise ones in charge of us this kind of behaviour reveals that we have not yet learnt to trust the wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life, who loves each one of us totally, unconditionally and tenderly. This is the authority who provides for every one of our needs, whatever they may be and however strange they may at times appear to ourselves and those around us. If we thus far lack the understanding that some of the experiences that are coming our way really are necessary for our development of our psyche, the only way of finding is by working our way through them.

Sooner or later, we too shall understand that through our temporary earthly parents the Father/Mother created our physical body, this marvel of engineering, especially for us and the specific requirements of our coming lifetime. And we will also finally be able to perceive that God’s great plan of life is perfect; that Mother Nature, as a physical manifestation of the Great Mother, does not make mistakes; that nothing on the Earth plane happens perchance, and that everything that is in our lives is there as a consequence of the seeds we have sown in other lifetimes in thoughts, words and deeds, because the Universal law of life knows no punishment, only reactions and consequences. Everything that is still wrong, evil or ugly in us and our world is waiting to evolve into something beautiful and perfect. The only reason why they ever came into existence and are still with us is to help us differentiate right from wrong, evil from good, and ugly from beautiful.

By that time we shall be able to accept that anything that appears to be wrong in our lives is there for a good and wise reason and that is to teach us something, and that the best way of finding out what that could be is by consulting with our inner guidance to help us understand. The wise one within is the Great Mother, who knows the way of all things and to those who are willing to listen to Her guidance that rises from deep within the core of our being into our conscious awareness, she is always willing to help, but not without having been asked.

Abusive relationships are the main culprits for constantly recharging our world with vibrations of negativity, jealousy, anger and hatred, and therefore in need of healing. The suffering they bring is caused by ignorance, like the rest of all misery and distress of our world. Most, maybe all of the anguish of those who are unhappy about their gender could easily be avoided if one could help them to understand that they themselves chose who, what and where they were going to be, a long time before the beginning of their present lifetime on the Earth. If they fail to learn about this before it has run its course, they will be in serious danger of throwing away a whole lifetime that, instead of being a deeply unhappy and frustrated one, could have been filled with opportunities for discovering and positively and constructively developing the duality of their nature. With endless patience and love the Universe had it on offer for them, but not to worry. The failure of such experiments merely mean that the experiences of the previous lifetime has to be repeated.

If we reject one part of our nature, instead of lovingly accepting and embracing all of them, no progress can be made towards growing into a more balanced and integrated human being, who lives happily and peacefully with all aspects of their being. The gift of another lifetime has been granted for the purpose of learning how to heal them together, so that they can begin to co-operate with each other in peace and harmony, like in God. Anyone who holds onto the past and its experiences is in serious danger of wasting a whole lifetime, needing a repetition in the hope that this time round our spirit and soul’s message will succeed to seep into the consciousness of our earthly self and help it to understand the purpose of our present lifetime. If the new attempt turns out to be successful and it finally dawns on us that the concerns of the spirit are of far greater importance than those of our earthly existence, the long overdue evolutionary step forward has at last been made.

Here is some wisdom about finding our place and role in the great plan of life from ‘The Milk Is White’: ‘What we do as we move forward can be compared to us laying down paving, as we absorb and apply various principles and shed our negative aspects and attitudes to replace them with new and positive ones. The path itself is, within general parameters, already set down before us but in setting the paving tiles in place by our efforts we are slowly, one by one, consolidating our path and giving it a definition. It may well be that at times we falter or take a step backwards, but the tiles remain in place and give us a firm footing when we tread there again. We never destroy what we have created in this way, even if we slide back a long way and return to it, tired and bruised but a lot wiser.’

Each time one of us returns to the predestined pathway of their life battered and bruised, we do so having grown stronger, wiser and more understanding. And when re-enter our true home into the world of light at the end of another lifetime on the Earth plane, our spirit and soul once again becomes aware of its real nature. Earthly life having fulfilled its purpose once more, we have every reason to be happy and give thanks and praise to our Creator’s wisdom for always providing us with the experiences we need to evolve and grow into an ever more beautiful and perfect, i.e. whole being.

Recommended Reading:
Part A – ‘Letting Go Of Fear And Pain’
Part B – ‘The Fear Of Annihilation’
Part C – ‘Waking Up From The Illusion Of Separateness’
Part D – ‘Why Is Earth Life Necessary?’

Please allow a moment for the second file to load.

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

* * *
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Posted 2/24/2015 7:07 AM (#25879 - in reply to #25876)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

Posts: 1938
Location: United Kingdom
Healing Abusive Relationships
Part B
Women And Children
We are sparks of the Divine and young Gods in the making. It is therefore not surprising that our evolutionary pathway at times reveals itself as a tough and demanding one. The knowledge of the true purpose and meaning of our earthly existence is the tool the Universe lays into everybody’s hands to help all of us together to overcome the suffering and pain that to this day exists in our world, until every last shred of it has gone.
With that let us now turn to another one of the saddest chapters in humankind’s evolutionary story: relationships that have gone bad and in which nothing but suffering is left and so bring out the worst in two people. Instead of assisting them to each develop to their highest potential, it draws the partners down to acting out the lowest of their instincts. Their initial attraction and love has tipped over the edge and exaggerated possessiveness, anger, aggression and hatred have taken their place. There comes the moment when they are no longer staying together because they want to and one of them starts uttering threats like: ‘If you leave me, I’ll . . .’
Because the unpleasant residues of the patriarchy to this day are lingering in the consciousness of our world, it is mostly women and children who are found in such relationships. Should you, dear reader, be a woman who sometimes ponders on the injustice of life for having been born into a female body, take heart. In truth there is no need for anyone to feel bitter about the apparent injustice and unfairness of life and disappointed because the dice of fate have been so heavily loaded against us. Although on the surface of life things often appear to be that way, on the inner spiritual level life most certainly is fair and just.
That is why in some lifetimes we reincarnate as a woman and during others as a man. A long time before coming into our present lifetime, while we are resting from the stresses and strains of Earth life in the world of spirit, our true home, together with the wise ones in charge of us we choose which gender we should belong during our next journey of studies in physicality. The outcome depends on the type of experiences we are going to require.
Life in all things and conditions is constantly seeking to create balance. Because of this in some lifetimes we find ourselves at the giving end of particularly unpleasant relationships and experiences, while during others we are at their receiving end. This creates the required balance. As mentioned in the previous chapter, God’s plan of life is perfect and nothing in the whole of Creation happens without good and wise reasons. If we are currently suffering at the hand of anyone, we can be sure that we ourselves through our behaviour towards others – maybe many lifetimes ago – created a situation that for karmic reasons makes our present situation necessary.
For example, if as a woman we attract violent, cruel and disrespectful men into our life – whilst secretly dreaming of a gallant knight in shining armour, who comes to our rescue –, in other lifetimes we spent as a man we treated the women in our life badly. The seeds of what we created then are bearing fruit and are now returning to us, as in the fullness of time all things must. These things are not coming our way as some kind of punishment, but for  three very different reasons. The first one is the creation of opportunities for redeeming our karmic debts towards the other person. The second one is to teach us some vital lessons about the suffering in supposedly loving relationships and what it feels like to be treated abusively. The third one is to create balance.
The most urgent requirement for healing abusive relationships is finding forgiveness, first for ourselves for creating the necessity for this situation and then also for our perpetrators. This does not mean that we condone their behaviour. Far from it, but if we wish to make the progress on the evolutionary spiral of life that is potentially ours for this lifetime, we need to come to terms with the karmic reasons why such unpleasant things are happening to us. We have to accept them as our unique learning experience that shows us how the other person – or someone like them – once suffered at our hands. When dealt with in this way with compassion and love for ourselves and the other one, such experiences will never have to be repeated again.
The karmic chains that draw the people involved in such fateful encounters act like over-strong magnets which inexorably draw two people together lifetime after lifetime. Linked in this way they are bound to continue their joint evolutionary trip until the issues that once arose between them have been resolved and put to rest for good. Only then will they be able to set each other free. The bonds that are thus created attach us to each other like iron manacles. They continue to exist until one of the participants in this up to then endlessly repeating circle awakens to their true nature and goes in search of the road of compassion, love and forgiveness. They are the only solvents that can set those free who are involved in abusive relationships. To be sure, this is a particularly hard and challenging task, but well worth every small effort that is made.
Recommended Reading:
 From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’
* * *
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Posted 2/25/2015 6:30 AM (#25887 - in reply to #25879)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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Location: United Kingdom
Healing Abusive Relationships
Part C
How To Attract More Love
For those who want to turn the tide of their fortunes and attract more loving relationships into their lives, whilst not shying away from seriously and honestly working on their character make-up, it is essential to know that the world around us acts like a mirror that constantly reflects what we are on the inner level of life into our environment, especially through our relationships. We are magnetic creatures who can only draw into our lives what we ourselves have developed thus far.
This is why, before we can hope to draw the person of our dreams into our life, we ourselves first have to change our energies and become like the one we are dreaming of. Any true changes in our world can only be made through everybody’s own willingness to first change their own inner attitudes and perceptions. This alone can create the change of energies we are seeking. And for each one of us our present lifetime is quite literally a Heaven-sent opportunity for growing in wisdom and understanding, and for learning to love the way our Creator loves us, wisely, totally and unconditionally.
In the course of many lifetimes, all together we created every bit of the suffering and evil that ever was in our world and remains to this day. The last thing I want is to send anyone, including myself, on unnecessary guilt-trips. Yet, nothing can change the fact that we are all responsible for the state of our world. All of us have taken part in creating it and are therefore equally involved and responsible for repairing any damage that has been created by us along the way. Instead of wasting our times on guilt-trips and/or a fault-finding missions, with ourselves and others, we are far better advised to work on finding forgiveness for ourselves and everybody else, then rolling up our sleeves and get to work on doing our share of blessing and healing ourselves, each other and our world.
More than anything else, our present lifetime is a quest for truth and the development of the inner vision of what is good and right now, and not thirty, three hundred or maybe even three thousand years ago. My role in this process I do not see as one who causes controversy, but as a mediator of understanding and a maker of peace. I am a Sun Libra, the sign of relationships and of peacemaking. Doing so, I am responding to and being true to the pull of the same spirit that is willing to guide each one of us from within, onto ever higher levels of existence – if we but listen. Libra is one of the Air signs and those born into them can find fulfilment of their highest potential through siblinghood in action. Healing all relationships and through this doing my share of creating peace in our world – one with the help of the other – is a concern very dear to my heart.
Serving the Highest needs to be approached with true humility, the greatest virtue that can be attained in earthly life. As our evolutionary journey approaches its end, it quite naturally becomes the keynote of our life. We then find fulfilment by freely, willingly and unselfishly sharing our gifts and by rising above the earthly self’s desires for fame, glory and self-aggrandisement. To spiritually become someone, we first have to be willing to be nothing and let go of and surrender the ego drive of  our small self and follow the guidance and aspirations of our Highest or God Self instead.
When our whole being has consciously reunited with It, the way we once were before Earth life was created and humankind’s lack of vision slowly but surely distorted the picture and smudged it ever more, we have no longer any need for appearing to be something on the Earth plane. The temporary earthly glories, honours and fat bank accounts are as nothing compared to the value of the eternal gift of knowing that on the inner level there is no separation and all is one, and that once again we are one with God and the whole of Creation, thus fulfilling the true purpose of our existence.
Each one of us is a spark of the Christ Spirit, our Highest or God Self. This is the part of us that is Divine. It is all love and wisdom and knows the way of all things. It dwells, though initially merely in seed form, deep within every human soul. Every small effort we make to connect with it brings us closer to God, but this does not happen by thinking about it. The presence of the Divine in our heart and soul is a feeling that reaches beyond all thought.
Through the world of our feelings we enter into the awareness of God’s enfolding love, the strengthening and upholding power that dwells deep within everyone’s own being and links our spirits with the consciousness of the Cosmos and its centre of truth. Our connection with it can only be sensed and felt when the thoughts and the emotions of our small earthly self have been stilled. That is the only way God and the centre of wisdom and truth can be found. That’s why the Psalm 46:10 tells us: ‘Be still, and know that I am God. I will be praised among the nations and exalted on the Earth.’
From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’
* * *
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Subject: RE: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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Dreaming Of Better Relationships
Relationships are like birds.
If we hold them too tightly, they die.
If we hold them loosely, they fly.
But if we nurture and care for them,
They will not end with anyone’s death,
But be with us, quite literally, forever.
Humankind’s hopes and dreams of a better world to come where people live together in peace and harmony, where hunger and starvation, violence, warfare and pain, sickness and death are no longer known, are very much justified, because the memory of such a world has been deeply imprinted in all human souls. As each one of us advances on its pathway along the evolutionary spiral of life, moving onwards and upwards to experience ever higher and more beautiful forms and expressions of life,  and ourselves develop into one of these, we shall be able to witness how this is happening to all life and lifeforms. Nothing is ever withdrawn or wasted. Everything is recycled time and again and gradually evolves into an ever higher and more beautiful life-forms.
This is also true for all human relationships. They too need to evolve and grow, so that in due course that which has been happening on the inner and higher levels of life can manifest on the outer plane in our environment, too. Because of ‘As above, so below,’ the things we long for but in our view are still missing in our daily lives, like peace and harmony in well balanced relationships, are sure to eventually appear in our life as well. This, however, cannot happen on its own. We have to do our share of making our dream of the ideal life a reality and conduct our own accordingly and in this way bring the Heavens down to the Earth.
Good relationships don’t just happen or fall from the Heavens. They have to be created by us and worked on, sometimes very hard. All the people that come into our lives are gifts from the Universe to assist us with learning how to love wisely. This requires the setting of boundaries. Within them we sometimes need to be firm and insist on that which our heart and inner guidance, who communicates from there with our earthly self, tells us is right for us at any given moment. At the same time we have to be ready to bend before the wind of life by listening to the other one’s needs and showing our willingness to reach the compromises that are necessary to accommodate them.
As love is the law of the Universe, let our soul’s longing and yearning  for more love and peace in our lives be our vision and guiding Star. And the most essential ingredients required for baking the cake of good relationships are wisdom, love and patience, in equal proportions. Yet, we are dynamic beings, who can only attract into our lives the character qualities we ourselves have already developed – for better and also for worse. That’s why, if we wish to draw more loving relationships into our orbit, we first have to sweep in front of our own inner doors and make a genuine effort at being a kinder and more loving person ourselves. In this section of Rays of Wisdom you are going to find many ideas and tips that will help you to work on building happier and more harmonious relationships, in fact the relationships of our dreams that quite literally will last forever.
From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’
* * *
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Subject: RE: Food For Thought

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A Bit Of Advice

Amid the cares of daily life,
In spite of toil and business strife,
If you value the woman in your life,
Tell her so!

When your own days are dark and deeply blue,
Remember that she has her troubles, the same as you.
Show her that in spite of everything
Your love is true
And tell her so!

Don’t act as if she were past her prime,
And as if to please her would be a crime.
If ever you loved her, now’s the time
For telling her so!

Her love will return to you for each caress
A hundredfold in tenderness.
You know that hearts like hers were made to bless.
Well, tell her so!

You like to think that she’s all your own,
And that you are hers and hers alone.
Don’t wait to carve it on a stone.
Tell her so!

Do not allow her heart to grow cold,
For richer beauties for both of you are sure to unfold,
When ever more she’ll prove to you that
She’s worth more than her weight in gold.
Before it’s too late, dear Friend,
Tell her so!

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

P.S. Naturally, the above applies to wives telling their husbands, too.

Tell her she means the world to you and is precious beyond compare. Tell her from your heart and mean it, don’t just use empty words. Bring her flowers once in a while. Find out which ones she likes best and she will love you all the more for your thoughtfulness. The Universal laws ensure that any gesture of kindness we extend to anyone, not just our loved ones, is sure to return to us in many different ways.

Recommended Reading:

From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’

* * *
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Posted 2/28/2015 7:07 AM (#25898 - in reply to #25891)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

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Recipe For A Happy Home
Take two loving hearts and
Melt them into one.
Add lots of love.
Mix well with respect.
Add gentleness, laughter, joy,
Faith, hope and self-control.

Pour in gallons of understanding
And don’t forget patience.
Blend in ears that know how to listen.
Allow each other to grow and share.
Sprinkle generously with
Smiles, hugs, and kisses.
Bake for a lifetime.

Yield: One Happy Home


From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’

* * *
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Posted 3/1/2015 7:09 AM (#25908 - in reply to #25898)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

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Character Traces
The most destructive habit = worry
The greatest joy = giving
The greatest loss = self-respect
The most satisfying work = helping others

The least desirable character trait = selfishness
The most endangered species = unselfish dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource = children
The best ‘shot’ in the arm = encouragement

The greatest issue to overcome = fear
The most effective sleeping pill = peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease = excuses
The most powerful force in life = love

The most dangerous person = a gossiper
Their deadliest weapon = the tongue
The world’s most incredible computer = the human brain
The worst thing to be without = hope

The two most power-filled words = ‘I can’
The greatest asset = faith and trust
The most useless emotion = self-pity
The most beautiful adornment = a smile

The most prized possession = integrity
The most contagious spirit = enthusiasm
The most powerful channel of communication = prayer
Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’

* * *

Edited by Aquarius 3/1/2015 2:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Food For Thought

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Our Two Most Intimate Relationships

Our two most intimate and complex relationships are the one with ourselves and the one with God, not as an external force, but as the spirit of love and goodness, honesty and truth that is a natural part of each one of us that is merely waiting to be consciously accepted and integrated by us. The more we become familiar with the processes of life, the more our faith in life grows. The only way of learning to trust life and its goodness is by testing and trying it, and by living it to the full, never by retreating from it in defeat. Wise ones find that with a better understanding of the laws of the Universe, which apply to all life and lifeforms, conquering the instincts of their lower earthly self becomes easier. Being aware that the law of Karma ensures that everything has to return to its source, and that whatever they send out into the world, inevitably has to find its way back to them, enables them to create nothing but good Karma.

When you can see with your own eyes how the good you once sent out into the world does indeed return to you – though not necessarily through the people it was given to – your faith and trust in the goodness and wisdom of the One who created this life increases steadily. That is why, listening to their inner guidance, wise ones do what is good and right, rather than what is convenient. At all times they give of their best because they know that in due course nothing but more of the same will return to them. Thus their inner vision develops that enables them to see for themselves how fair and just, as well as loving and wise our Creator is. Thus their inner trust that their own life and all life truly is good grows stronger with every passing day. This continues until their faith finally can no longer be shaken or taken away by anyone, ever again.

These wise ones have found true faith, the kind we are meant to develop when all belief systems of our world have failed us and let us down, and when not a shred of faith in anything seems to be left in us. This faith does not consist of a running with any herd, but is something individual between us and our Creator that eventually awakens in every heart. To have faith then means we believe in ourselves, the purpose of our own life and all life. It is a learning to trust our ability to think our own positive and creative thoughts, which we are willing to follow up by positive actions.

When, with the help of God, we have become the master of our emotions, instead of allowing them mastery over us, we will also have learnt to trust our own reactions in all situations. As we are gathering first-hand knowledge of how God guides us, from within through the world of our innermost feelings, there slowly grows within us faith in ourselves and our ability to handle all situations. Gradually, we know that with the help of the living God within us, our inner guidance, we can achieve the mastery we all have to find, if we wish to evolve and grow sufficiently for our existence to finally rise above the physical plane.

Faith is the eternal well that springs forth from God. It nurtures our soul and spirit, who is one with God – always has been and always will be. Faith is capable of lifting us and our life above mediocrity, onto less mundane and more exciting levels of existence that have always been known to our soul and spirit. To have faith means to ever more trust our own abilities and to know that we can draw on endless amounts of inner strength, because it comes from God. It is that which is going to help us master any condition we may encounter with love, kindness and wisdom.

However, many times the emotions of our world, individually and collectively, run fierce and high. This brings us opportunities for learning how to master our earthly self by playing the part of our Highest or Christ Self and say to small self’s fears and anxieties: ‘Peace, be still, all is well with us and our world! Everything rests safely in God’s hands, no matter what happens.’ The trouble is that, when fear gets hold of people, they begin to feel resentful and think they have to defend themselves and their honour against imaginary assaults. At moments like that the voice of our Highest Self needs to reach out to these people and approach them on the innermost level to tell them: ‘Peace, be still. You are my sister/brother, I love you and would never hurt or harm you.’

The story of the Master Jesus walking on the water is an allegory to show us how we too have to acquire the ability of taking charge of every part of our being and learn to control and master our emotions. The water is a symbol for our emotions. To become calm we need to turn to the Kingdom of Heaven and find the place of stillness and peace at the highest level of our being. Only when it has been reached can the heavenly influences pour into us to heal all parts of our being and then use as a channel of Its healing energies to flow into the whole of humankind and our whole world.

So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From: ‘The Soul’s Yearning’
Original Title ‘Seliges Verlangen’

Recommended Reading:

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *
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Posted 3/3/2015 6:51 AM (#25918 - in reply to #25912)
Subject: RE: Food For Thought

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Let It Be
When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.’
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be,
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be’.
Whisper words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.’

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted,
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me.
Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music,
Mother Mary comforts me
Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.’

And during times of trouble,
Her voice of wisdom comes to me:
‘Look for the lesson, be patient,
Let it be.’

Paul McCartney
Last verse by Aquarius

* * *

‘Being part of and at one with God, the soul is psychic and therefore as familiar with the past as the present and future. She is the wise one within who knows the answers to every one of your questions. All the Mother Goddess desires is to protect the human race, not to destroy it. She has always been with you and part of you. When you laugh, she enjoys herself with you. And when you are sad and lonely or in pain, She suffers with you. We speak most earnestly to all of you and urge you to bring forth and develop the highest and noblest qualities of the Great Mother. The Virgin Mary of the Jesus legend as the mother of God is Her symbol.’

Extract from ‘Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding A Growing Organism’

Please allow a moment for the file to load.

‘Let It Be’ is from ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

* * *
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Posted 3/3/2015 8:55 AM (#25919 - in reply to #23562)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

Forum Administrator

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Thanks for your continuing Wisdom contribution Aquarius
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Posted 3/4/2015 6:54 AM (#25923 - in reply to #25919)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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And thank you for your kind and loving words, dear Ophiucus.

As ever, they are much appreciated.

With love - Aquarius

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Posted 3/4/2015 6:54 AM (#25924 - in reply to #25923)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

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My Thoughts Are Not Like Your Thoughts

Although for a very long time you were unaware of this, through negative and destructive thinking you yourselves have been the makers of all the wars the Earth plane has seen and is experiencing to this day. Even the events you still regard as natural disasters are brought about in the same manner – through thinking. The only way of preventing the sad catalogue of wars and disasters repeating themselves endlessly in future lifetimes is by altering your individual thinking patterns into positive and constructive ones, now. A constant and conscious effort is required from each one of you to guide and focus your thoughts, when they are trailing off into the old thinking patterns, on that which you recognise as good, beautiful and right in your world.

In keeping with My Universal laws every one of your thought, words and actions in due course brings you its just results and rewards. In every lifetime your thoughts and actions are the seeds you sow on the Earth plane, from which your future life grows. Whatever you find in the present is the result of what you planted during the earthly sojourns of past lives. So, if in future ones you hope to return to a peaceful place, where sickness and hunger, violence and crime are no longer known, start changing right here and now, so that with every passing day you grow into a kinder and more peaceful and loving person.

Let us stay with My laws for a moment. As you know by now, all life in the whole of My Creation is subject to them. However, be aware that these laws can be interpreted and viewed in many different ways and from various angles. As your evolutionary journey takes you ever further into the higher and eventually the highest realms of life, your perception and understanding of My laws will gradually change. Even when it comes to the wisdom and truth you receive from Me, avoid fixed idea and do not close your mind to anything. Do not become like a record that goes on and on repeating itself, but let your thinking move on until your whole being plays the harmonies of the Heavens.

Should you encounter something that does not fit into the picture of life you have developed at any given moment, do not reject that which you hear. Tuck it away at the back of your mind and then wait and see what develops. In the fullness of time this will enable you to recognise how wonderful every one of the many aspects and diverse interpretations of the knowledge you receive from Me truly are.

Extract from My Thoughts Are Not Like Your Thoughts

From The Universal Christ Speaks To Us And Our World

* * *
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Posted 3/5/2015 7:49 AM (#25934 - in reply to #25924)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

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Peace Be With You

May Divine peace fill your whole being, within and without, today and forever.

May you be content with yourself and love and accept yourself, just the way you are.

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you always be aware of the infinite possibilities that are born of trust in the goodness of life and its Creator,
the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
to provide for all of everyone’s needs, including yours.

May you use the gifts the Universe has bestowed upon you,
to do your share of making our world into a better and more beautiful place
for all its inhabitants.

May you be able to give the full measure of the love
that is the most natural and important part of your being,
to everything that comes your way.

May your soul enjoy the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love
whatever is waiting to be taken possession of by you
every moment of each day, week, month and year of your present lifetime.

And may God and the Angels bless you and keep you safe, forever.


From ‘Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing’

* * *
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Posted 3/6/2015 7:04 AM (#25940 - in reply to #25934)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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Moving On

As every flower fades and youth must give way to old age,
So all wisdom and each virtue may be valid only in its day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the human soul must say farewell
And be ready for a new beginning.
Bravely and without sadness we need to
Enter into ever new learning, safe in the knowledge that
In the background of all life dwells the power of the Unseen,
To guide and protect us and help us to live,
Wherever our destiny may take us one day.

We are meant to move happily through space and time,
Without making our home in any one of them,
Because we know that our true home lies elsewhere.
The Spirit of the Divine never aims
To tie and restrict any of us; quite the opposite is true!
Step by step the Universe tries to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our present understanding.
If we are in danger of staying with one particular way of living
For too long, our spirit and soul stagnate and start to yearn for
Fresh learning through new adventures and further explorations.

The awareness that there is no death, that life is eternal,
Without beginning or end, helps us to
Give in more readily to the demands of life
When the time for moving on has come.
The hour of departure from the physical plane of life is eased and
We can enjoy our rebirth onto a different level of life,
Because we know that all it means is learning of a different kind.

The realisation that life’s call to the human soul
Will never end fills our heart and soul with good cheer.
It enables us to say good-bye willingly and happily,
Whenever the need arises, and go forward peacefully
To find rest and healing in the oneness with God.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Translated & adapted by Aquarius

From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’

* * *
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Subject: Re: Food For Thought

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Sunday 8th March 2015 is International Women’s Day.
The following is my contribution:

Woman’s Tears

‘Why are you crying?’ a little boy asked his mother.
‘Because I’m a woman,’ she replied,
Smiling at him through her tears.
‘I don’t understand that,’ he said.
Hugging him, his mother answered:
‘Maybe you never will’.

Dissatisfied, the boy turned to his father:
‘Why does mother sometimes seem to cry for no reason?’
His dad shrugged: ‘I suppose women are like that.
They all cry for no reason.’

When the little boy had grown into a man
He was still wondering why it should be that women
Are much more easily moved to tears than men.
In the end, he turned to the living God within
And put his question:
‘Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life,
Can you tell me why it is that women cry so easily?’

The wise one within replied:
‘The female of your species
Is something extra special.
The part of Me that is the Father of all life
Created her in the image of
His beloved companion, the Great Mother.
Because of this, the women of your world
Possess the Mother’s emotional and spiritual strength
That helps them in times of crises
To shoulder and carry the weight of your whole world,
And at the same time being loving, caring,
Gentle and supportive to comfort all My creations.

This gives the women of your world
The inner strength to endure childbirth and
Even the rejection that often
Meets her from her own children later in life,
Just like many of you to this day refuse to know Me.

The Great Mother’s strength is in your mother,
The same as in all other women.
It enables them to keep going when everyone else gives up.
It makes them willing to care for their
Families through hard times,
Sickness and fatigue without complaining.

It helps them to love their children the way I,
The great Father/Mother of all life,
Love each one of you, totally and unconditionally.
That is why mothers, even when they have been
Upset and hurt badly by their children,
Do not stop loving them.

The high emotional sensitivity of the feminine
Connects women with the feelings of those around them.
Their empathy enables them to forgive their children
For the errors and mistakes they inevitably make
On the pathway through life,
Which the offspring have to walk,
Just the same as their mothers have to do.
Even though they share their children’s anxieties and fears,
They do their best to use what their own life has taught them
To help you alleviate those of their children.

This is how it comes about that your mother
Is capable of loving the men in her life,
Including her father, her husband and you,
In spite of all their shortcomings.
She knows that a good husband would not dream of
Hurting or harming his wife,
But that life sometimes sends all of us tests and trials
That help us to bring forth and develop our inner strength.
She uses hers to stand by whoever she can,
Through thick and through thin.

The feminine is the soul of your world and all worlds.
Same as the Great Mother, the feminine of your world
Is My truly beloved.
Woman is part of the soft, sensitive, caring and loving
Part of Me that is the Goddess.
I am the masculine part, which many call God.
I am alive in Her and through Her all My creations come into being,
Including you and all My other children of the Earth.

Woman is the Goddess’s representative on the Earth plane.
The women in your life are outer manifestations
Of your own inner woman, your delicate and sensitive
Feminine side, your soul.
Take good care of both of them
And avoid causing them unnecessary suffering,
For on the inner plane of life you are all one
And everybody else’s pain is also your pain,
And every tears that are shed anywhere are your tears.
They are tears of your whole world.

Because of her high emotional sensitivity,
Woman can shed tears much more easily then man.
They are her safety valve when she feels hurt and upset,
Hers to use whenever the need arises.
Her tears never are a sign of weakness but of strength.
She weeps them on behalf of the soul of all humankind.

Recommended Reading:

From ‘A Celebration Of Mothers’
Please allow a moment for this file to load.

Happy Women’s Day.

* * *
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Posted 3/8/2015 8:34 AM (#25953 - in reply to #25943)
Subject: Re: Food For Thought

UMS Guest

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The Healing Properties Of Tears
Baby cried the day the circus came to town,
‘Cos she didn’t like parades just passing by her.
So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown
And she danced without a net upon the wire.
I know a lots about her ‘Cos you see,
Baby is an awful lot like me.
We don’t cry out loud, we keep it inside.
Learn how to hide our feelings, fly high and proud
And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all.
Baby saw the day they pulled the big top down.
They left behind her dreams among the litter.
And the different kind of love she thought she’d found
Was nothing more than sawdust and some glitter
But baby can’t be broken ‘Cos you see,
She had the finest teacher, that’s me!
I taught her don’t cry out loud, just keep it inside
Learn how to hide your feelings, fly high and proud
And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all.
Don’t cry out loud, keep it inside.
Peter Allen & Carol Bayer Seeger
* * *
The above is by no means sound advice. Nothing could be further from the truth than to assume that weepiness is a sign of the onset of some kind of illness. I can tell you from first hand experience that quite the opposite is true and that the ability to weep indicates a state of emotional and spiritual well-being. We are emotional beings and it is important for us to occasionally have some good emotional outpourings for the cleansing and purifying of our system. If you have ever tasted any of your tears when they roll down your face, you are sure to have noticed how bitter they taste.
Not for nothing does St. Matthew 5:4 tell us: ‘Blessed are those who mourn [and weep], for they shall be comforted.’ But how? I see weeping as God’s/the Universe’s/Nature’s way of comforting and healing those whose feelings and emotions have been hurt and wounded. Delete the words that don’t appeal to you, as each one has the same meaning.
The great wisdom and love of our Creator reflects itself in the wonderful way crying rids our physical bodies of salts and toxins. Not letting them flow freely on a regular basis can lead to arthritic conditions later in life. It is hardly surprising that rheumatism and arthritis are so rampant in our world, when there is so little awareness about the true nature of tears. If you do not believe me, ask your great-uncle Tom or someone like him, who has been suffering from one of those conditions, for a long time.
Go up to this person when they are warming and nursing their arthritic joints by the fireside. Surprise them by asking: ‘When did you last have a good cry?’ The likelihood is that they will laugh into your face: ‘Me, cry? I never cry. Haven’t cried since I fought in the trenches in the First World War! Don’t bother me with questions like that, I’ve got me arthritis to see to.’ They’ll never believe you, but if from time to time they’d had a good cry, they’d still have their mobility. And if you act upon what you know now, you’ll never lose yours!
But that’s not all! During crying our body releases an anti-depressant, which our own glandular system produces. That is why one feels cleansed, refreshed, restored and comforted, after a good outpouring. With infinite wisdom, God created us to be emotional beings so that we could experience the world of our feelings, and also gave us a natural outlet for them. The wise ones among us act upon this knowledge! Should you want to understand better what happens to our bodies after crying, take a good look at the countryside after a downpour. See and feel what nature is like, try to become a part of it, when it has been freshly scrubbed, and everything is green and wonderfully vibrant once again!
Weeping clearly is not an illness, unless we make it into one by believing that we must be ill because we are so weepy, if you see what I mean. I have explained the process in such detail in the hope that, from now onwards, you will rest safely in the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with you for feeling the way you will be doing, a lot of the time. However, a word of warning should not come amiss! If you would like to avoid being considered a nuisance by the world around you, who does not understand what you are going through, you would be well advised not to fall into the trap of acting out the downside of Cancer, the sign that deals with home, mother and the past, ruled by the Moon.
Those born into the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, suffer from high emotional sensitivity and their feelings get hurt all too easily. Because of this they are frequently in danger of feeling excessively sorry for themselves. Especially people with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer are well advised if they take care not to allow themselves too much to wallow in self-pity and on the look-out for a shoulder to cry and lean on. It’s astonishing how unaware they can be of how trying that is for those around them to cope with.
Extract from The Healing Properties Of Tears
* * *
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Subject: Re: Food For Thought

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A Message Of Hope

As far as the theme of hope is concerned, there is never anything new under the Sun. The German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright, Friedrich von Schiller, gave his message of hope to our troubled world in the form of a poem. Its German title is ‘Hoffnung’ – hope. The first version presented here is a masterly translation by a very special friend of mine.

We speak and dream so very much
Of a future in the Sun.
Towards that happy golden goal
We struggle and we run.
The world gets old, then young again –
Still hope is humankind’s refrain.

Hope guides us into life’s great flow
And flutters over cheerful youth,
Enthuses us with magic glow,
In old age too remains our truth
And in the grave that ends our ways
We plant fresh hope for other days.

No vague or empty promise here,
By a foolish mind begot.
The heart proclaims it loud and clear:
‘We’re born for a better lot!’
And what the inner voice makes plain
The hopeful heart does not disdain.

Friedrich von Schiller
1759 – 1805

* * *

The second part of Schiller’s poem came into being with the help of my inner teacher and Highest Self, who shows us how he would write it if he still walked in our midst.

Oh, how much people talk and dream
Of better days yet to come.
Just look at them, running and chasing
Visions of happier days,
Maybe even of a golden age of plenty.
A world without suffering and pain,
Where hunger and thirst, sickness and wars,
Violence and crime are no more.
Our world grows old and constantly renews itself,
Yet, throughout the ages humankind
Steadfast holds onto this dream.

Hope guides us into life on the Earth.
Happily surrounds us in youthful days,
Bewitching us with its magical glow.
And no matter how old and weary we may get,
Hope does not leave us and dies,
Because is it planted firmly in our hearts and souls.
And even though each earthly lifetime ends in the grave.
Hope stays with us and accompanies us into
The world of light and what lies beyond.

Hope is much more than a flattering delusion
And an elixir that only flows from the brains of fools.
Those who listen can hear the small still voice of the living God
In their heart, who whispers:
‘For something greater than Earth life humankind was born.
A high and holy destiny is waiting to be fulfilled by each one of you!’
The things that reveal themselves to us in this way
Never mislead us or betrays the trust placed in it.

Friedrich von Schiller
Freely translated by Aquarius

From Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’

* * *
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Subject: Re: Food For Thought

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The Symbolism Of The Six-Pointed Star

The six-pointed star is a symbol of the healing that eventually takes place between the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and every one of His/Her earthly children. The downwards pointing triangle of the star represents our Highest Self and the upwards reaching one our lower earthly self. When the small self’s evolutionary journey of exploration on the Earth draws to its close, the two parts begin to reach out for each other and come ever closer. This continues until finally they have merged into a bright and shining Star and another Christed one is working hard to do their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth.

Spirit alone can create matter and destroy it at will and all matter is imbued with spirit. Any spirit that dwells in matter assists the matter surrounding it in its own evolution. When humankind was first introduced to an existence in physicality, planet Earth had been prepared for this event for aeons of time, to ensure that in due course it could act as a suitable learning ground and a school of life for our race. And so it came about that ever since some of us appeared for the first time, we and our planet have been evolving together. All of us are spirit and in due course we too shall learn how to create and destroy matter.

The emergence of our race on the Earth enabled the Highest to provide us with countless real life opportunities for studying and learning, which would steadily expand our wisdom and understanding of life, ourselves and our world. This is how it comes about that the course of a great many lifetimes we gradually develop the skills that are required by us to live up to our role as young Gods in the making. Life itself always has been our teacher and for the time being Mother Earth has to remain our school. But although our earthly lessons are real enough while we are here, the more aware one becomes of the true purpose and meaning of our existence, the more one notices that in truth the whole operation is very much like play-acting at school.

Ever since the start of humankind’s descent into matter, tenderly cared for and watched over by our loving parent, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, together with Its messengers, the Angels, the consciousness of us and our world has been expanding in wisdom and understanding. Through this every human soul in due course learns to differentiate between darkness and light, good and evil, honour and betrayal, love and hate, and so forth. And because the only way of learning the value of peace is through experiencing wars, as far back as historical records are available, human life on the Earth seems to have consisted of not much more that warmongering and destruction. This ensures that we shall truly cherish peace when it finally does come to our world. With all my heart and soul I do believe that this is going to happen and that we shall value it most highly.

On the road to peace and reconciliation it is good to know that God and the Angels have always accompanied us, more than that: they have been and still are part of us. That’s why they are familiar with every bit of our suffering. At all times they are willing to help us, but they cannot do so until someone ask for it, for that is the law. As we move along the predestined pathway of our life, through our struggling our inner strength and resistance increases. To quote the Talmud: ‘The burden is equal to the horse’s strength.’ And to paraphrase the Roman Emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, 121 – 180 C.E.: ‘Nothing befalls human beings, except what is in their nature to endure.’

God and the Angels have the power to grant us the gift of sufficient courage and vigour to do what has to be done, so let’s not forget to ask them to supply us with them, so that regardless of how chaotic Earth life on its surface may frequently appear to be we shall be able to cope and deal constructively with whatever comes our way. Instead of being dragged down by earthly events, for us as budding seekers of God’s wisdom and truth it is of the greatest importance to focus on that which is at the same time happening on the higher and highest levels of life, where the way of all things is known. This perception of life lifts us above the material plane and into our Creator’s positive stream of consciousness and thought, and that helps us to steer clear of the thoughts and impressions of chaos and darkness the scaremongers of our world enjoy wallowing in to spread fear and doubt into the hearts and souls of humankind.

Because we know what life really is about, there is every reason why we should trust the wisdom and power of the Highest. Therefore, let us not allow ourselves to be sucked into the negative stream where the worst is expected at all times for us and our world, but frequently remind ourselves that as one of God’s children of the Age of Aquarius we no longer need to join their thinking. We are here to practise tuning our whole being into the positive thought stream. This is not difficult when we know deep down in our heart of hearts that only the best is waiting for us, our race and world and that it is sure to emerge in the fullness of time, that everything will work out for the best in the end and that out of all the evil that still exists on the Earth much good is bound to come in the end. The law of life being love, it simply cannot be any other way.

To assist us with this, the Christ Star, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, at all times spreads Its light in the form of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and truth, through the channel of all awakened ones ever deeper into the layers of consciousness of our whole world. The only way the Christ Spirit can save and redeem all of us is by waking up in ever more hearts and souls. That is God’s truth which for so long had to remain hidden behind the myth of Jesus as the saviour and redeemer of humankind. Through our faith and trust in the Highest, the upper triangle of the Star, every last shred of darkness of ignorance, fears and doubts of our small earthly self, the lower triangle, as well as all the pain and suffering of our whole world are slowly but surely absorbed into the upper triangle, our Christ Self, who uplifts and transmutes them into blessing and healing energies for the whole of Creation.

Regardless of what still has to take place in the world around us, the perception of life we have found by now is helps us to remain positive at all times. Our way of thinking shows the wise ones in charge of us that we are indeed evolving into one of the Great Mother’s wise children. This continues until our thoughts have the power to penetrate the mists and darkness that to this day fill and surround so much of our world. The more positively we think, the more powerfully the rays of God’s light flow through us. Eventually it grows strong enough to fill the densest particles of matter with the Divine blessing and healing energies, which steadily absorb more and more of the gloom of earthly life. By listening to and following the guidance we receive from the living God, the wise one within, everybody who is consciously involved in humankind’s spiritual reconstruction is meant to go forward and lead our whole world home.

The six-pointed Star represents the healing process, in which the higher and lower aspects of our nature gradually join forces and grow into one. A new Star appears on the Earth plane and a Christed one comes into being, who is capable of acting as one more saviour and redeemer of themselves, the whole of humankind and our world. For a very long time such a being may walk in our midst without they themselves and those around them realising that this is happening. The different developmental stages every soul has to undergo on its way to evolving into a Christed one is the Divine truth behind the surface words of the Jesus legend. That is the message the myth has been trying to convey to humankind ever since its first appearance.

When we share the knowledge we gain on the long journey of growing into a Christed one with as many as possible, in the hope that they in turn will pass it on to others, slowly but surely the darkness of the spiritual ignorance of our world slowly dissolves and turns into light. Robert Alden wrote: ‘There is not enough darkness in all the world, to put out the light of one candle.’ The same is true for every grain of Divine wisdom. Each one of them can sow a seed which, when the time is right for this to happen, creates a tiny spark of clear and distinct recognition in the receiving soul. This is what happens when our inner guidance, the small still voice of conscience, upon hearing or reading something murmurs: ‘This is right, you know!’ A small shoot begins to grow within and the Divine spark stirs from its slumbers.

This is how it comes about that in due course the higher and lower aspects of our nature are being integrated into our character make-up. They heal together into one single unit, which makes us whole and holy, and another one of God’s children of the Earth has developed into a Christed one in their own right. For us the vast cycle of learning and experiencing life in physicality closes, our earthly education is complete and there will be no further need for lifetimes on this planet. Upon our return into the world of light, our true home, a warm and loving welcome from the wise ones in charge of us is sure to await us. After the usual period of rest and recuperation they are going to release us into the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age and at long last we are allowed to move on to exploring and studying the higher and finally the highest levels of life.

Not surprisingly the last lifetime before such a release can take place is a particularly tough and demanding one. This is because the remnants of the shadows of all lifetimes have to be cleared away, karmic debts paid and our sins against Mother Earth redeemed in some way. Every relationship has to be transformed into a friendship, to ensure that no unresolved issues or connections are left behind when we leave our present level of existence. We shall not be free until the balance of our spiritual account in the great book of life has been restored. But take heart all who are presently struggling with coming to terms and making their peace with earthly life. If you just keep on keeping on, you are sure to get there in the end, the same as everybody else when their time of liberation from Earth life has come.

Recommended Reading:
From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *
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