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Issues of Dubious Moral Nature
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Posted 9/17/2010 10:45 PM (#20438)
Subject: Issues of Dubious Moral Nature


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Hello all:
     The best discussions always seem to occur when we have to ponder (and come to terms with) things of controversial moral value. We need not be argumentative or confrontational, but we, from a metaphysical view, need to have a compass that guides us in a direction that transcends the rush to ill informed and ill advised judgement; or the capitulation to peer pressure of whatever magnatude.

      One recent issue that caused me to reflect was the preacher who wanted to burn the Koran. Would I do that? NO! Does he have the right to do long as he doesn't break any laws in so doing, then YES! Should we deny this man his right because of implied threats (which most likely would be carried out by those who profess a great love of the Koran)? My answer is no. This is America. He has the freedom to do this. The price of his freedom did not, does not, and will never come cheap. If we must defend his right to do this, then that is what we must do or we will relegate ourselves to be slaves of world "fashion". Don't we have the higher moral ground on this one?

     US authorities tried to extradite Roman Polanski back to the US to face age old charges of having sex with an underage girl. In medieval times he would have been okay. At the height of the Christian reformation he would have been okay. In modern day liberal Scandanavian countries he would have been questionable and in certian Asian countries the question would have been moot. So, we have only our morals to judge him on.
     In our moral country, on one evening a group of crazies, three of them women,  broke into a house and  slaughtered the occupants big time. One victim, a well known actress named Sharon Tate had the unborn child ripped from her body and mutilated. Sharon Tate was Roman Polanski's wife and the unborn child was his son/daughter (I don't remember which).
Do we really need to do more to this man to teach him a lesson?

Peace and Paws for Thought,
Marty, Luckylee, Poppyhead, Sissygirl
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Posted 10/17/2010 12:35 AM (#20502 - in reply to #20438)
Subject: RE: Issues of Dubious Moral Nature


Posts: 2101
Location: The Heart of Space

I am not surprised that there were reads but no replies. Life has difficult issues and challenges and most would just rather not address them, and most of the time, avoid them. If we all say OHMMMMM, maybe it will go away??????

A couple in my state, Maryland, are the protagonists in a Supreme Court case. The couples'  kid got killed in Iraq. An evangelical, pentacostal, charismatic church picketed his funeral holding up signs that were offensive to the couple and the solemnity of the occassion. The church didn't break any laws and had all the proper things to stage a demonstration.

Soooo, what do you do?

Since you guys won't answer, it becomes up to those that will....and there are pretty conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

As for me....the Church demonstrators said some pretty nasty things in the face of a family grieving over the death of their son who fought and died for his country. To me personally, these things were offensive and I would have gone and  punched them out as best I could.

However, they have a right to say what they did and to demonstrate in the manner they did. It is a freedom that they, you, I, and everyone else enjoys as part of our lives. They have the right to have me arrested and charged for my reaction. As could you or anyone else who may have been harmed.

That is freedom for ya, folks! Y'all know it ain't free and now you also know that it is not necessarily fair.

Peace and Love to all,

Mart, Luck, Popp, Sizz 

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Posted 10/17/2010 7:52 AM (#20506 - in reply to #20438)
Subject: RE: Issues of Dubious Moral Nature


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I do see your point, and you are correct in my opinion.

I use the analogy of in an eye for an eye religion, you are allowed to take an eye for an eye, it is not a mandate and someone who took an eye is allowed to have theirs taken to appease the offended, and greater love would leave the person with their eye in tact. Some people have never seen kindness or someone overlook a transgression, but some people would see the ones who overlook a transgression as week and could start to feel they could take advantage of everyones goodness.

 Some of the largest lessons to be learned for us are to look past what upsets us and accept others as we find them, as is. Maybe some day we will get to the point where we develop an as found as left religion. I know this sounds strange, but we are not getting anywhere in society by trying to change others to see our point of view. I see the only change to society to come from the heart awakening and feeling others emotions.

I spent 90 days in a foreign country with a co worker who was of the Muslim faith. We had interesting discussions. After trying to convert me to his religion with no success, he wanted to know what I believed. I explained that I did not try to convert people to what I believed and he could not grasp why I believed something and did not attempt to convince the world to believe what I felt to be right and do like I do.

At one point I asked him about the destruction of a Koran, and what if I tore a small piece from a corner of the page, or if I removed a single page... Neither of those situations required him to act. I am not sure but think that he had to feel threatened by someones actions before he was supposed to act. I think they are supposed to prevent their religion from perceived destruction by the way they see proper

In my questions I found that they were allowed to strike their wife for certain behavior, I was on very shaky ground here and asked if I could join the religion just so I could be able to hit my wife. I figured I would get a absolutely not and we don't want someone to join for this reason, so you are not welcome in this religion with a motive to take advantage of people... But I never heard any of that from him. He just started to explain the conditions where it was acceptable to strike your wife.


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Posted 10/17/2010 10:36 PM (#20508 - in reply to #20438)
Subject: RE: Issues of Dubious Moral Nature

PhD Alumni

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Location: NE Ohio
I have very similar feelings... I also don't feel the need to convert people to what I know and feel, because they haven't been in my shoes. They haven't seen what I have seen. ..... and I haven't seen or been in their shoes either.

So, it makes perfect sense for many metaphysical people to come to one's own system, that may include a little of everything, and throw out the crap of everything too.

I guess I try to make it simple, for myself. I like simple... if others want it complicated, well, so be it. But.. perhaps my simple way is complicated for some and vise versa....

At least I don't want to kill anyone, bottom line. Heart is good. I do believe in defense though... i am a lioness and will protect my babies, even if I die in the process. I guess I don't worry, because I do believe in eternal life. Seen too much not to believe... OR.... I am crazy.  Either way, happy.


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Posted 10/26/2010 7:48 PM (#20564 - in reply to #20438)
Subject: RE: Issues of Dubious Moral Nature

Elite Veteran

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mr muppet,it seems to me that all religions have one rule for themselves,and s-d everyone else who does not follow,their rules chthese 2PEange to suit only themselves,and yet,if looked into deeper,there is more evil in so called religion,than anywhere,apart from government,parliament,corts of law,judges,i could go on,how many priests,high church members,judges etc,have abused children,and worse,how many judges have given small,or no sentence to serious offenders,yet lock up someone for littering the street,how many drug dealers when caught get really long sentences,etc etc,because those in higher places who think they have power,but also know these "PEOPLE",these PEOPLE... also know them,so i would say....its a case of,we,d better be careful how we sentence,judge,will found out how holier than thou they proclaim to be,and yet,ordinary people,law abiding people,are AFRAID to drive,speed on a motorway,incase they get caught and punished,they feel they are looking up to some sort of god,i get so riled on many more things,but it is time to refrain,i am waiting as i am writing,for a knock on my door,with armed police,with guns,hauling anf shoving me in a meat wagon,as they may....have been reading this,if i knew what scared was,i would be so,truth is truth,if they don,t want to hear,not listen,HEAR,then,i would say,don,t pry on my PRIVATE, conversation,aka,opinions,with a few friends,,,,lordy lordy,there is a knock on the door,as i was saying.....and so on,irisx
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