IBOGA - The plant that frees you from karma
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Subject: IBOGA - The plant that frees you from karma

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Hey people, I came across a fascinating plant called Iboga, its botanical name is Tabernathe iboga and it comes from Gabon and Cameroon in west Africa. The root of the plant is used by shamans and medicine men to treat for all kinds of ailments. The therapeutic component is called Ibogaine. The drug is said to act on many levels not just physical but spiritually as well. Part of the affect of iboga is to produce visions which are thought to illucidate to the person the cause of the illness. Such a powerful ,miraculus and natural drug posed too great a threat to the pharmaceutical companies profits so it got banned in the US and several other countries. Iboga is the only known substance which can cure heroin and cocaine addiction. Because some drug addicts can't travel outside the us to places like mexico to get treatment there are underground clinics admistering Ibogaine hydrochloride. Iboga is a central part of the Bwiti religion of africa and in places where it is used there is very low violence amongst the people. To find out more check out the videos on youtube
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Subject: RE: IBOGA - The plant that frees you from karma

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DOH: can't get to West Africa. I'll just have to reply on fresh air.

no offence Tothaten - this is me in playful mode !!

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