Wondering about energy
Posted 8/1/2008 8:42 AM (#8172)
Subject: Wondering about energy

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I was wondering about energy that could be detected by a medallion or some object on the end of a string.
I once took my Irish Green Marble Shamrock and held it over my wife's stomach and it began to spin in a circle rapidly.
I dangld it in front of my forehead andit swung back and forth in a rapid motion. Now when I held it in front my wife's forehad it
didn't move as fast as it did over mine. Is this energy or Am I mistaking this for Something Else?

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Paul Joseph
Posted 8/1/2008 8:59 AM (#8178 - in reply to #8172)
Subject: RE: Wondering about energy

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I suspect that only you and your wife could answer that as you were the only ones there, besides the Higher Power, anyway ! How long ago - was your wife expectant?

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Posted 8/1/2008 9:48 AM (#8194 - in reply to #8172)
Subject: RE: Wondering about energy

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hi energy,i think thats called dowsing,apparently,you have a crystal,or a small brass object,in fact there are no rules as far as i can see,at least not ones i follow,on what to use,but you attach it to a fairly long piece of string,whatever,hold it in front of you,and while it is still,in your mind,ask a question,to find out what way it swings for yes,or no,a simpe question,i,e your name,it should go either to the right or left,or in a circle,now i,m getting confused,someone will put me right,and explain beter,but they say you can tel if the child you are carrying,is a girl or a boy,i.e ask is it a girl,if youve done the first test,to acknowledge the yes or no,it will swing in that direction.Maybe you can tell from my most inadeqate way of trying to explain,i am not good at writing what is in my head,but i know what i mean.So sorry,but anyway,it does work,and it seems to be driven by unforseen energy,or perhaps the energy within ourselves,or the universal energy,think i,d beter stop now,in case i put you off,and never return,i now and understand what you mean,but others wil be able to answer more intelligently,and easier than i,anyway,lovely to meet you,love irisx
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Posted 8/1/2008 9:58 AM (#8195 - in reply to #8172)
Subject: RE: Wondering about energy


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Hi Energy, Welcome, Pendulum dowsing is an old tradition an many a midwife would do as you have done to tell the sex of an unborn baby.T.C.Lethbridge spent many years studying dowsing in all it's forms and although he mainly worked with "rods" he did study pendulums and worked out the lengths of string needed to find various things.These varied from 7 inches for Sulphur to 40 inches for Death.(The Power of the Pendulum, Tom Lethbridge,1971).
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Kiddo Green
Posted 8/1/2008 8:43 PM (#8227 - in reply to #8172)
Subject: RE: Wondering about energy

Agree with previous posts. Definitely dowsing. Wither you stumbled upon it or you read/watched something and figured it out.

No great mystery. again, was your wife prego? That is a good question.

I would get a book on dowsing and educate yourself. You may need to attune your pendulum to your frequency to get the best readings for you. That is my suggestion.

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