a recipe for my carnivorous friends- Beer Butt Chicken
Posted 7/27/2008 6:20 PM (#7851)
Subject: a recipe for my carnivorous friends- Beer Butt Chicken

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If the thought of eating chicken turns you off, you may want to not continue reading!

Some of you may have tried this already, or heard of it, and I already know of my fellow meat eaters, so here you go:

Take a can of beer and open it with a can opener. Discard ( haha ) half of the beer. Add your choice of spices and seasonings to the can. Then season the bird with whatever you chose.

Place the butt of the bird on the beer can so it is sitting there. Place in a disposable aluminum pan and cook on your grill on indirect heat, covered. The beer and spices are supposed to steam-cook and infuse flavor to the inside, and the heat from the grill cooks the outside. I am doing one now, and it looks wonderful! Not sure what the temp of it is supposed to be, but obviously be very cautious when it comes to chicken.

Just wanted to share. Enjoy!
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