i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good
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Subject: i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good

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My husband and i execpting are frist child. he is 21 going on 22 in octber. i am 20 going on 21 in august. i feel that something evil maybe dimonc does not want my unborn child to be born but i feel that god does want my unborn child to be born. i feel that my unborn child is life being fought over. the evil maybe dimonc side wants my unborn child to not be born and god wants my unborn child to be born.

please help me

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Subject: RE: i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good


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Hannah.....eat right, don't drink, don't smoke, and don't ingest anything that is toxic to the body! You don't say how far along you are?
Believe me when I say this, there are no demoniacal forces at work here! You will have a pretty little girl, and you will be braiding her hair, with ribbons and flowers.
I am confident in this, as I am Roman Catholic, and we know all about demons and how to deal with them....it is a tenant of our faith. We are not afraid of them, since we are far more powerful than them.
Should you feel ill at ease, there are many here (on this website) who will give you comfort, advice, warmth and camraderie. You shall have their help all along. Read what they say, and take it to heart, for they are good people who have the best of intentions and, oftentimes, mystical power. Of that, I think we all agree on.

Marty and the Trinity of Cats, since they are all sleeping together, which they rarely do, but a GOOD OMEN...and they are Luckylee, Poppyhead and the SissyGirl
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Subject: RE: i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good

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hi Hannah,lovely to speak to you,a warm and loving welcome.I have 3 chlldren,the first,who is now 37yrs of age,whom i gave birth to at a young age,similar to yourself.I remember well,the fears and horror stories some people were only to eager to tell me,of my forthcomng birth,which being so young myself,put great fear into to me,my ears,brain,only seemed to hear the dark voices of doom,and ignored the wise,loving voices of love and caring.When so young,and vulnerable,we tend to gravitate to our elders advice and comments,because we beleive that because they are older in years,therefore must be the wiser ,and therefore the most knowledable.Now,i realize that it is not how long a person has lived,thatmakes them wiser,it is how much a soul has experienced in life,no matter how young,that makes them understand,and KNOW what is truth,and what is right,some as young as 5 yrs old,have more inner true knowledge,than a person of 75yrs of age.
What i am trying to say Hannah,is,do not listen to the ones who claim to know it all because "they have been there"etc,and what they say is the truth,and all is bad,etc,listen to your inner voice,that first voice of intuition,untainted by human,but pure as spirit light,let go of the fear that has been instilled in you,by for want of a better word IDIOTS,who KNOW nothing,but take pleasure in seeing others fear,under their words.
I conglaturate you and your husband,onthe wonderful experience you are to have,as being loving parents,to a beutiful new life,where true love will be shared by you all,in a true,strong loving bond,that will never be broken,much joy and love will be yours,you have been smiled upon,and touched by the love of TRUE DIVINE LIGHT,you are truly blessed.
Sorry if i sound over the top,but it is my true beleif and knowledge,that your child will be born healthy,and loving,with loving ,caring parents as yourself. PLEASE,put all thoughts of evil aside,there is NO demonic being,thing,it does not exist,i promise,Mr muppets advice is sound and lovingly true,as you will here time and again on this loving truthful sight,from other loving caring souls,who know what they are talking about,please listen to them all,they have been where you are,and have great truth and understanding. I wish you well,Hannah,and send all my loving thoughts to you,your husband,and your beautiful baby,waiting to be born into your loving arms.Please let us know when he/she is born,we will all rejoice together.Much love to you,now and always,love and hugs,iris xxx
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Subject: RE: i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good

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AGREE with Marty and Sunflower. Demonic power only exists in our imagination, unlike God's, which is omnipresent, omnipotent, ominiscient, All, Everywere and All Loving Kindness.

Cleave, please to the oneness with the Divine Majesty.

Are you & your partner speaking to someone personally to assist you with your distressing feelings ?
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Posted 7/18/2008 1:08 AM (#7334 - in reply to #7290)
Subject: RE: i feel my unborn child life is being fought over by evil and good

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Evil can only gain it's power by the energy that you provide to it. So do not feed it any energy.

In other words: KNOW that God would NEVER take an innocent soul, unless he had other divine plans. If something happens to your baby, chances are, it wouldn't be because of a demon, but it could be a medical complication. Fate has a way with giving you exactly what you need to grow.

Make sure you keep your doctors appointments, take your prenatal vitamins.

I also agree with Marty.... There are NO demon forces here, trying to take your baby, unless you truly believe it to be so. Then you can actually talk yourself so much into fear, you will have panic attacks, unneeded stress, and worry. Not a good environment.

Instead, KNOW that you are always part of God. You are always protected. You are in God's plan, and even if you do not have faith in fate..... fate has faith in you.

I too was pregnant at age 20. Then again at 21. Then again at 22.  Yep.... i had three kids in a row. I went to a tarot reader prior, who told me that I would have three, but the third one wasn't going to make it. So while I was pregnant with my 3rd, i was a wreck. But... fate was NOT what the reader told me at all. Now my babies are 20, 19 and soon, 18.  My 3rd baby ended up being Prom Queen and is now a University Cheerleader. All three of my babies grew up strong, healthy and happy.

LOVE is the key.... LOVE your baby, imagine that love penetrating your belly, and glowing and no evil can EVER penetrate a mothers love. Impossible. Demon's cannot tolerate love.

I personally do not even believe in demon's, because they do not exist in my world. But they can very much exist in other people's world. Create your world demon-less. Get it?

The power of the mind, will empower you!

Loving HUGS

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