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Christine Breese
Posted 7/13/2008 11:27 PM (#7160)
Subject: New Discussion Board at StarlightJournal.com


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Hello everyone,

Our discussion board will be moving to www.starlightjournal.com within a month or two. This discussion board is not search engine friendly, so we are moving to one that is. You all have such wonderful conversations here that it would be good if the world could see them. In the long run, we will have far more users if we start showing up in searches for the subjects y'all talk about, so I would like to let you know that at some point we are going to disable this discussion board and archive it and send all traffic to the starlightjournal discussion board. All your conversations will be preserved here, but shortly we'll carry on all our conversations on the other site.

I invite you to try it out! I guarantee you're going to like it! Go to http://www.starlightjournal.com/forum and check it out! We'll let you use this one for a while longer til we see that you are getting used to the other one, but at some point we're going to move the whole party over there! It's actually far more versatile and visually beautiful at that discussion board. I frequent that one more, too, it's easier to use.

See you there!

Luv, Christine
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