auric fields
Posted 3/11/2006 11:38 AM (#303)
Subject: auric fields

It occured to me last evening after a guided meditation on auric fields and chakras that if it is true we have more than one body; the physical, etheric, emotional, spiritual and mental body associated with the chakras in the body. Does only the physical body die when we pass into spirit? and if so, if what people describe as whispy gost like apparitions of loved ones after death, could this be the person's other bodies still in existence? Lori
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Christine Breese
Posted 3/17/2006 4:43 PM (#312 - in reply to #303)
Subject: RE: auric fields


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Hi there Lori,

You ask such a wonderful question, and one that no on can answer with absolute certainty. I personally think that there are aspects of us that go on after death in some kind of form and individuality, even if it is not a physical form but an etheric form. Some people say that the auric field disappears upon death and that it is no longer needed once the body is gone, but I am not so sure about that. After all, dearly departed loved ones appear in our inner vision as their former physical self. Even though they can adopt any form, and adopt a form that is familiar to us so that we can recognize them, there must be some sort of "container" that remembers forms it once wore so that it can pull them up again at will and wear them again. So yes, I believe that there are still "bodies" in existence after death, and that the soul is still on a journey through the imagination of God. It doesn't end upon death. And in order to have adventures in consciousness, the contructs of form (even if they are etheric) must still be in use in order to expereince separation from other forms, otherwise an adventure is not possible because then one is blended back into the sea of consciousness that is the One Self, God. Now, I don't think that blending back into the One Self is the goal of the soul's journeys, for it is not someplace you get to. It is always there and available anytime you want to just rest your mind and be at ease in the true self. It is always present, and you were never separate in the first place, but this is the state of consciousness where no form exists, no bodies, no light or dark, just awareness. Anything else must play in the realm of forms, and that's where all the bodies come in. Form is the closet full of clothing you have to choose from in order to go out and have expereinces. After death, these expereinces continue, and the consciousness that we are goes back and forth between being in form and resting in the state of rest that could be called no-form. Both are available all the time. Just as you spend a half hour meditating in a state of total relaxation, and peace in the still mind without form, you then return to your physical form with all its daily adventures, only to return at another time to a state of total rest and taking a break from the world of form. It is the same for the eternal self.

That's my 2 cents worth, not that I can say any of this for sure, for none of us have truly passed through death and returned with this knowledge fully intact. Again, I say, we speculate and logically put it all together from the clues we do get through our meditations, our expereinces, and the reports of others who have dipped their little toe into death but then returned.
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Wendy Rose
Posted 7/16/2009 3:19 PM (#15998 - in reply to #303)
Subject: RE: auric fields


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Has anyone ever seen the auras of other beings besides people? I have seen the auras of trees and plants, very cool!
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Posted 7/16/2009 5:55 PM (#16000 - in reply to #15998)
Subject: RE: auric fields


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Welcome Wendy Rose!

Mostly animals. One time, one of my cats allowed me to see something I can only describe as geometric blueprint. It was similar to something you'd see in a book on sacred geometry or platonic solids. It had multi-colored light points (almost opalescent) with colored lines connecting the points. It was beautiful!
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Paul Joseph
Posted 7/17/2009 4:39 AM (#16004 - in reply to #16000)
Subject: RE: auric fields

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I was visited by the aspect of the Great Spirit that inhabited my father's form when he was alive, long after his earthly body had passed into the higher realms.
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