Work of the Imagination
Paul Joseph
Posted 5/22/2008 3:02 PM (#5615)
Subject: Work of the Imagination

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Am logging on quickly and cannot find the last words somewhere, something between Rose, Sunflower and Marty, conributed to by me about books, or something, Science Fiction, etc, TV programmmes - and I completely forgot to mention the new in the UK re-invention of Dr Who. I don;t know if you get it over in USA, or Japan, or Russia (ha ha I have noticed some new users there!) ....

.... but the Dr Who incarnations of David Tennant, especially, have, I feel, been wonderfully spiritual, yet, I nderstand the chief writer - Russel T. Davies, is an avowed atheist; ah how we might disavow the truth to enable the Truth to speak ... even if unconsciously ... I could say more abiout dr Who, but maybe this thread might start for others to offer their vivid imagational heroes, with perhaps - no rules !! - a word as to who they are, whom were their inventors, and why their is meaning from them in our lives ... eg

.... Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle) for a detective wo dies then is reborn, after having visited the Dalai Lama (and all before 1900), etc ..

But no sweat if you just want to ignore this; I won;t in any way take offence; or, 'a fence', or a field, or other ... (that British humour creeping in again)
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