Quite Amazing Story...video
Posted 4/22/2008 7:51 PM (#4560)
Subject: Quite Amazing Story...video


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Hello kind people,

It always feels good after I leave here that so many kind and interesting people post here. I just can't think of another forum that has such wonderful energy. and enlightening. growth in the process open minded people forum! I am filled with gratitude for having come to this place!

This is approx 20 min video of a talk given by Dr. Jill Taylor.

If you Google her name many sites will come up as she is traveling around telling

her story. And it is her experience I wanted to help her spread.

She, a Neuroscientist that experienced a stroke, shares an

amazing realization. I hope you enjoy and share.

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Tracy Martin
Posted 4/23/2008 12:26 PM (#4572 - in reply to #4560)
Subject: RE: Quite Amazing Story...video


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This was Awesome! Thank you for finding it, and thanks to the scientist who experienced it and shared her discoveries. I have a much better appreciation of the functions of the brain AND consciousness. Wow!

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