if music be the food
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Subject: if music be the food

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i wonder if anyone can explain why music,at certain times,can either reach your soul,literaly,the same piece of music,by certain singers,i.e.celine dionne,yet with other singers,it doesn,t touch you at all,whatever,and whoever they are,is this because certain tunes,voices,vibrate with that individual,and touches their spirit soul
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Subject: RE: if music be the food


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I think you're on to something here. You mentioned the vibrations, perhaps each individual soul vibrates differently and that's why certain music reaches some of us and not others. Also there's the early experience of the music that will bring back certain feelings and memories and that will appeal to some of us based on our individual experience.
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Subject: RE: if music be the food


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Perhaps there is a familiarity or some unknown connection with the creator/musician? Or maybe they are someone 'cut from the same cloth' as the listener or a part of their soul group or.....?
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Subject: RE: if music be the food

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A very interesting question, if I may say. A Sufi writer (I do not have the text before me, but I think it was, Nazrat Hinayat Khan, but that is from memory and could be wrong), has put into words what is immanent in sacred spirituality, that everything is sound, and sound is everything. Music is the basis of all creation; since, as can be noticed (or, heard!), everything is vibration, so everything also, is light, comes from light (and returns to light). It is just the level of vibration that varies (these teachings are recapitulated in UMS courses). AUM.

So perhaps the answer to your question might lie in the area of where our soul might be vibrating at any particular time. That is, the time that is in the now moment. But then, perhaps also, since our souls resonate across time (and space), the tune/song that we are heariing might also resonate in different ways with our many lifetimes: before and what may yet be.

So, as the tune(s) change - or remain the same - they may affect and move our souls into those different, myriad lifetimes.

Do you know the poem, 'The Man With the Blue Guitar', by, I think, Wallace Stevens? After a search I cannot find that on my shelf either, but it is based on a Picasso painting, of a Man with a Blue Guitar, who, in the sense of the poem played

'a tune, as things are, upon his blue guitar ... play, they said, a tune, a tune, beyond us far ... but things are changed upon [the/my?] bue guitar'

Captures a little the sense of time and eternity merging as we hear sound, sound hears us, passes through us, we pass through and become it, it becomes us, changes us, we change it, and might travel, allow ourselves to travel, wherever we might ...

(sorry, you evoked a little channelling stuff - hope you don't mind!! Thanks. Blessed Be)

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Subject: RE: if music be the food


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Hi all....
     Let us examine this a lot more...I hope!
     But, we have to establish some kind of baseline to see where we can go from here.
      To do this, I have got to start another thread!!
       Please visit and respond!

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