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Hi all: (this is cross posted on other sites)
     A focus research group, with a specific project, has a need for someone who is familiar with "Early Music".
     We are looking for someone who has a working knowledge of music from the 11th through 15th, possibly 16th century. What we need is someone who might be able to recognize melodic passages and place them in time to music of those  particular eras.
     What is in it for that person? If no matches, nothing except the waste of that person's  time, and the dissolution of the group.
      If there are matches, THEN, you are part of the research team, and you have an equal share of anything and everything we derive from that.
     The mere match will not guarantee our ultimate goal. However, just a casual match will, at least, get us on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.
      So, if you are (or know of anyone else who might be) interested please contact me, via private mail or to my address, which is readily available via many means.

Peace and Love,
Marty and Inquisitive Cats (no, they are not part of the group)
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